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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Yesterday, I went to the bank and I told the teller she made a mistake. I had way more money than I was supposed to.

My mother, Gloria R. Green (Who lives in Florida) who should be putting her money toward retirement, deposited enough money to pay my rent, and car insurance. She told me she didn’t want me to get depressed, and do all kinds of crazy things people do in California. (Like shave my head) How do I thank her?

In line today I met a guy named SIRE, who loves Diana Ross.

I also met Ali, and Lechelle (they were Fergalicious) and their husbands Kent and Tommy from Redlands. They got a little tipsy before the show. Ali and Lechelle took a picture with Jay Leno and me. Love You.

Paul and Janet Potter are celebrating 50 years of marriage. Janet strongly wants the theme song to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno changed. She can’t stand it. Janet’s older sister, Marie Zyren was nice and shared her food with Wolfman.

Two Nuns enjoyed the show today. Sister Beatrice LaFramboise, and Sister Ana Dolores Oyellama, for more info. The Sisters would love to met Richard Simmons. (I don’t get it either)

More than one person has informed me that I left out the finest cameraman in the history of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" from my hot guy list. His name is Kurt. Kurt is thick and bald and delicious looking. What women like about him is the fact he looks like he’s got a little thug in him. Sorry ladies he is off limits like most of the guys from the show. He is happily married.


Diana Ross canceled. SIRE was mad. My Sources said that D.R. didn’t appreciate the drunk jokes that Jay has done about her. Diana (Miss Ross) might perform on the show one day, but does not want to sit and talk to Jay on the couch. (Can you say DIVA?)

Tim Allen was working on some new stand up material. (Good, cause it needed some work) Tim gave enough money to the YMCA of Hollywood for it to stay open. I often see Tim and his daughter at my church. I try to give him a big piece of Communion bread. (First Christian Church of NOHO.)

Hollywood Animals. Cute (Next)

Fergie was the musical guest. She looked pregnant, but Fergie looked that way the last time she was on the show. I think she has a beer belly and drops the weight for music videos. Ali and Lechelle love Fergie and due to a wardrobe malfunction Fergie performed twice. They were so happy.

Remember, Even a blade of grass says thank you to the sun…

LoVe Ya,


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

GloZell Night Fever…

Five hot Guys who work on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (Not including pages or Jay Leno)

1. Andy, the on stage security guard, AKA "The Hair". He is very nice and a big flirt to all the beautiful ladies. He can’t help it, because he is Irish!

2. Mike, the Stage Manager. He would be hotter with shorter hair but he is still hot!
Mike has great chest and arms.

3. Jack, the guy who operates camera #1. He has a nice sleek body, cute tush, and gougouse Grey hair. He always looks serious.

4. Kevin Eubanks. He has wit and talent. His sweaters must come from a younger brother because they are too tight. But they look good. Sometimes his eyes are open, most of the time they are sleepy looking.

5. Vicky the Singer. She never publicly gets the credit she deserves. Vicky is extremely multitalented and masculine, in an Ellen sort of way!

Smitty (The drummer) sang a song today. Even though he has been mean to me three times, I still admirer him. Smitty doesn’t let the fact that he is a Little Person stop him from living a normal life. It’s amazing that his little chubby hands can grip the regular size drumsticks. Smitty has to stand to play the drums, and he does everyday. I am so proud of him. He is a small part of Black History.

In the studio, I sat next to Randy Perturis and his family. Randy’s nephew, Brandon White and his friends Nick Carrol, and Kyle Macarter are in a band called Triple 40. They are going to open up for band Everclear, later this year. I wish you much success.


John Travolta. In the audience was a diehard Travolta fan. During one of the breaks, Jay led John to her. John Travolta kissed and hugged the fan then gave her his autograph. Believing in aliens must make you very nice. May the Force be with you.

Katt Willams is a very funny comedian. I have seen him do stand up, many a time. In the comedy clubs, he always has a girl, a huge bodyguard and lots of diamonds. He brought Jay a pimp cup.

Everclear was the musical guest. They had a polished, professional sound.

Remember, if you are going to do something, give it your all…even if it’s just being a diehard fan…

LoVe Ya,


Monday, February 26, 2007

GloZell defends Ross the Intern…

My boyfriend was offered a job in China for six months. He said I could go also. Yeah, right. What am I suppose to cook? Sweet and Sour chitterlings. Cornbread and collard greens don’t go well with dog.

The Oscars were fantastic! Black people haven’t been this happy since the O. J. verdict.

In the T.S. with Jay Leno line, I met Erica and Bob Vasquez from Chicago and Lynne and Melissa Stoesz from Canada. They all went to see Oprah’s "After the Oscars show". Erica was on a different Oprah show with her handsome baby boy. I saw that episode when there was a lady who said she could understand baby language. It helped to shut the kids up. Erica and Melissa got a picture with Jay!

Mike, the travel agent, was back in line today. We met Friday. Mike is in town with three divas who rather go to the movies and shop, than see the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno"

They should seriously rethink their priorities...

Phil, the T.S. with Jay Leno, DJ was on fire today. My Tootsie wanted to roll. Great Job!


Ross the Intern. He is Love! O come let me adore him! Ross has lost weight and looks great. Thanks Celebrity Fit Club.

Couteney Cox was stunning. Star magazine has reported that her marriage is on the rocks. I believe it, she is married to a crazy man. Star magazine was right about, Jessica Simpson, Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Anison, and Liza, Charlie Sheen etc., marriages breaking up. That’s the real dirt! Couteney will have to pass the Coco.

Richard Roper, the Movie Critic was interesting, and he was to the point. The Oscars could learn from him.

The musical guest was Plain White T’s. He was plain, and white. Can we stop the boat that is coming from Geeks in Guitar Land to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno? It’s that Michael Blunt guys fault with that ‘Your Beautiful" song. It’s the same guy with different names.

On my way to my car, four nice looking white guys were walking to their car. One said to the others, "Hey, what did you think of that Ross guy?" One of the guys dropped his hand in a feminine way. They laughed. I walked up to them and said proudly, Ross is my baby’s momma!

They need to go to rehab with Isaiah Washington!

Remember, You, and you, and you… You’re gonna love meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

LoVe ya,


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tell Bob to slow down GloZell… (For 2-23-07)

On my porch today (3000 w. Alameda). I thought I saw a homeless man siting on my porch. Turns out that he wasn’t homeless but a great guy named Vaughn. Vaughn has a very outgoing personality. He offered a quarter to anyone who needs it to go to the Mobil bathroom. He was accompanied by his wife Jennie and his friends Tom and Marilyn.

I also sat next to Becki and Glen from the beautiful Sedona Arizona. They are celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary. They bought me hot chocolate and it saved my life; it was cold outside today.

Becki, Glen, Vaughn, Tom, and Marilyn got a picture with The Mighty Jay Leno!

I didn’t have a ticket today. I was in line and by 8:14 AM, all the tickets were gone.

Mike, a successful travel agent gave me a ticket. He had tickets for his co-workers Dreama, Lenie and Cheryl they decided to go shopping instead of going to the show, and Mike gave me a ticket. Shame on ya’ll.


Does this impress Ed Asner? Their was a guy who juggled plastic grocery bags, a lady who put her foot in her mouth, and Al Nobel a NBC worker who sang a song from the Temptations. I like to know who doesn’t impress Ed Asner? They all passed.

Joan Embery brought animals. They were so mild and tame. Jay loved the little monkey looking thing.

William H. Macy was just as boring as today’s blog. Most adult guests are dressed up. He looked like he just wanted to be comfortable. That was fine, he needed to sit up strait that way his man boobs wouldn’t show. (Don’t go to Victoria Secret they don’t carry A cups)

John Melencamp was simple and meaningful.

After the show, the monkey looking thing attacked Debbie one of the producers. She has sensitive skin.

When I got in my car I was almost hit by Bob the warm up comedian. Bob has a sweet silver Lexus and Zipped into the parking lot to the restaurant across the street. (Chill out Bob the ladies aren’t going anywhere)

Remember, a positive outlook on life is a great inheritance…

LoVe Ya,


Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Billy - Glo Show…

It was raining and I didn’t want to sit all day in the rain. Then I thought about all the times John Melendez got up at the behind crack of dawn (5:00 am) everyday for years to be a stuttering Jester for Howard Stern. I can hear John say ", I’m a c...c...c...celebrity get me out...t...t...t of heeeere". Jay saved John from a life of fake boobs and bad hair! God bless Jay Leno.

In line, I met Monica and Raymond Parker from St. Joseph Missouri. Raymond caught his ex-wife having relations with her boss in their house. Monica’s ex-husband ran off with the baby sitter. Monica and Raymond met at "Parents Without Partners". The first date was on a Saturday, the next day Ray asked Monica to marry him. A week later they were marred and have been happy for 35 years! Monica’s mother’s b-day is next week. Happy 90th birthday Ms. Florence Lade.

Page, Alex (Zoo) is up for a great role on "Days of our Lives" please pray that he gets it.

Page Mathew has a great job at Universal Studios. Make lot’s o’ paper.

Michael K. will be working on the NBC show "Passions". After my dad had heart surgery, they make you get up and walk the next day. I was watching "Passions" when it was time for my dad to take his walk. My mother said, "Come on, GloZell lets walk with him". My dad said, "Leave her alone you know she loves that show". I didn’t go on that walk. A few seconds later, I could hear my mother and sister screaming in the hall! He died from a floating blood clot. Passions will be ending this summer. I’ll be sad to see it go.

Thank you "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Angel. You know who you are, and what you did. I appreciate it.


Peter O'Toole he is so old, I wanted to give him a message to deliver to my father when he meets him. Peter use to have curly hair but because he had to straitened for Lawrence of Arabia, It never grew back curly again.

Christina Ricci was sexy. She has grown into her forehead. Maybe her forehead just looks big on TV. Ricci is only 5 ft. and has a tiny high voice. I think she is a terrific actor.

Hellogoodbye, was the musical guest. They had a young, fresh sound. The set was very festive and bright with balloons and confetti.

On the way out, everyone got a Hellogoodbye CD. Billy handed it to me. I want Billy to be on my show. "Ross the Intern" and I will have our own show, soon. It’s like Tyra/Oprah meets Queer eye for the straight guy/View. I can’t say anything else about it. (So, don’t ask.)

Remember, When something is right, go for it…

LoVe ya,


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Name is Glo…

I went to my apartment this week, and forgot I put down rat traps. Not the kind that snap, but the ones rodents get stuck to. I stepped on it bare foot and it stuck to my bare leg. I soon realized that my leg was moving.

The trap had three tiny mice on it and they were stuck to my leg! I didn’t know what to do. One was still alive. I was afraid if I pulled it, there will be Mickey guts everywhere. I couldn’t let it stay or ask someone to come over to help me. "Excuse me can you come over, I seemed to have gotten some mice stuck to my leg."

I could hear some faint squeaks coming from my leg. This was the worst day of my life. I sprayed my leg with bug spray, waited for silence then pulled. I washed my leg with turpentine and alcohol. This was traumatic. I should be banned from Disneyland.

In line, I sat next to Bob Schuch and Steve Cohen who were in line last Wednesday.

Also, Mark Vorce a hot, railroad engineer who works in Washington. (Come and ride the train)

I also met two Letter Carriers, Megan and Nathan from Minnesota who came to the show to celebrate Megan’s 23rd birthday. They got a picture with Jay.

In the front row was a group of guys who inspect lawns. Kevin Eubanks inspects grass also.

Margaret didn’t do Jay’s hair today. I need help with my head. My hair is so nappy Wilson couldn’t pick it.

I only want Vicky to sing. It is torture when Rollie Pollie screeches the song "Get it together" from his drum set. Smittty wasn’t nice to me three times. I just want someone to go to his drum set and change the "M" to an "H" ha, ha. (Forgive me Lord for that is not the Jesus way… He has to forgive me, it’s Lent).

Jamie Presley from the show "My Name is Earl" was beautiful and 7 months pregnant.
Some of the horny crew members were still staring at her chest.

Chef Gordon Ramsay was entertaining and rude. Gordon said the ‘F’ word like five times. (And it wasn’t food)

The musical guest, Gomez was great. It looked like the Geeks from "Beauty and the Geeks" got a band together.

Remember, It’s a small world after all…

LoVe ya,


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

GloZella vs Mothra...

Because I was late, I was sat in the back of the studio, and out of nowhere, this bird-like moth flew by my ear. I started to flap my hands around, and people thought I was having a seizure. I will be on time tomorrow. You don’t get attacked by insects in the front.


Bill Maher is so tough on President Bush. I can understand not having respect for the man, but have respect for the position. I can’t really say anything bad about Bill because he loves black women. He doesn’t care if they look like a hooker off the street, he will proudly bring them to an awards ceremony.

The President likes black women too, he just makes them the Secretary of State. Brown Rice is good for you.

Michael Holmes is a guy who jumped out of a plane, his parachute didn’t work, and he crashed and lived. He was walking with two canes one of them had a cup holder with a soda in it. Why do white people do these things? That’s why when white people die they always have to be found. They are found in mountains, caves, out at sea, or inside some animal. Why can’t white people die from natural causes, like a drive by or something?

Then if white people survive, they always want to go back and do the thing that almost killed them." The shark, like ,came out of, like, no where, and, like, bit me. And as soon as I, like, get another leg, I will surf again". I heard that on the news for real.

You never hear black people say" Yo, I got shot on dat corner right der, and as soon as get my pimped out wheelchair, I’ll chill on dat corner again man, believe dat".

Sharks and Mountain Lions, and Trained Tigers have no ideal what dark meat taste like.

Rodney Atkins was the Musical guest. His voice and look was great. I loved his song. It was about how his son is learning how to be a man, not by what the father says but what he does. It was beautiful, I love Rodney!

Remember, train a child in the way they should go, and when they are older they shall not depart from it… or jump out of it…

LoVe Ya,


Monday, February 19, 2007

GloZell… the kettle is calling...

I’ve been parking by that tune up car place across the street from the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" line up. A guy who works at the tune up shop is always asking me about myself and why do I like Jay Leno so much? He told me he likes watching me walk away. Oh, the curse of a big behind and smile. Yes, it’s true, red beans and rice didn’t miss me. I turn around, stick it out, even white boys have to shout! GloZell’s got back.

Today, he was at my car. People think I’m a stalker, now I have one. I wonder if I make Jay feel uncomfortable? Nah, Jay doesn’t have a big behind. Plus, he waved to me today in the studio. No really, he did.

Saturday, I ushered at Bill Hayes benefit concert. Bill is 80 years old. (And still hot) He plays the character Doug Williams on "Days of Our Lives" (An NBC show). I sat next to some of the stars of the show. He raised money so that the youth of our church can help build houses in New Orleans. (They better not come back with beads.)

George Charouhas, who is one of the promo mixers for NBC, went to see the musical Wicked with his family last week, they say it’s a must see.


Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Ryan Seacrest were on the show. Paula Abdul was late probably because, Acapulco, the restaurant across the street, has two for one Margaritas. (Paula Ab-drool) It was exciting to see all of them.

Randy looked hip hop cool. He has gained some of that weight back from his gastric bypass. I guess the food passed by it.

Jeff (The guy who dresses Jay) could have helped Ryan Seacrest dress today.
Jeff took the job away from a guy named Jefferson who is still hurt about it. Jefferson is now studying to be a Minister. (I guess he’s praying for Jeff.)

Tiki Barber was nice. I hope he is more interesting on the Today Show, than he was on the Tonight Show or else he’s going to be on no show.

Silversun Pickups was the musical guest and they have great fans. I couldn’t understand a word they said. The American Idols Judges didn’t care; they talked through the whole song.

Jay did his little dance, the one he always does no matter how good or how awful the band is. At lest he pretends. I think that’s nice. (Jay can’t dance)

Remember, you should give your time, talent, and treasure to what you believe in…

Love ya,


Saturday, February 17, 2007

GloZell can’t laugh at Jay…


I was at work Wednesday Feb. 14th after standing in line at NBC to get my ticket. I had a client at 10.00 am who didn’t show up, so I started reading my book Leading with My Chin by Jay Leno. I was on page 185 when Jay was on the Dina Shore Show. It was so funny. I started to laugh.

My Boss says, What’s so funny? Still laughing I held up the book. My boss frowned and said, "The book can’t be that funny". I didn’t say anything I just keep reading. I was in the salon part by my self. Nobody had come in yet.

I get to the part when Jay takes a gig in Minnesota called the Mine shaft. Jay gets there and the room was pitch-dark. Men had miner’s hats on and used the light on the hat to see girls dance when they came out on stage.

When Jay came out (to do comedy), no one turned on their light. He had to do his stand up in complete darkness. I am cracking up, that was so funny to me. My boss comes from the back and says "If your going to laugh that loud don’t bring that book, I don’t know why you like him, Jay looks like a monster."

I didn’t say anything. I called another Massage Therapist who needs a job and asked her if she wanted my hours. This is the second job gone because I like going to the "Tonight show with Jay Leno" everyday.

I wanted to tell my Boss. "Look, nobody is in here but your non-English speaking boyfriend who has taken refuge in our lounge, who is your best friends husband. You send money to his wife, pretending that he’s working in America. We have to hide him when your children and family comes to visit and you put dark tint on your car windows. And you have a problem with me having a good time reading a book, when it’s just us in here! Oh, you’re the monster.

I had twenty dollars to my name, I bought some brownies for the Pages (It was Valentine’s Day) and a sandwich for myself. Later that day, I got a call asking if I can lock and open my church this weekend. And I got paid more than any check I’ve ever received from that place. (Thank you Lord)

So, I filled up my tank, and I can visit my apartment… and Ben…

Jay is nice to everybody. I think because of his chin, Jay can sympathizes with minorities. Maybe that’s why he has so many blacks in the band, and John Melendez. It’s not 40 acres and a mule, but we’ll take it.

Remember Live your life so that if anyone says anything bad about you, no one believes them…

Have a great weekend,

Love Ya,


Friday, February 16, 2007

GloZell, George W. is Fat…

It cost too much for me to drive to NBC at 8:00 am, get my ticket, drive home (LA Crenshaw) then drive all the way back to NBC for the show. I crash in the valley, and go home when I can. I have enough gas to visit my apartment once a month. I’m going to start charging the mouse that has taken up residence at my place.

In the line to get my ticket, I met people from Ocala, Florida. I asked them if they knew that Jay Leno is building his new house on Harley Drive in Ocala Florida? Jay’s house will have 10 garages.

Jay did a skit yesterday and used an actor to play the security guard at NBC. The real security guard at that post is named George W. Parker. Jay told him he was too fat for the part. Jay was joking… I think George can be friendly, and he can also act like a hole, but he has always been nice to me. NBC gave George W. some gift certificates to Starbucks for his inconveance.


Teri Hatcher looked healthier than before. Terri has gained about 10 pounds and found some vitamins because she looked beautiful and she didn’t look pasty and scrawny like last time she was on the show. Thank the Lord, she has a man. This chick is pitiful single.

Rhys Ifans from the movie "Hannibal Rising" looked like he didn’t have to audition for the part. He was tall, lanky, witty, interesting and scary. He looks like a human praying mantis.

Omarion was the musical guest. I didn’t understand the male dancers who acted like they were after him. He was lively and small. I didn’t want to see his tiny behind! Pull up your pants! Jay had the hardest time say his name right. That’s okay, Jay, he probably doesn’t watch the show.

I went to the grocery store around 8:OO PM tonight. On the way to my car, I saw a guy getting a soda, who was at the show today. I said" You went to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno today." He said, " Yes, you’re the girl who goes everyday. I said "You are right, have a great weekend". He said, "I think Bill Maher will be there Tuesday." I said, "I hope to see ya then". As I drove off, he got into some blankets next to a cart. He didn’t look homeless at all.

I won’t complain about my mouse. I think I’ll name him Ben.

Remember, less is more than what some others might have… be grateful…

Love Ya,


GloZell is 23… (February 15, 2007 - Sorry it's Late)

Art (the tall Lighting Operator) has an electric blue Mitsubishi truck with cab he purchased for only 500 dollars. Great deal. (How great thou Art?)

In line, I sat next to Julia and Fernando from Atlanta. They are world travelers. Right when they were finishing a story about how they almost got captured in Honduras, we hear "Let Me tell you something".

Ryan Click, a very eager Jim Carrey impersonator started his routine. He is 19, and loves Jim. He never broke character. He kept us entertained all day. The only thing was that he was dressed like the movie "The Mask" but recited lines from the movie "Ace Ventura Pet Detective". Every… single… one of them…

He had a DVD of himself that he desperately wanted to give to Jim. The security guards let him inside early, to tell Ryan that he couldn’t stay! Ryan never got in to see the show. My guess was maybe he had been following Jim Carrey, and NBC was playing safe. (I won’t do my Smitty/Gary Coleman impersonation, I promise.)

In the studio, the page Zoo had the hottest blonde with him in the front row. That’s it! I’m starting my "lose weight and be fine enough to sit in the front row at the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Diet", as soon as I finish this cake.

Billy (the one who only picks blondes to dance) had his traditional toothpick behind the right ear. He will take it down, pick his teeth and put it back behind his ear. Must be some good Bar-B-Que.


Jim Carrey. Wow! He looked great. Jim has slimed down, which makes him look even taller. His hair is long and it worked for him. Ryan would have been disappointed because Jim didn’t’ talk with his crack. Carrey talked about being obsessed with the # 23. Jay doesn’t believe that superstitious stuff, and neither do I.

Wait a minute… Tonight Show (11 letters) + GloZell Green (12) = 23… I’m a little freaked right now.

I thought Tom Vilsack, who is a Presidential Candidate, was going to be boring. He talked about being an orphan. (It’s a hard knock life) After the show Tom shook hands and asked me how do I get tickets for the show? I told him how, if he wasn’t on the guest list and he said they need to do a show on me. (He’s got my vote) Jay and Jim had on suits that are more expensive. Tom’s didn’t have the shine or the same hang. To bad, Jeff can’t dress everyone.

Dustin Kensrue was the musical guest. It looked like the show said, we don’t feel like giving them a background, just put round red mats on the floor. It made them looks very small, and the space looked empty.

Remember, It pays to be yourself… Alrighty then…

Love ya,


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

GloOnce’ a Child Of Destiny…

Happy V Day! I brought brownies for the Pages!

In the morning line, I met Susan Landry Ferris and Daniel Ferris. They went to school with Jay at Andover High School. They said that in those days they had a smoking room and that Jay would tell jokes while the kids were smoking.

They keep in touch with Lou Trombore, who calls Jay’s secretary and gets them on the guest list. I saw them after the show taking a picture with Jay. They have been married for 36 years. Susan and Daniel have two children and five grandchildren.

In the afternoon line, Mr. Tonj from the LA Daily News interviewed me. He also took the time to gather information from Bob Schuch and Steve Cohen, two very funny guys who recognized me from the last time they came to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno".

Did you know that Andy the on stage security guard, AKA "The Hair" use to be a cartoon animator for Disney for over 25 years? It’s hard out here for a pimp. I have B.F.A. from UF (Go Gators!) Maybe, I can sweep the stage.

Kelly, a former page, and a fine guy, named Will sat in the first row. Kelly is going to land a big paying job with WB.

I begged for a different seat, because the homeless guy that I was next to smelt like a heard of hot donkeys! (A sister be needing her oxygen.)


Beonce’. Her dress was made by Epidermis and Co. That’s what it looked like. It was so tight. (There is no way she had on draws) She had to be very careful how she sat. Her dress probably had a time limit before it recoiled. She was facing Kevin’s (the bandleader) way, which was good, because his eyes seemed to focus and clear up. Where Jay was looking, I’m not sure he knows what her face looks like.

Charles Barkley is a great big huge guy. (What football team was he on?) I was in Florida at the Improve when he threw someone threw some guy out the window at a bar across the street at Church Street Station. Tonight, Charles was talking about how he is going to race a 67-year-old man. Charles is going to get beat by a 67-year-old man. (Place your bets.)

Meanwhile, John M. (The announcer who holds up a cup) was slurping his Emergen C, lemon flavored drink. I politely told him to stop because he was getting on my last nerve. (It’s all good now) At least he smelled good.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd was the musical guest. He played the guitar and I think he’s blind. He is a great Soul singer (I guess no one told him he was white.)

Remember, We create the world around us…

Love ya,


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Almond Glo…

Today, John and Sandra Nink, Glenn and Lorraine Fredriks and I took a picture for LA Daily News! They are Doing a story on me going to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno over 100 times.(I would like to thank the little people.)

John and Sandra Nink are from Long Island, New York. John is retired from Prudential Insurance. The same insurance company Jay Leno’s father use to work for. They are the very proud parents of three boys. The oldest is 50 and not married and no kids. (I know someone I could hook him up with.)

They have two terrific grandchildren. Marshal (10) who excels at school and sports. Marshal loves tennis, baseball, and soccer. Little Miss Taylor (8) is an outstanding dancer. She loves Jazz and acting classes. They have great parents that know how to keep them busy.

Glenn and Lorraine Fredriks of Ripon CA are very successful almond farmers. They own 350 acres. Lorraine told me I should eat 14 raw almonds a day. I surprised her when I took out my bag of almonds, that I just happen to have in my pocket. (I’m nutty) They have two sons, one helps run Fredriks Almond Farm and the other runs Fredriks Nursery (100 greenhouses) I was raised in a Green house… ha,ha. (GloZell Green)

In the Studio, Sandy and Dave had seats in front of me but two other people wanted those seats and the NBC page, Mighty Jeremiah was called over to kick the other people out of their seats. (Ooh, the drama)

Sandy is a D.V.M., who almost had a cow when she got a picture with Jay. Sandy I wish you well, at Pouncey Tract Veterinary Hospital.


Dennis Miller. In 1995, I saw him perform at a U.F. (Go Gators!) Pep Rally called "The Gator Growl". Dennis went into one of his political rants and was booed off the stage. They had to stop the show and physically walk him off the stage. He didn’t have that problem tonight.

Majorie Johnson, a cute little lady who made cookies and has been married for 60 years. Her husband came out, after the show, and he is two feet taller than she is. (I don’t have a husband and I didn’t get a cookie)

Musical Guest: Taylor Swift is a 17-year-old county singer. Taylor has a nice sweet innocent voice. Her song was just as cute as she was. She was wearing a cocktail dress with Cowboy boots. (She doesn’t have a stylist yet)

Remember, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometime you just are one...

Love Ya,


Monday, February 12, 2007

Welcome to Glo jungle…

In the ice cold studio I was reading my book by Jay Leno" Leading With My Chin" as music videos of past guest play on the big screen. The first on was a rapper named Busta.

A man behind me started complaining about how he hated "jungle music".

I didn’t say anything…

Soon, another rap song started to play, he said" Cut it off, cut it off, I hate that "D*** jungle monkey music, turn it off".

Still didn’t say anything…

Then the lady next to him, who clearly didn’t know how to whisper, said. "Hey that black girl in front of us, comes here every day, and has a blog, she needs to get a life, ha ha.

The guy said. "I don’t care, I hate jungle music. You’d think they would play better stuff than this jungle garbage at the Tonight Show".

After the show I wished him, and the rest of his imps, a happy Back History Month (Martin Luther King would be so proud) It took God, and a few Angels, for me to only say that. (Please take the time to sing "We Shall Over Come"… I’ll wait)

John Melendez, usually has diet soda in his coffee cup but today… Sunkist! (Yeah, that lady might be right)


Chris Isaac at the Grammy’s. Chris was very funny and easy on the eyes. He is so good looking, he doesn’t even look real in person. He looks like a painting. The Manalisa.

Nicholas Cage. Who cast him as a superhero? I like him, I think he is a good actor. Ghost Rider is going to floppy, flop, flop. It would be all right if they tried to pass it off as a comedy. It looks terrible. They could have cast someone who is good looking. I would love to see him play something more believable, like Liberace’s life story.

Nick said, he always loved the comic book Ghost Rider growing up. In that case, cast me as the Bionic Woman.

D.J. Sampson and Sam Ballerini two kids who got a bill passed to make the Garter snake the State Reptile in Massachusetts. (Whoop-dee-do).

The Fray was the musical guest. The only thing interesting about them was the drummer who smiles, on the 2nd and 4th beat on the song. (My B.F.A., Nicholas Cagein Musical Theatre from U.F.(Go Gators!) comes in so handy)

Remember, Ignorance is bliss… And there are a whole lot of blissful people out there…

Love Ya,


Friday, February 09, 2007

Glo Florida…

In line, I met the greatest people from Florida! Eddie, Sarah Jeanette and Johan.
Johan and Jeanette moved to California because Johan is going to be a very successful actor. (Ya hear that, Steven Spielberg)

Sarah and Eddie Jaywalked across the street to get snacks. Sarah shared her M&M’s with me. (Love her)

Eddie didn’t appreciate me butting in and telling him its time to give Sarah a ring. Not just any ring but a 2 1/2 karat diamond platinum ring in a size six, with at least a D clarity. (It’s been over a year buddy)

I loved both couples and I wish them everlasting love. Happy Birthday Johan!

As I was walking down the hallway to get to my seat. I said great job, to Smitty (the drummer for the Tonight Show Band) He looked at me and walked away. I have said that to him three times since I’ve been coming to the show, and not once has he said thank you. Smitty is not nice.


Grammy Jaywalking. This bit was so funny. Jay went to an apartment building and had residents act out different music videos. Who ever thought of this should get a raise, it was hilarious.

Drew Barrymore was fantastic. Everyone loves her. She had on a sexy, one shoulder, chocolate dress, large belt, and wooden bangles. Her hair was simple and she was beautiful.

During the break, a woman came out and handed Drew a mirror and her lipstick, which she applied herself. (She is so independent)

Kyle Krichbaum who is a 12 year old vacuum cleaner collector. This kid was wild about vacuums. Kyle got his first real vacuum at 3 year old. He vacuums three times a day! (And you thought kids were just good for fetching the remote control.) I hope he gets the help he needs. (Just kidding he’s perfectly normal)

The musical guest was Solomon Burke who was out of the world. He was big, black about five hundred pounds and sat during his whole performance. He looked like the main singer from the Chuck E Cheese restaurants or a character Eddy Murphy does. He blew us away. He has an incredible sound and zest that filled the studio. His talent is just as big as he is. I loved him.

Kevin Eubanks (Tonight Show bandleader) standing, was the same height as Solomon was sitting. Either Kevin is short, or Solomon is taller sitting down because of his big behind. (I have the same issue) I was wondering if Solomon could walk. One of his helpers gave him two walking canes. The Tonight show was thoughtful enough to lower the panel so we couldn’t see him struggle to walk.

Remember, It’s not work if you love it!…

Love ya,


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Glo Phi Glo…

Today my boss told me that Jay Leno doesn’t give a $#!+ about me and that I’m wasting my time at the Tonight Show. (Thank you, Dream Crusher). My Boss will eat them words! (I hope she is not reading this.)

In line, I met two hotties from Texas. Johnny Johnson and his friend John Rodriquez. They are both actors. John R. used to be a womanizer, but had changed his ways at the age of 26, and is dedicated to Christie who lives in Florida. Stay strong!

I also met a drifter named Dean from Australia. He told me that Outback Steak House is not Australian at all. I don’t care what he says, I will continue to eat their Blooming Onion! He went on and on. He was cool, until he said that he could care less that Anna Nicole smith Died today. I didn’t know her, but I’m still sad she died. (I’m throwing away my diet pills, baby)

Out of the sky, Rebekah and Shannon, from yesterday, ended up sitting next to me in the studio. (Shannon is having her cousin Rebekah’s baby)

The first three rows is filled with a heard of gorgeous Alpha Phi girls from college. There was twenty-five of them, they all cheered and had a great time. The one I had a chance to speak with was Mei-lin Demaree.

Johnny and the male crew flirted and drooled over them.


Mark Wahlberg is good looking. He said the audience was good looking. Mark talked about how he was a high school drop out. I wonder if he got his GED. Mark was saying how he has calmed down over the years, and now listens to Gospel music. Then he was beeped for using the "F" word. He needs some more music.

Sarah Silverman, who is usually very funny, was a little off today. Sarah is a beautiful woman, but she tries to overcome that through her clothes. She had on this hideous, black, short, maternity looking, dress, with a blue T-shirt that had holes on the left side. She had black tights on under the dress, and some heels that looked witchy. Sarah looked a slap mess.

Please watch her new show.

Mat Kearney was good, everyone enjoyed him. I love watching Jay move his legs to the beat of the musical guests.

Remember, Imagination is more important than Knowledge…

Love Ya,


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Babies, Generals, Dogs and GloZell…

In line today, I met a retired Airforce General and Judge Honorable Mike an his beautiful wife Ceile.. They are world travelers and just got back for Vietnam. Mike has an incredible deep sexy voice and Ceile is a great cook. They have been married for over 51 years.

They are the proud parents of Marc, who is 48 and a successful Psychologist, and a high-powered lawyer daughter named Suzanne.

While I was talking to Mike and Ceile a young woman approached me and asked if I was the one who has the Jay Leno blog? Then she asked for a picture with me. This Angel is named Rebkah. She is in town so her cousin Suzanne can be tested to carry her children for her.

Rebkah has a heart condition. Dr. Thomas Kim, in Beverly Hills, harvested her eggs when she was 17 years old, because of the medicine she was going to have go on she would no longer have healthy eggs.

August is when her eggs go bad. All of the expense are coming out of her parent’s pocket. When Rebkah told us her story we were all touched. Her cousin, Suzanne is 34, married with three children, and is willing to give her cousin Rebkah the greatest gift of all.

We all had a great time at "The Tonight show with Jay Leno".


Hugh Grant. The hoots and hollers went on and on. Hugh is sexy! He was strange as always, and started talking about a recurring dream he has of a woman named Mabel who carries him in a basket and calls him Master. Master… I like to put him in a basket.

Then Hugh said that dogs are attracted to him in a romantic way. The reason I think that dogs are attracted to Hugh is because he cheated on Elizabeth Hurly with a black prostitute. (Who probably called him Master) Dogs know their own kind.

Julie Scardina with two bears from Bush Gardens. The bears were eating apples and grapes. One tried to hump Hugh. My goodness he has to learn how to control that.

Jay threw out the remaining pieces of fruit into the audience.

Nora Jones was beautiful and had a great look and sound. She had cute, female, Asian back up singer. I don’t think I have every seen an Asian backup singer. Great!

Remember, God is good all the time and all the time God is good!…

Love ya,


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oh, Glo she didn’t…

Wolfman’s named is Max. He is very smart. He loves Jay and has traveled different states to see him perform. Wolfman has been going to the "Tonight show With Jay Leno" for three years. (Not every day he also goes to other shows).

Max gets in line five o’clock in the morning and returns around noon.

Anthony a security guard told me that I couldn’t were a bathing suit to the show because there are 16 year olds in the audience. He said "THEY" had a meeting and "THEY" were upset with me. (Yes, now I’m known as "The infamous bathing suit girl…")

A page told me that "THEY" are mad at you. (Who are "THEY"?)

Mr. E. (The guy who used to open the curtains for Johnny Carson) told me I was very bad, and shamed his finger at me. (At least he’s being honest and not hiding behind "THEY") Then Anthony told him, that he told me, that I was to never wear a bathing suit again, or I was going to get kicked out for good.

After going to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" over 100 times and not ever being picked to dance for a T-shirt. They always pick cute little beautiful people, and two elderly people. Either I have to lose weight, or age 30 years. I can tell you that the more you take off , the more it’s encouraged. So, I danced down to a bathing suit. I was never going to be picked, so I picked myself, and got my T-Shirt. (Maybe "THEY" just wanted me to cover up.)

Several of the staff told me I was good, including Bob, the warm up comedian.

I don’t know what to do… Oh, the pain and suffering….

Jay showed a clip of topless women in underwear in outer space during his monologue. (I guess "THEY" thought that was okay for 16 year olds.).


Celebrity Jeopardy was very funny today. They showed a clip of a woman on in a bathing suit lifting her legs on a scooter. (And "THEY" somehow thought that was okay for 16 year olds.)

Penelope Cruz was beautiful, classy and Her dress and hair was glamorous. She has a tattoo on her right ankle. Penelope showed a picture of her and her sister in a two piece bathing suit with a naked man in the background. (Of course "THEY" thought that was something all 16 year olds in the audience should see…)

Tyler Perry, is a handsome, talented, great, Christian comedy writer/actor. He was homeless, and now he goes on dates with Tyra Banks. Hey, he went from angst to Banks!

James Hunter was good. He’s not my flavor, but he is has a new twist on an old sound. He had this strange piece of hair that was hanging down his forehead.

Remember, don’t hate the player hate the game…

Love Ya,


Monday, February 05, 2007

Glo ahead… make my day!…

The Wolfman was wearing a Tuxedo with Black High Top Reeboks – he cleans up well… Now, if he would only do something about that hair!

In line, I met Diana, Larry Cotton and their two adult children Erin and Eli. Erin and Eli smoke and it’s breaking their parents heart. Larry was in the Navy and they all lived in Italy at one time and that’s where the kids picked up smoking.

Erin bet Diana that if Diana losses weight, Erin will stop smoking. Diana is skinny and Erin will stop smoking on March 11th, her dog Breaker’s birthday. (I love white people). Keira was their NBC tour guide today and they loved her.

The Cottons got a picture with Jay, and thanked me! Jay’s a Cotton picker. (Ha, ha… )

There’s a new guy working at the show who looks like a heavier Ben Aflect and walks like the NBC page, Phill. I will find out more info for the ladies.

Mike the stage manager is back! I was hopping he had gone to hair rehab to get his long hair cut short and add blonde highlights (he would look even hotter) but no. I hope his wife and family are well.

After 111 shows "I GOT MY TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO (adjective of choice) T-SHIRT!"

The guy who always has a toothpick in his mouth didn’t pick me after I asked him to. (Does he eat Bar-B-Q everyday?) I just walked on stage anyway. (Ghetto) I don’t remember if I danced, but I was interesting. I stood in a two piece bathing suit and demanded a T-shirt from Bob. I was never going to be picked, so I showed my chubby behind to the world! I hope they let me in tomorrow.

Andy, the on stage security guard, AKA "The Hair" gave me the thumbs up sign. Bob, the warm up comedian was shocked. Everybody laughed! People were laughing at me on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" stage. There’s some Black History for ya!

I might have set us back 400 years. Sorry, Martin Luther King Jr.


Clint Eastwood is one of the people I stop and think, wow; I’m fortunate to see such a legend in person. Clint tripped on the rug and he didn’t look comfortable in the chair. He was slouching. I love him anyway. It was funny to hear one of his songs off his only singing album made back in the 1800’s that Jay purchased for 500 dollars.

Jennifer Hudson, from the movie "Dreamgirls," seemed really down to earth. I thought red looked good on her. Jennifer had a lot of nervous energy, she kept fidgeting. I saw a price tag on the bottom of her left shoe. (Her shoes were gorgeous). I hope she wins the Oscar!

John Waite & Alison Krauss were the musical guest. They have nice voices. I felt like they were holding back. Alison was holding her battery pack to her microphone in her right hand. I bet she was ticked off that she had to sing on national TV, holding it. I loved Alison’s outfit and John’s wild hair.

Remember, a new galaxy starts with one emerging star…

Love ya,


Friday, February 02, 2007

GloZell and her Groundhog Day Treats…

Today, I brought Donuts!

Wolfman made it in again, he was picking his face and eating it. Gross!

I met Linda and Mike C. who are educators. Mike is a comic, who teaches on the college level. Mike uses Jay Leno’s "Jay Walking" to make his class fun. They got a picture with Jay and thanked me.

I sat next to Mandy who is auditioning for the Biggest Looser, she has a great personality and I hope she losses. (Ha, ha)

A homeless guy made it inside the show and was picked to dance before the show. The warm up comedian was picking at him but the homeless guy didn’t realize it because his elevator didn’t go all the way up.


They stopped the tapping of the show!

Cuba Gooding Jr. was so late, they called a comedian named Bruce to entertain us until Cuba got there. I was hoping they would ask if anyone in the audience knew any jokes!

Miss USA, Tara Conner (who was fresh out of rehab) was beautiful and sat up straight the whole show. Tara had on a beautiful bronze dress on and fixed her hair very ten seconds. Tara was talking to Jay during one of the breaks and Jay started to yarn.

Cuba was very energetic and fun. He slipped and said the "s" word, which they edited out.

Cuba danced with Tara during on of the breaks. I thought she danced with underage girls?

The musical guest was the rapper "The Game". He was boring!

Jay had to do a couple of takes, because Jay kept saying "The Gay" instead of "The Game". Mr. Game and his Westside posse, who was lined up in the back of the studio didn’t think that was funny. Jay wasn’t doing it on purpose.

After the show, Dolly and Kevin who I met months ago at "The Tonight show with Jay Leno, ran up to me and said hi. It was Kevin’s 50th birthday and Jay wished him a very happy birthday. Kevin still looks young!

Dolly is a pray warrior and prayed for me again. they are great!

Remember, what goes around comes around…

Love ya,


Thursday, February 01, 2007


Happy Black History Month!

I brought cookies for the NBC pages today. I almost brought brownies but then I thought about it. Black history month and brownies.

Its Jade’s birthday. Jade is 23 and one of the toughest NBC pages, you go girl!

Wolfman made it in the studio again! If they stopped crazy people from coming to the show that might affect me.

In the studio, I sat next to Sam and Laureen Brill who own Phoenix Designs. Laureen showed me her beautiful Mystic Fire Jewelry ring that they sell! They got a picture with Jay and thanked me!

Laureen is a lot of fun and has a great laugh! Keep her happy Sam.

The on stage security guard Andy AKA "The Hair" was flirting with some hot Hawaiian girls on the front row. You have to be young and hot to make the front row. I’ve gone to over 100 shows and never made the front row. (Bitter party of one). Andy can’t help flirting because he is Irish.


Brian Herzlinger at "American Idol" auditions. He was funny, and a lady at my church met him at the grocery store Ralph’s last week. It’s a small world.

Julie S. with Sea world and Bush Garden animals. Loved the Kangaroos! I don’t know what animal was from Sea World. Julie tried to put a Tiger in some water. Maybe she got confused.

Abigail Breslin from "Little Miss Sunshine", was so cute. She showed Jay her Curious George doll. During the breaks, Jay was playing with the doll trying to entertain her. She was not impressed.

The Musical guest was the talented Christina Aguilera. She was very entertaining! All of her dancers had thick thighs and legs. I think they were hand picked to make her look even smaller. Christina was tiny but her voice was big. She was great! My favorite song by her is "Beautiful".

After the show Bob (the warm up comedian) was flirting with the same hot Hawaiian girls. Get your own Lays Bobby!

Remember, don’t let nothing, or no one stop you from doing what you know you are supposed to be doing!…

Love Ya,