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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Silent Night GloZell’s Last Night…

If there is a page or someone who is willing to put me on the guest list starting Jan 4th. That would be great.

While I am gone:

1. Please restock the vending machine.

2. Please get a new microphone so Mr. Beam doesn’t sound like the teacher from the cartoon "Peanuts".

3. Please De Funk the woman’s bathroom.


Matthew McConaughey was hot. He was promoting hi new movie "We are Marshall"
It’s a sappy uplifting movie that, I would probably love. He also talked about his brother named Rooster, and his son Miller Light.

During the break before the musical guest. Jay made Margaritas (Real ones) for his guest, and gave Mathew the blender.

Opie and Anthony, who are from radio and there’s a reason why. They were funny, and had the faces for radio.

The musical guests "The Killers" were very entertaining. The Killers has a great following.

The set behind them was festive and in the holiday spirit.

Remember, If you have faith the size of mustard seed you can move mountains… and guest lists...

Happy holidays to all.

Love Ya,

The First GloZell

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

GloZell’s Love Ride…

Well, I’ve got two more days left. I’m hoping for a Christmas miracle in order to be on the guest list starting in January.

Today we say so long to one of the best pages ever, Mr. Derrick. He got a chance to move up in the network to a better job. Derrick got a picture with Jay Leno today. I wish him well, because he is so nice all the time - everyday. I will miss you. You could have shaved your beard just once.

In the studio, I sat next to Diane who rides a Harley bike. Diana participates in the "Love Ride". That’s a fundraiser that Jay Leno started over twenty years ago. It’s when a bunch of riders get sponsored and raise money for Muscular Dystrophy. Jay Leno is always the Grand Marshall. Jay also gets some of his celebrity friends to ride also. One of his celebrity friends is Dan Haggerty the actor who played the lead on one of my favorite T.V. shows "Grizzly Adams".


Robert De Niro. Robert is a legend; I was honored to see him in person. He was soft spoken and I think he was wearing support socks. De Niro also loves black women (Who doesn’t?… maybe, Michael Richards). His wife is black and his children. His name could easily be Robert De Negro.

Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer looked good. Her weave was tight, and the dress was right. In the interview, I felt her speech was a little ghetto, but she still has star quality. She was very likable, and inspired me to do more stand up. Her voice was good and strong, but I wanted to hear that song "Your Gonna Love Me".

Remember, life’s a journey, enjoy the ride…

Love ya,


Monday, December 18, 2006

O, Jay and Glo…

Help, somebody! I would love to continue my visits at the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". If I can’t find someone to get me on the guest list, then Wednesday is my last day until further notice. I’m going to my cousins wedding in Florida and staying till the New Year. I’ll be back in California on the 3rd. I will miss you all.

In the NBC lobby, I ran into J.C. and his son Dex. This is their fifth time to "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". The last time J.C. cracked jokes with Jay Leno on stage and Dex was featured on the show.

Today was a pretty good show!


Samuel L. Jackson was cool. He seems like a likable guy. His cartoon "The Afro Samurai" didn’t look that good. Sam talked about his wife who loves sending him to the doctor. He is now on a diet which allows him to eat foods that work for his "0" blood type.

Then after a good long interview between Jay and Sam…

Nick Thune, a hilarious new comic who incorporated his guitar skills and his dry humor. The guy was great. His timing was perfect. I would love to see his concert. He should be invited back on the show again. Unfortunately Jay never got a chance to interview him.

Two out of three ain’t bad.

Musical guest Scott Weiland was more like Scott Wasteland. He was bad. I think he was high, or medicated or something. He didn’t capture the essence of the Christmas song he lifelessly sung. Scott should have been call snot, because he had a little something between his upper lip and his nose.

I hugged the on stage security guard Andrew, AKA "The Hair". He wasn’t at the show last Friday. Who does he think he is? There was no one to flirt with the hot girls.

Remember, It ain’t over till it’s over…

Love Ya,


Friday, December 15, 2006

GloZell and the Little Bastard…

I have heard that the guest list will be ending. I find that very hard to believe. The only person who has been on the list every day is me. The studio isn’t even full the last few weeks, so why end the guest list? I hope that my coming every day hasn’t upset anyone to the point that "they" want to end the guest list. I’m sure that NBC has better things to discuss. I’m going to Florida for the holiday‘s my last day here will be the 21st. I hope I’m on the list next year. It doesn’t cost anyone else anything.

I met Dat Phan. The winner of the first "Last Comic Standing". He was so nice. I was surprised that he didn’t get special treatment. No picture with Jay after the show. He took time and spoke to me and I took a picture with him. Dat told me I was wasting my time coming to the show everyday and that I should become a P.A., or a page. He also said that he would give me free tickets to his show. I met his manager and friends, and can’t wait to go to his show.

I hope everyone has a great time at the NBC employee Christmas party!

Dennis won’t be there, because he will be getting drunk. It’s an annual thing. His best friend died in a car crash because the driver went to sleep. Dennis and his friends pay tribute every year by going out and drinking. You got to do what you got to do. Tip your forty to your homey.

I met Naz’s sister and she was very nice. She works at Forest Lawn. I use to work at a Funeral Home, for years, in Florida. She is a very focused young lady and I wish her the best.

In the studio, Bob, the warm up comedian hit me on the head with the microphone and said "Oh you got a hair cut". I love Bob the warm up comedian. So what if I’ll never be thin and blonde enough to get a T-shirt, Bob and I have bonded.


Tobey Maguire was peddling the movie "The Good German". It looks good.

Jules Sylvester, the "Spider Expert" brought the biggest spiders in the world. One had a hundred babies one her back and Jay let it fall of his desk. There were baby spiders crawling all over the floor. (Yuck) He also brought in a spider called the Bush Bastard, which I’m sure that’s how the Democrats feel about the current administration.

Sarah McLachlan performed the Christmas song Silent Night. It was so beautiful.

Remember, God gives us all talents that are to be used, so use them…

Thursday, December 14, 2006

You Glo Bob…

The delightful page Ms. Tati is no longer holy. And she is planning to have her wedding in September.

In the studio AKA "The Artic". I sat next to Lilly from Lilly’s Café who catered today’s "Tonight with Jay Leno". Lilly’s Café makes the best homemade sandwiches and salads, she is located on Magnolia. When you go in tell her you read about her on this blog. Her hair stylist named Bob also cuts Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair.

Bob, the warm up comedian looked nice for the first time, since I’ve been there. He was all dressed up. Maybe he’s going to one of his strip clubs tonight.


Kellie Pickler was very cute. Her dress was super cute along with her shoes. However her segment was funny in some places and way too long. She gave Jay a cheap pizza which he passed out to the front row people.

Leonardo DiCaprio looks like a man now. He was interesting and I would like him to come back. He was advertising his movie "Blood Diamond". Women don’t care if it’s a blood, bone marrow, pee, or urine diamond just as long as it’s a big diamond.

Naomi Watts dress was pretty and great shoes. Her hail looked like they did it before she got dressed and she messed it up putting on her clothes. As a guest she was boring and the clip of her new movie "The Painted Veil" was extra boring.

The musical Guest was "The Goo Goo Dolls". They were fabulous. I was surprised that they were men. I got them mixed up with the GoGo’s.

Remember, too much of a good thing can be bad…



Wednesday, December 13, 2006

GloZell... Jay Leno doesn’t swallow!...

Diana Jenkins put in a request for me to be on the gust list for the whole year 2007, I hope it goes though. Won’t you miss this useful information?

Before the Guest list walks into the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno", Ed McMahon was walking toward us. Now he has got to be pushing 100 across the street. He was old but still had his charm. It was exciting to see him at his old stomping grounds. He is a legend. He didn’t walk through the back because he wanted people to see him. (Hey, milk it all you can) The young Hispanic security guard never even heard of him before. Who hires these people?

Guess which page can juggle his balls?

Guess which page (who is a fellow Gator) gave advice to a celebrity, who used it on the "Tonight show with Jay Leno"?

I sat next to the nice group of Armenian People. Laura was excited because her bother Michael was in the video "Were not going to take it" by Twisted Sister. It was shot at this high school Montabello High, in California.

Kenny (Borat’s fat sidekick in his movie) was once employed by Laura’s husband, for three years. Very nice!

Laura and her girlfriend had nice wedding rings on. Are all Armenian people nice, rich and live in Glendale?


Jay Leno told a group of second graders that he was going to eat a vegetable. The chef G. Garvin who has no neck, and wore the same shirt he had on the last time he was on the show, brought Jay some vegetables. Jay bit the broccoli and during the break he spit it out. I’ll forgive him for lying to little children… who were just looking after his health.

The teacher had on the worst top for her apple shape. It crossed where it should have crissed. No one told her she was going to be on national television! Teacher lady, go to Lane Bryant they will help you.

The children were in seats that had tennis balls on the bottom of the legs. Did they not know they were going to be on national television?

Dakota Fanning From the movie "Charlotte’s Web" is twelve and has had the same hairstyle for all twelve. She is very talented and told and interesting story of the development of her teeth. And some people think I should work all day. What, and miss a story like this?

Aaron Eckhart from the movie "Thank you for Smoking" was just as entertaining as Dakota’s two segments on her teeth. He needed to shave his beard, just like the non-Jewish page who is leaving us, named Derrick. Oy Vey!

Twisted Sister singing a medley of Christmas songs. Thank you, so much. Even if you didn’t like it, they were different and entertaining. The main guy, and the scary looking one, both had weaves worst than mine!

This show was about not eating a vegetable, or a pig, but keep smoking.

Remember, if you don’t have your health, what have you really got?…

Love Ya,


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Glo is tuff with Afro-puff…

Oh, mighty and powerful guest list lord, grant me one wish. To be on the guest list starting in Jan. Please!!!

I guess you can tell I’m happy to be nappy. I can’t afford weaves right now and I am forced to be myself. I feel like Miss Celie from the "Color Purple". Gary the hair stylist for "Days of our Lives" said, he liked my naps.

Guess, which page recently, met his biological father for the first time. This page is very nice, has a great smile and a slightly dry scalp? Get to know your co-workers, I do.

Why is it so cotton picking cold in the studio? I feel like Morgan Freeman should be narrating every time I walk in there.

Have you every noticed that when Jerry (The Keyboard player) gets into playing a song he sticks out his tongue, it’s kind of gross.


The Jib Jab cartoon was interesting, it made fun of the world events of 2006 using innocent children.

Jamie Foxx is a smooth and talented brother. (And so are you Kevin) Jamie’s birthday is tomorrow and will be turning 39. He has one beautiful bi-racial daughter. In his household, he takes care of his two sisters and their father. His younger sister has won several metals in the Special Olympics. Erick (Jamie’s real first name) is a great guy and gives great gifts to all of his friends. (Like cars) Jamie makes a perfect omelet His door is never locked and he throws a great holiday party. This year it will be on Dec 26.

Bizarre Christmas Musicians, was interesting. How do people come up with these ideals? And how do they get booked on the show?

Brad Paisley was the musical guest. It would have been better if Jamie sang.

Remember, you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family or co-workers…

Love Ya,


Monday, December 11, 2006

GloZell is Weava-Diva, No More!…

I’m going to Florida for the holiday’s and I will be leaving on the 22nd and be back on the 4th. It sure would be nice if when I got back the magical NBC Peacock could put me on the guest list.

In the lobby, the new soap smells like Piña Colada. Nice.

The Studio is decorated very nice.

I took to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" my boyfriend’s boss’s mother. Johanna who is turning 81 in four days. She is Italian, (even though their name is German) lives in Chicago, and is in town visiting her daughter Donna. (The boss) She has a great outlook on life and feels young. Just yesterday, she met a woman who was 99. Thanks everyone for the great seats.

She said she loved the show, and has been watching all the time. Jay was so kind to take a picture with her. After the picture, she said "Bob Barker has gained a little weight." Johanna enjoyed the show even without the Plinko game. Bob the warm up comedian was so nice and gave Mrs. Johanna a "Tonight show with Jay Leno" towel. It’s so good to know in 50 years I will finally get one also.

Hey everyone, act like I never mentioned that Jason K. (A page) is a cute cooking tap dancer, who took ballet. His sister has tap danced with Gregory Hines. It runs in the family.

Zoo nice hair cut, the color is the same as the musician "Seal" Black with blue highlights.

Tati decided not to wear her traditional ponytail. It looked good. I would love to see you with some lipstick on.

GloZell (Me) didn’t have her dry behind, poofy bi-colored weave she has been wearing a couple of months too long. Her real hair looks better, not great, but better. Her outfit was whack and she had camel toe. (You are too big to pull off that tights and big top look.)

I love watching Jerry play the keyboards; he always sticks out his tongue when he starts to get into it.

Doctor E. was at the show. The black guy with the Kango hat. Can somebody tell me what that man does now? I know he use to open the curtains for Carson, but that was decades ago. Who does he think he is, showing up all the time? Doesn’t he have a job? (I know, I’m the pot and he’s the kettle)

I sat behind a young lady whose father is Steve Ross. The head editor of the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". She was not impressed that I go to the show everyday. Well, I wasn’t impressed with her boyfriend. She wasn’t impressed that I knew Jay’s warm up monologue and… okay, she wins. I was impressed that she has been going to the Tonight Show since Johnny Carson was the host. And her boyfriend was cute. Great, you’ve got it all missy.


Jimmy Carter was great. He was still promoting peace and peanuts!

Edward Norton read a letter he wrote to President Jimmy Carter when he was 8 years old. (Next)

Panic! At the Disco. I don’t think that was disco they were doing. They had a large following.

Remember, age is nothing but a number...

Love Ya,


Friday, December 08, 2006

GloZell on the Sly…

Lalo has got to go. Today is Lalo’s (a very nice page with a great smile) last day at NBC he has an terrific job at Fox. Make us proud.

At NBC there is more than one page named Jason. Do you know which Jason is a good cook, has tap danced for over 10 years, taken two years of ballet in order to play volley ball better? He’s tall good looking and straight? And yes ladies, he is single, and from what I can guess a size 12 shoe.

I met one of the friendliest people, named David. He’s from Canada. His co-workers Dana and Al think he is so funny. They all work for Marriott Hotel. Dana is director for owner & Franchise services for the company. She said she would hook me up with a room whenever I need. It pay to be nice, or be nice and you don’t have to pay.

Al was at the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" last Friday and couldn’t wait to come back again. He says he’ll be back again. David was cool and enjoyed the unofficial tour I gave. All of us were trying to get Dana to show her cleavage so somebody can get a T-shirt. But she wouldn’t do it, darn her moral upbringing.


Sylvester Stallone AKA "Rocky". He was delicious looking. He’s a little short because his shoes had the thick soles. But that’s fine by me.

Parminder Nagra from E.R. said that her Co-star John Stamos wears women’s underwear. Is any one surprised on that one?

Seal was the musical guest. Um… he has a nice voice. He must be more talented than I can see. His Supermodel wife was in the back of the studio listening, with their oldest child from another man.

Well this ends two weeks in a row the Tonight Show with Jay Leno has had black people on. NBC stands for Negro’s, Black’s, and Colored’s .

Remember, beauty is in the eye of a supermodel…

Love ya,


Thursday, December 07, 2006

GloZell and Oh, Jay, Simpson…

If someone knows anyone who can put me on the guest list starting next year let me know. Thank you so much.

Jason K. walked us over. The girls love to flirt with Jason K. Um, Jason K., I’ve noticed you have a lot of hair, and I was wondering why do you ware a comb over?

In the studio, I sat in the back due to the fact a lot of people turned out to see Mel Gibson. That’s okay, I’m glad to have a seat. Next month, I might not.

I sat next to Mrs. Sandra from San Diego. She was apart of a traveling group from Day-Tripper Tours. She paid 65 dollars. Sandra told me she recently lost her wonderful husband. Mrs. Sandra watches Jay Leno every night, because she is lonesome and feels better after she hears Jay’s monologue. Mrs. Sandra thinks Kevin (The bandleader) is wonderful and that Vicky can get anyone to sing. I enjoyed sitting next to Mrs. Sandra who is a retired schoolteacher for handicap children. She said she would try to come back in the spring, with her two grown boys, whom she is very proud of.

During Jay’s, monologue, two cute young blondes, one the front row, spoke to him while he was talking. Jay spoke back, refered to them more than once, gave them candy, and spoke to them during the break.

Two fat ladies upstairs in the back, spoke to Jay during the monologue and the page Aaron told them to shut up. (Actually, he was nice about it).

Amanda (a page) straitened out her hair. It’s cute, I hope your boyfriend thinks so also.

How many ridiculous pairs of pants does Jeff the wardrobe guy have? I’ve counted 2 million. Only he can get away with bright colored checkered pants.


Mel Gibson was well received. He had on a suit and tie. The pants were too short. When he sat down his pants were above his socks. Mel seemed to have on orthopedic shoes. He was a little strange acting. He was chomping on a cookie and jumped up and down a few times during the break. Got to love him.

Bil Dwyer, a first time comic on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". He was good looking. He was well dressed. He was not that funny. I’m sorry, if you are on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" you should bring you’re "A" game. You don’t have time to warm up and build. He had some good material that would go over well at a retirement home. I asked the guy next to me would you pay to see this guy, he said "It depends on how much the ticket cost" and the other person I asked said" Well who else is going to perform with him". He was okay, but not "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" good. Bil has a great agent.

Ludacris, was doing what he do. One of his dancer’s (the one without cellulite) bra was showing because of her hard shaking. It was intertaining.

What was cut from the show was a good buddy of mine named Chairman who was supposed to demonstrate "Gillette Quadra back Hair Shaver’ during the Christmas gifts part of the show. The show replaced him with the O.J. Simpson "If I would have carved the turkey, this is how I would do it" gag gift. Another time, Chairman just stay hairy.

Remember, you don’t necessarily have to be good to make it, just determined… Never give up.

Love ya,


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Green and Black, Jack...

In the NBC Lobby, Mr. beam was bragging about his wonderful wife to her co-worker Robert Ellis on how she won her division at work. Mr. Beam was so proud. He deserves some cookies tonight, wifey.

Phill (A page) has not read my blog yet. I say boo to you, mister.

Attention, every one. Derick J. (a page) is not, I repeat, not a Jew. Let me tell you who is, Larry, Curly and Moe all three stooges. Derick just looks like one of the chosen people. Thank you Margaret (Jay’s Hair Stylist) for forcing him to get a hair cut.

Larry, when you take over Derick’s assignment all will be watching your grooming styles.

The host of the cable show "Pinks" was sitting behind me, how cool. It’s a racing show were whoever wins gets the pink slip of the loser’s car.

Jay made fun of somebody for being a Speech Therapist. Guess what Jay‘s major was in college?

Jay said he likes the show "7th Heaven". That show uses my church to film the church scenes.

I sat next to Larry Anderson and his daughters Nicole and Tori, and his son in law, Tyler, from Idaho. Larry works for United Airlines, and has truly enjoyed the time he spends with his beautiful family, AKA "The Kids".

Vicky was feeling better and sounding strong.


Jack Black was funny, and had fun cooking with Jay, and watching Kevin Eubanks play the Guitar during the breaks. Jack looks like the son of the dark haired guy who holds the cue cards up for Jay. You know the one who looks like he loves the Fonz from"Happy Days".

Chef G. Garvin, who looks like a fat L.L. Cool J with no neck, is entertaining and needs to bring a vegetarian dish, so Kevin can eat. We received the same cookbook he passed out before. I still can’t cook, but I thank you.

Paulina Rubio was the musical guest. She had to start over because something was wrong. This is the third time in a row something went wrong, and the musical guest had to start over. What’s up with that? The president of her fan named Rose, was their with several of Rubio’s die hard fans, mostly feminine Mexican men. Hola’

Please see "Jackson Frost "at The Troubadour Theater, it’s great.

Remember, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen…

Love ya,


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ross is the pits, GloZell…

The almighty Christian (A page) took it upon himself to walk the guest list around the building instead of the usual short cut through the parking lot. I asked him why, he said" Americans need to exercise, so I walked them around the block. Then he scolded me for not obeying. He is off the chain. That was funny, strange but funny.

In the studio, I sat next to some terrific Flight Attendts, from American West. Which will soon be bought by Delta. Frank has history in the company since his wonderful uncle use to work for the same airline. (The name of the company has changed, but Frank refuses to say each name change. (He’s a rebel) Lori has a big rock on her finger, and she loves her children and rides dirt bikes. Brett makes tingly soap. They are from Phoenix, and are having a great time in California. Frank and Brett made Lori go to the" Tonight Show with Jay Leno" instead of getting a manicure and massage in order to relax before her sisters wedding.


Ross the Intern. Everyone loves him, he is so fairy funny. Ross was learning how to be apart of a pit crew for racecars.

Dennis Miller, he was booed at my University of Florida’s Gator Growl 1994. Go Gators! (Largest pep rally in the world) That’s when I decided to be a comedian. I figured I could be bad. And that same rally, Jay Leno sent a message to " Let the Gator Growl". I knew then I would be apart of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". I received my B.F.A. from UF. Dennis was much funnier today.

LaDainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers. He said he wanted to play football so he slept with a football every night. I want to be a "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" correspondent, so what do I sleep with?

I also sat next to Tomlinson’s wife, who had a big diamond about 4 carrots. The clarity wasn’t that good. Ladies always go with your man to pick out your ring. It should be the clarity of A,B,C,D, nothing passed D. Quality people! Mrs. Tomlinson’s wife tripped going down the steps.

KT Tunstall was the musical guest. She has continued two traditions this week. First, something goes wrong and the musical guest has to repeat their song. And second, of course ugly tights.

Remember, Jay by Jay, oh dear Leno this job I pray…

Love ya,


Monday, December 04, 2006

Glowie and Vicky… Girls in Da Hood…

If anyone knows anyone who can put me on the guest list starting in Jan. 07, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, GloZell Green.

Jay Leno parked across the street from my job last Satuday. Jay was buying something from Autobooks-Areobooks, 3524 W. Magnolia. I didn’t run up to him because I didn’t want him to think I am following him. I work at 3505 W. Magnolia at Heavenly beauty Corner Salon and Spa. I was fired from the last spa because I would go to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" everyday. From the window I could see that Jay was very nice, People were gathered around his funny looking car. Jay showed everyone the engine and took some pictures before he drove off.

The sweetest, (so he thinks he can dance page) Derrick is leaving in two weeks. He’s got an awesome job at NBC so he is leaving "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". Christian or Larry will be in the running for his assignment. You will be missed. Can we please see you without your beard just once before you go?

In the studio, I sat next to some crazy cool people. Duncan Black, his beautiful girlfriend Allison, and her parents Jeff and Barbara from Texas. Duncan’s father is named Walter Black and he has a black friend named Walter White. They hang out and love explaining their names. (Martin Luther King would be so proud) Duncan is a successful businessman. he is the owner of Blackgeye New Media Group. For more info goto

Allison’s father Jeff was picked to dance, and he can get down.

Vicky (The female band member) was sick. And since it’s freezing, she decided not to comb her hair and wear a hood. I supported Ms. Vicky by wearing my hood during the musical breaks. Get well soon Vic. Michael, the Long haired Stage manager, please get some Airborne, because he coughed during an interview. Nip it in the bud!

Today there was a female photographer; usually it’s a man.


Cate Blanchett nice and proper. She used the term "bum eating pants". That’s when it looks like your pants are trying to eat your behind. I call it cutting cheese.

Larry the cable Guy: very funny, not proper at all. Cate Blanchett seemed uncomfortable around him, and during the break offered him some mints. I guess his breath stank because he ate them.

Corrine Bailey Rae: A black British soft singer. Right when she just about put us to sleep with her lullaby of a tune, something fell and made a loud noise. This was the second time "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" they made someone do something over since I’ve been going to the show. The first time was when a stocker walked on the set and security had to drag her away.

Corrine Bailey Rae is pretty but she has some bad skin. I suggest C.B.R. you go to Heavenly Beauty Corner in Burbank and get a facial, or get some Proactive or something. It looked like something was trying to free itself from her chin. Just looking out for you girl.

Tonight, Kevin Eubanks did an cameo on the show" Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". Good job Kevin.

Remember; always take care of yourself…

Love ya,


Friday, December 01, 2006

GloZell and black history week…

Oh mighty, and possibly bald, NBC angel please grant me a holiday wish. I would like to be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno guest list until Jay retires. I would settle for until my 100th show.

Congratulations new pages you made it three weeks and the end of the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Black History Week.

Monday: Gywn Mackenzie the eight-year-old Opera singer. (Kevin the black bandleader went to sleep during her performance.)

Tuesday: Snoop Dogg who got arrested 15 minutes after the show.

Wednesday: Fantasia, who won American Idol, even though she was a single mother who couldn’t read. (Her first hit was Baby Mama… She spelled it out.)

Thursday: Morgan Freeman. The man who drove Miss Daisy.

Friday: Sen. Barack Obama. If he becomes the President of the United States, it will be the first black, White House. Obama is mixed, black from the waist down and white from the wallet up.

Fun Fact: The trumpet player is very nice. He has a hot, much younger wife. His wife is in college to be a high school music teacher. She can play the Saxophone. They got married last summer before he got his job at ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". This is his first marriage they have no kids yet. He has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

My boyfriend and I are going to get married on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno".

Today’s White Guest: Maggie Gyllenhall (She is so good in the must see movie, Stranger than Fiction) Maggie wore this dress that looked like it had magnified sliced cucumbers on it. The style was kind of cute but the print. I’m thankful to Jeff who keeps Jay looking good.

Taylor Hicks, is hot. What can I say? My mother already knows I’m bringing home an older white guy. That’s my kind of guy. I love that gray hair. He had so much energy, and was fun to watch.

The tough female security was back.

Zoo (The rock star page) was freezing in the studio today.

Two days in a row an actor from "Days of Our Live" was in the audience watching the show. How cool?

Remember, One Jay I’ll wish upon a star…

Love ya,