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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is Jay bored GloZell?…

Thanks for the VIP yellow ticket yesterday Mr. Beam.

If anyone knows how I can continue to be on the guest list starting Jan. 2007 please, please let me know. (I wont tell.) I lost a job because of the tonight Show with Jay Leno. I would like to at least make it to 100 shows.

Naz walked us over today. It’s so cute how she says darling, or baby to everyone. She is cool. When I first met her, I thought she was lazy but she doesn’t seem so now. Congrats on your first three weeks.

The regular female security guard wasn’t at work today. This was the first time since I’ve been going to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" that she wasn’t there. The new guy did it all wrong. Even though she never smiles or hardly speaks, she looks like she’s very tough. She is a part of the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" experience. She’d better be back looking mean tomorrow.

I sat next to Mary Joe and her teenage son and daughter from who is on a work vacation from Michigan. Mary Joe has a great energy and laughed during the whole show. Mary Joe was at last Tuesdays taping, and didn’t like Cameron Diaz’s dark hair. Mary also told me that she thinks that Jay has checked out. Like maybe, he is bored to death. During the breaks, Jay seems unaware of his surroundings, and when the cameras on, he snaps back.

I have been going to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" since July and I can recite his warm up monologue along with him. I‘ve heard most of the band’s songs. I wonder if Jay is bored, he has been doing this for like twenty years. Sixteen million dollars a year… I would figure out a way to be unbored. The warm up comedian makes a thousand a day; you would think he would have pity on me and give me a T-shirt.


Morgan Freeman, was born in Mississippi I bet his last named came from his people proud to be a free man. I love and resect him. He kind of reminds me of my grand father except for the earrings. He wears one in each ear. He speaks so slowly I wanted to speed up, everything he said. Morgan must read faster than he talks. I guess that’s why he narrates everything. He gave some good advice and was shocked when Jay played Morgan’s first commercial. Two black guys up a pole talking about fresh breath.

Josh Duhamel was hot as H E double hockey sticks. He is dating Fergie from the musical group Black Eye Peas. One time she was so out of it, before a "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" taping. The show almost cancelled their appearance.

Barenaked Ladies is a cool band, and I always enjoy them. I wonder how they got their name? Josh Duhamel wasn’t listening to the band, he was talking to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" announcer, formally known as stuttering John.

Remember, the same people you meet going up the ladder, are the same people you meet going down…

Love ya,


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

GloZell still believes…

Today, I was passing out flyers for the salon and Spa, "Heavenly Beauty Corner" on west Magnolia along with my Russian co-worker Desiree. We arrived at a clock shop and there is this old man with white hair and a white beard who walked in before us. He was quite concerned that he get his old wooden clock fixed. The old guy told the guy behind the counter "Remember me, I’ve been here before". The guy behind the counter said " Oh yes, last year this time". I turned to Desiree and tell her that I think that’s Santa Clause. Desiree said" GloZell be quiet" but I couldn’t, for some reason I kept saying it. We go outside and there is a red station wagon. We both stop and looked at each other. Right then, the old guy walks to the back of the red station wagon. I said, "Sir are you Santa Clause? He turned and said "Why yes I am, just look at my license plate. We looked and it said Santa Clause. We both turn to him and he gave us a hearty Merry Christmas and a Ho Ho Ho. If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have believed it. That started my great day.

Hey, yesterday after Snoop Dogg performed on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" he was arrested for possession of Coke and a smile. But not before taking a sweet picture with two of the coolest hottest male pages Zoo and Charlie Dan. Great going pups.

In the lobby was the largest boobs to grace the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I knew she was going to get picked to win "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" T-shirt. I don’t think she’d be able to fit in it, but, she’ll win one. She was with her brother, who had Autism. (Hot water, burn baby… from one of my favorite movie’s "Rain Man ")

In the studio I sat next to two freezing ladies. They had just got in this morning from out of state and had their jackets and gloves. They are training in California to give tests in schools. I answered their "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" questions and we had a great time.

Andrew, the on stage security guard, AKA "The Hair" was flirting with the big breasted girl, who happen to have a poster of herself in hardly nothing and her purse with her picture on it. Hey big boobie lady, you would have gotten more attention from Jay with a poster of a hot car.

Today was Katie’s (The spunky cool petite Page) last day. She danced and sang during the whole show. Hey Katie, I wish you well on your new W.B. job making 45 thousand to start, plus benefits and bonuses that puts you over the 50 thousand mark a year (Don’t hate - congratulate). Katie believes in herself. If Katie can do it, you can too.

Al Gore was humorous, informative and fat. He has gained so much weight. I looked on the screen and because his jacket covered his bulging gut, he didn’t appear to look as big as he was. He didn’t look that comfortable in the seat and was wearing cowboy boots. Can’t wait to see what he wears to the Oscars. Al Gore had only one little security guard, which stood way on the other side of the studio. Al is still cool to me. I voted for him and he won! Did I mention I’m from Florida, and my vote got pregnant or something so it didn’t count.

Karolin Kurkova from Victoria’s Secret had on a bra covered in real diamonds. Every time she moved most of the guys in the audience moved trying to look up her dress. Jay flirted with her in a funny way, while the cameras was on, but didn’t talk to her during the break too much. Jay likes dark hair women, except Sharon Stone. Karolina has two huge bald security guards. (I know, run on sentences, I have to do this fast because my boyfriend is taking me out)

Fantasia was the musical guest. If I had my eyes closed. I would have thought I was at First African A.M.E. church. She has this " Im getting ready to shout" kind of voice. God bless her when she won American Idol, she couldn’t even read and she has a child. Fantasia believed in herself. That’s no excuse for what she was wearing and Fan you have money now, buy some hair.

Fantasia and Karolina both had on different versions of a brown sack.

One of the corespondents (The job I claim, in the name of Jesus) named Brian Herzlinger just showed up at people’s doors and put them on the Tonight Show. One guy showed Brian a movie he was in named "Kill Jane Doe". The guy was in the audience today with the producer of his movie, Thomas Fahrner, and Jay gave him a awesome shout out on national TV. His producer Thomas asked me how I get on the list everyday and who get to sit on the front row. I told him, if he came to the show with some hot girls with big breast, front row city. If you are interested in knowing more about the movie please go to www.KillJaneDoeTheMovie.Com. That’s produced by Fahrner Entertainment.

Remember, If you can believe it, then you can achieve it.

Love ya,


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Glo double G zil…

In the NBC lobby, Bernadette (a boss of the pages, the one with long thick pretty red hair, with some kind of accent, that she should have lost years ago. but somehow it is as thick as ever) told me that the military show went well. It was funny watching her and Tati (a page) stop traffic and direct a bus full of lost Navy people. Sometimes it takes a woman.

In the lobby I met Candy’s (a page) mother and auntie’s. You know Candy, she doesn’t talk that much, she is always changing her hair, and she is black! Why did you make me go there.

Candy lives with her Aunt Melanie who can throw down in the kitchen. This Thanksgiving, Auntie Melanie made collard greens, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, and an edible but dry fried turkey.

Auntie Judi asked if the seats in the studio were fat people friendly, I told her yes. What was I supposed to say, sorry no seat for you? Mr. Beam sat them on the second row where everyone was comfortable. Go Mr. Beam! They got a picture with Jay, danced in their seats and had a great time.

Risa, Candy’s mother (who looks like her sister) and Auntie Judi flew in from Waukegan Illinois (30 miles from Chicago) to be with her for the holidays and are returning tomorrow. Have a safe trip, I will keep and eye on her, for you. Candy’s family is so proud of her. They strike me as praying women, please pray for me also. All my family is in Florida, it was nice pretending they were my aunts also.

I’m over trying to look somewhat cute. The studio is too cold and it’s freezing outside. I had on three shirts, a sweater; a jacket gloves and still was cold.

Keep up the good work Ricky! (Page who would look like a baby if he shaved off his beard) He loves his assignment; he gets to mingle with the guest back stage.
Felix’s (A groovy page)hair is getting long, I haven’t seen him in a long time.


Lucy Liu was pretty, and talked about breakfast, whoopee do. Lucy wore an all-back dress that had this criss-cross front that made her breast look lopsided.

Bob Saget. Can somebody please tell me how this man continues to get work on TV? Is it me or is this man not funny? If you think he is funny, I bet you think Tom Arnold is also. Hey have you ever change Bob Saget’s last name? Come on every one has done it once.

Snoop Dogg was the bomb di zil my Tonight Show pep iz ils. Mr. Doggy had everyone stand up and party for real zil. (I know I take things to far iz el)

The Tonight Show band is running out of songs. They did a remix of the Jefferson’s theme song. Kevin (the bandleader) please stop smoking the fresh tree zils.

After the show was over one the guys in Snoops posse’ was all hugged up on Lucy and got her digits. Lucy, invite me over for breakfast for sweet and sour hamhocks, or cornbread egg rolls. Once you go black… your dad is going to try to send you back.

Remember, dogs are people too… So, be nice to all god’s creatures…

Love ya,


Monday, November 27, 2006

GloZell and Green Kevin…

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I missed ya!

Ben (a page) threw an awesome Thanksgiving party for the pages and most of them got a little tipsy. Party on pages. Hey Teddy thanks for making great Pennsylvania stuffing.

Kate (the spunky cute page) and Kimber (the hot blonde page) are moving into a sweet two bedroom house in Hollywood Hills… yes, Hollywood Hills! Get this, because they are two young, pretty single ladies; the guy knocked off 650 dollars off their rent.

Someone removed all of the handicap parking signs along the fence at the NBC, how strange.

My boyfriend Richard and I enjoyed the show today. We sat next to a guy who gave me a headache because he smelled like he poured nicotine all over himself. Someone could do a "Truth" commercial on him alone.

A black girl with blonde braids was picked to dance and get a T-shirt. Hey, Tonight Show people if you want to pick a Negro, Colored, Black, Afro- American, African American or whatever we call ourselves this year… pick me! Michael Richards would have.

Vicky (female band member) wore her peach colored top that shows her underarm sweat. She is so talented. Do you know how hard it is to sweat when the temperature is below freezing! Vicky works the hardest.

Cameron Diaz is a brunette now. I’m not sure I like it better, than her (self-proclaimed) natural blonde hair. Poor Justin his curtains don’t match his carpet. (Was that bad?) With her heels, Cameron Diaz is taller than Jay, but the way the camera was angled it looked like Jay was taller… the camera is a lie.

Gwyn Mackenzie is an eight-year-old Opera Singer. I was so surprised when she walked out and was black. Her mother is Black and her father is half White and Asian. This girl has a great soprano voice and received a standing ovation for her accopella solo in German. I hope Michael Richards was watching because Kevin (The bandleader) was not. I guess Opera is not his thing, because Kevin fell asleep during the little girls solo, hugging his guitar. I think Kevin might have been effected by some fresh greenery.

The Weckers song was fine. I guess country music means that you are from a different country because they looked like they could have been from anywhere except Tennessee or Texas. I’m going to come out with a country album. I will call it "Okay, Jay hire may".

I guess it’s time for me to get to know the new pages. None of the seem to stand out like the older one’s. Maybe ,they have been warned or something.

Remember, Success can come too early but never too late…

Love ya,


Thursday, November 23, 2006

GloZell, You can’t handle the cold…

Happy Thanksgiving Day, or as the Indians call it, You’re Welcome Day !

Their was a slight chance of getting into the military show. As I waited and froze outside. This guy named Steve from Dallas told me of his adventures at the Music Award Show he attended the night before. Steve was so funny. He cracked me up talking about his bitter, obese co-worker who recently went bankrupt this year. Steve is very proud of his Ford F2 50 with the Super Crew Cab.(His mother in Florida worries about all the driving he does) He is a wonderful and nice person and makes good money as a computer guy who travels. Unfortunately, his job will be coming to an end next year. Steve might move to California. Ladies he’s single and knows how to enjoy life.

We waited for three hours in the cold, but I had a good time. Go Steve!

Kate (a page) got one of the Marines in trouble by telling him he was a trouble starter. He wanted a different seat. His superior over heard her and took the man in the back and yelled at him. What are we going to do with her…nothing, her last day is next Wednesday, she will be working for WB making 45 thousand a yr. Go Kate!

Mr. Beam and Ms. Burnadet (The people in charge of the pages) had a great time playing, keep the military inside where they can’t smoke.

Well my good readers I’ll be back on Monday. I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents. Ah the plot to wed on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" is on it’s way. Richard’s mother is Bulgarian, and is making her famous cottage cheese casserole… Mmm… I will never complain about the time my cousin made Christmas dinner that was served on Triskets ever again.

I thank God for my life, health, strength, family (including Richard),church, new job, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, all who work for the show, and the wonderful people I meet there everyday.

Remember, Everyday is a day of thanksgiving… So act like it...

Love ya,


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

GloZell’s, Grey Day…

I was running late, and ended up being last in the guest list line, I’m usually first. All of the pages, the security guards all mentioned that I was late. It was nice that everyone noticed. I love the "Tonight Show" and every one who works for the show.

During one of the breaks the announcer, John M. walks over to me and says "You come here all the time".


Ross the intern (who was never an intern at NBC) is fairy funny and I’m looking forward to working with him on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno".

Julia Scardina with Sea World Animals. I have been to Sea World in Florida. In California the animals seemed strange for the sea. Julia had Bears, Lynxes, a Zebra, Camel, Warthog, and Sting Rays. When the sting rays came out the lady behind me said "That’s what killed the Crocodile Hunter". I guess she was saying that for the folks who have been living under a rock the last year. One of the Lynx scratched Jay three times and drew blood.

The stage hand didn’t get to the stage on time to put the guest water on stage. The first guest didn’t have a coffee cup before the first break.

Ellen Pompeo (from Grey’s Anatomy) who was wearing a black pillow case baggy short dress thing, with black tights, black shoes talking about her black fiancé. That is black power. Her mother must have been watching the show because she goes on and on about how her and her fiancé’ were just friends. Jay totally busted her when she bragged about him making her breakfast, after leaving 15 dozen white roses in her room the night before. Jay stated how nice of him to drive back the next morning to make breakfast for her.

Nelly Furtado was beautiful and interesting. I enjoyed her male urban Vogue dancers dancing to her Cameo sounding song.

Remember, it’s better to show up late, than to not show up at all…

Love Ya,


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Denzel and GloZell… Any questions?

My first day at my new place of work. Richard my boyfriend brought me flowers. My last client left at 2:15. I had 15 minutes to get to NBC. I made it just in time to hear Mr. Beam’s announcement before we walked to the studio.

I believe NBC is secretly hanging meat. That is the only reason to have it so ice cold in the studio. Would it kill them to have it above freezing!

I sat next to the coolest couple who has been married for 30 years. Mrs. Claire and Mr. Wayne from Massachusetts. They are in California because their daughter the beautiful Kendra is marrying the handsome Johan, this Saturday in Long Beach California. I wish you well.

J.C. and his son, Dex, were sitting in the VIP section, while his wife Donna and their daughter were in the upper section. This is the third time I’ve seen all of them here. J.C. brought his son down to the stage to get a picture with Jay. While they are waiting for J.C.’s (Hot Blonde) wife, and his daughter Brittney, who looks like Ariel from Disney’s "Little Mermaid", to join them for the picture, J.C. cracked a joke and made everyone laugh. Jay had a great time picking on Dex, and J.C.’s wife and daughter never made it to the stage for the picture. Oh, well, there’s always next time.

When Bob, the warm up comedian, came out, he asked J. C., "What happened to your wife? She didn’t want to sit with you?" The audience laughed again, and Bob took a guy from the front row and replaced him with Dex. So, when Jay came out to do his monologue, Dex ended up on national TV shaking Jay’s hand. What a day.


The first guest was the Academy award winning Denzel Washington. The first guest was the Academy award winning Denzel Washington. He was promoting his new movie "Déjà vu"… Got ya. I lost my voice screaming his name. Danny (a page) came over and said, "You know, he’s only a man." Has Danny bumped his head! De to the zel is not just a man! He is beautiful, including his large white Chiclet like teeth, and a little belly roll.

FUN FACT; I met Denzel at a boxing club, he was passing out Christmas presents to poor children, who had suprisingly well-dressed mothers, sisters and aunts. I don’t think he believed me when I told him my name was GloZell – That I had a Father named Ozell and a sister named DeOnZell. I can understand that.

Denzel talked about remembering the people who inspire you. Jay inspires me. I guess I should go back to the comedy clubs. I can’t be worst than Michael Richards.

Everyone, please forgive Michael Richards, he made us laugh on "Seinfeld" for years.

Catherine O’Hara talked about her new movie "For your Consideration". Jay always says something good about everyone’s movie. I’m not sure if he watches any of them. She had on the oddest combination. A black and yellow dress, with black fishnet stockings…Let’s work on that. She’s not that bad looking, but she was a little washed out. My suggestions are darker lipstick, a little more on the eyes, and never wear that dress again. Catherine talked about how her family all had lice. I bet her kids and husband are a little embarrassed, and no one shows up to their house for Thanksgiving. After the show we got a turkey baster with "For your Consideration" on it. Thanks.

Kid Rock is pointless with Jerry Lee Lewis, and without his wife, Pamela Anderson. Who thinks of these combos?

Mrs. Claire said, "I thought Jerry Lee was dead"? I said, "He might be". He was so old looking, and his hands were just shaking over the piano keys. Then he started to jam, he still has it! He just had to find it.

J.C. is a talented DJ and told me about a senior citizen lesbian party he just worked. I didn’t know what to say about that. I guess even senior lesbians have to party sometime. Hey, maybe in a few more years you can DJ for Ellen. They were kind enough to drive me back to my car, and gave me a T-shirt! What a great family.

Remember, A family that Jay’s together stays together…

Love Ya,


Monday, November 20, 2006

GloZell’s reaching for Moore…

Congratulations to Katie (An incredible page) who got a very high paying job at "The WB", with awesome benefits. You will be missed. Take care don’t spend all that money in one place. Katie’s last day is next Wednesday.

In the NBC lobby I hear that Charlie Dan (The mysterious page) is the ultra winner of Uno amongst all NBC pages.

A guy asked me to find out what time is the 2:00 tour? We get all types at NBC.

Hal Sparks was on the guest list and was chilling in the lobby. I got a picture with him. (You can touch me). I like most TV stars.

Bob the warm up comedian tripped while he was picking at a couple in the audience.
(Okay, I’m reaching; it was a regular day. I have to write something.)

Five blonde Biology teachers sat in the front row, and laughed so hard when Jay said turducken. It’s a chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey.


Demi Moore was flawless. Her skin looks great. She talked about how well her ex, Bruce, and her present husband, Ashton, gets along. Her dress was short, and she kept trying to pull it down. Did she not know it was short when she bought it? (Still reaching.)

Ron Livingston was handsome, that’s about it.

Chris Cornell (The musical guest) has nice blue eyes, and die-hard fans. (Ha, I said die hard…remember Bruce Willis was in…oh, forget it)

Remember, don’t count your turkeys before they hatch… still reaching...

Love Ya,


Friday, November 17, 2006

GloZell's strange day with Jay...

In the NBC lobby, Kate (a page) told me my lips looked good. (New lipstick… yea for me.) I was going to tell her that I could see her blue bra with white flowers through her white shirt, but after her comment, it was to Brokeback for me.

I start work on Tuesday at a spa in Burbank. I am reminded of that old Negro spiritual. "Paid at last paid, paid at last. Thank God almighty I’m paid at last!"

It’s a strange day.

I have a folding chair that a security guard named Toni left for me! To use when I wait outside before going to the studio. Two hot blondes that I recognize from the day when there were several Playboy models in the audience. They looked like a mother daughter team. The mother is prettier. (Why do I sidetrack?) I overhear them say that they hope they get seats in the front like last time because they are blonde and sexy, then they giggled. (It took my all, not to upchuck) To top it all off, the daughter was in my seat. The nerve.

FUN FACT: My boyfriend worked for Playboy for over seven years. He wrote three movies for them and they bought all three. (Don’t tell my mother.)

In the studio, I looked across the room and saw a security guard I have never seen before. I could tell he had the worst toupee ever. Does this guy think he is Andrew? The on stage security guard AKA "The Hair". I think not buster.

The toupee guard comes closer and I realize that it’s not a toupee and it’s a woman. I just have one word… earrings.

Then I see the blondes back in the same seats as before… How nice.

When I sat down, A.J. asks," Do you work here?" I said what makes you think that? He said you look like a person of authority. Then he asked if I was a comedian studying the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in order to understand the comings and goings of a talk show with hopes of having my own? A.J. was like a double nort seven (007). I told him this was the first time someone ever interviewed me here.

Jay comes out and instead of the usual picture taking, the audience asked strange questions? Like Jay, what are you doing for Thanksgiving? He said "Eating turkey". Jay is that really coffee in your coffee cup? Jay said, "No it’s crack". Jay were you invited to TomKat’s wedding? No, I hate to go to weddings. (He is going to have to go to mine because I’m going to get married on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", my boyfriend better read this! He’s got till 2009)

Kate says to me, this audience is asking the strangest questions, and I agreed. (I bet you don’t care, you're probably stuck on the Playboy stuff, huh?)

When Bob the warm up comedian comes out, a lady tells him he smells good. Another lady runs down to the stage, kneels and begs for a "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" gift. I think Bellevue is empty today.


Kate Winslet was very beautiful and has a Jaguar and a horse named after her.

If I say Johnson’s Diner on television, I get something named after me. How does GloZell’s Collard Greens sound? Or GloZell’s Green salad.

Wilmer Valderrama was cute and told how he went from eating dinner every other day to buying his parents a house. The American dream.

The musical guest was Buddy Guy, a blues singer. Kevin (The bandleader) was in awe of him. Before Buddy’s performance Kevin walked across the stage and sat on a stool and watched him play. I keep picturing Kevin, as a child, listening to all of the great musicians, dreaming of the day when he’s considered a great. Kevin hugged Buddy after the show. Buddy’s drummer looked like Ruben Studdard from American Idol.

When everyone was leaving, Bob, the warm up comedian, was talking to the mother, daughter team. (I am so surprised! Hey, Bob, try looking into their eyes, once in awhile.)

I was waiting for the light to change, in order to leave the NBC lot. I was jamming to my gospel music. Cars were blowing at me, I was thinking these people are nuts, I’m not going to run a red light. Cars started to go around me. I’m just singing along. Finally Mr. Beam (the head man over the NBC pages) came over to my car and said, "GloZell the light is broken, you are going to have to run it". I felt so stupid I had been sitting there for seven minutes. Thanks Mr. Beam.

It truly was a strange day.

Remember, People are strange… When you're a stranger...

Love ya,


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

GloZell and Cirque Du Sol-Jay...

In the NBC Lobby was Michelle, her parents and friends. Michelle is a muscular and talented performer for Cirque Du Soleil. She was saying how tired the group was from partying and being up so late. John, the one who balances on one hand on the car has an hangover. Michelle’s are very close with her parents and has a little girl. Michelle’s mother thinks she is hot stuff. Her mother has had plastic surgery done to her face and chest. (Asian people don’t have large breasts, and she is a grandmother) her mother looked a little artificial with the clef chin and her lips bigger than mine, but she still looked good. Hey fight getting old all of the way.

My attention quickly turned to two ladies who could easy be actresses, or models, Brenda and Irina. I wasn’t surprised when Brenda kept saying how hungry she was, all models are hungry. She just stared at the vending machine, Irina was trying to read what was in the machine - but couldn’t read it, so I told her "It says rich and creamy cookies."

They had a British accent. It was light and pretty, so I knew they grew up around educated people. (I’ve performed in London England and froze my nickers off) Finally the hungry one Brenda found some money and bought chips for her, and a yogurt granola bar for Irina. Irina stated it’s strange how Americans eat their crisps. They were not only very beautiful and nice but geniuses. Brenda and Irina will be doctors in six weeks. They are finishing their residency program up at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

I also met Alexander Lee Rentovich - a car nut. He has eternal VIP tickets to "The Tonight Show" as long as Jay is hosting. In 1993 Mrs. Pauline Rentovich (Alex’s mother) sent for ticket to show two months before they were to go. Mr. and Mrs. Rentovich and their son arrived very early to get front row seats. They told all of their friends to watch because they were going to shake Jay’s hand and be on television.

They were not in the front row, and Mrs. Pauline was mad. So, when Jay came out she asked why? Jay told her that the front row people sent for tickets in advance. Mrs. Pauline politely pulled out her letter stating that she applied for tickets two months ago. She hit Jay with the envelope. Jay felt badly went to the Greenroom gave them a tray with all kinds of snacks and drinks, so they can enjoy the rest of the show. That’s a big deal because no one is allowed to eat in the studio.

This was the first year Alexander came by himself. His parents are too old to travel. He told me it feels strange being here without my folks; it’s like missing my right and left arm. What a story, and what a great memory to have.

In the studio, I sat next to the no longer hungry, Brenda and Irina. They didn’t seem to care who was on the program. I told them it’s going to be fun, just wait. I helped them get a picture with Jay and they laughed during the whole show. I felt great about that.

Two blonde sports models with the worst hair extensions I have ever seen in my life, took a picture with Jay. Jay had on my favorite tie, orange and blue. (Go Gators!)

Jamie Lee Pressly announced that she was four months pregnant. (She was showing pretty good, that’s going to be a big baby boy)

Bear Grylls the "Adventurer" was so good looking until he showed how to survive the jungle by drinking the liquid from elephant droppings.

Cirque Du Soleil did a piece from their show "The Beatles, Love". The white guys were dressed like they were in the 70’s and the black guys were dressed like they belong in one of Mark Twain’s books. They didn’t even have a shirt! Who dressed that show Buckwheat? Oh, tay Jay! Black people had clothes in the 70’s

Remember, love is all you need...

Love ya,


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

IL GloZell and the Boys…

In the lobby of NBC, I met Mandy, Martha, Marlene and Kathleen from Rothwalk, Riverside area of California. They were going to see "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". Their beautiful mother recently passed away. When Mandy comes home from work Ellen is on, and makes her feel better. Mandy enjoys the close relationship Ellen has with her mother. One day she decided to put on shorts and a tank top without undergarments, and dance with Ellen when she came on. Mandy’s heart started pounding too fast and she felt like she was having a heart attack. Mandy called 911 and her house was filled with Firemen and the Police. She went to the hospital and they asked her "What was she doing before she fell ill?" she told them, I was dancing with Ellen. Martha got Ellen tickets for her family. Mandy and her family said they want to go to the Tonight show with me, one day soon.

There’s a guy applying to work for NBC who looks like a child molester. He had that glass eyed look, and probably had a Barbie in his bag.

Then I met Bo Rothschild a Taiko Drummer, whose brother is hair stylist to the stars, on sunset at the Alex Roldan Salon. Bo’s son plays guitar for Sarah Mclachlan, and her other son raps. She was accompanying her neighbor Lalli Locke, a Diplomatic Interpreter from Kenya, who speaks seven languages and has poor eyesight.

They have had the worst of fortune. Lalli was driving and got stuck, because it started to rain and she couldn’t see. Their flight was delayed, and the hotel was booked for the wrong day. So, they were in the NBC lobby with luggage. Bo told me of her many homes and success. Lalli Lock was thankful that I was willing to lock their bags in my car until after the Tonight Show. She also wanted to know if her hair was too poofy. Right when I was headed out to my car with one of the bags, Mr. Beam said that NBC security would look after it. Thank you Mr. Beam! I even called my boyfriend and asked him if they could stay at his place. He said "GloZell I don’t care to have strangers in my home, when I’m not going to be there"… I can get carried away.

An international clogger got a chance to dance and get a "Tonight Show T-shirt" (Of course, she was blonde)

During one of the breaks, Ms. Vicky was playing the gourd, and asked one of the audience members to play it, and the lady fell. Vicky felt badly. (The lady was okay, and I laughed.)

The guest were Rachel Weisz, who was nice. Nick Cannon was cute (I use to see him all the time at the comedy clubs doing stand up, he was good.)

IL Divo, was IL deliciouso, they were good looking and sounded amazing. They were hot - even the one with the Superman curl. And if you listen closely tonight, it sounds like they’re singing "GloZell… GloZell…"

"Does this impress Ed Asner" was interesting, a lady folded herself into a dishwasher. She impressed him.

Remember; Mother was right, always wear clean underwear…

Love ya,


Monday, November 13, 2006

GloZell and the Rolling Stone…

Thanks Mr. Beam, and staff for putting my name on the list this week.

It’s my three-month anniversary, my boyfriend and I am going to eat Italian tonight. Jay Leno is Italian.

In the lobby was this woman with more eye make-up than Tammy Faye, and bright orange poofy hair. It looked like cotton candy. Her eyebrows were dyed orange, and she had orange lipstick on. This lady (If she was really a lady) was dressed all in black and was very pale. Her black jeans were so tight she had plumber’s crack going on. To make things worse, she was wearing clear plastic high heels. Her head rocked like Katharine Hepburn to the point you can hear her earrings jingle. She was a slap mess. I should be able to do Tonight Show make over’s. She looked like Texas Mafia.

Welcome new NBC pages. The pages are more diverse looking this time. Their is a very tall guy named Andre, an Indian or Mexican looking girl with thick eyebrows named Frida, and a good-looking Asian guy named Lee. It’s hard to find a good-looking Asian guy. Good-looking Asian women are easy to find, just ask my ex.

Sharon Stone still got it going on. Sharon has a hot body and was working some beautiful pink open toe heels with diamonds around the ankle. Jay was flirting with her the whole time.

Patricia Arquette is funny and cute. I guess she doesn’t mind the way her teeth look. I know she has made enough money to get them fixed. That’s right girl, don’t give in to Hollywood standards! Patricia talked about how her husband purposed to her. They were watching a silent movie and the waiter in the movie was her man. He held up cards that said" Patricia, will you marry me?

My boyfriend Richard and I can get married on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Our Pastor, Bob Bock and Jay Leno can marry us. Raven Simone’ can be my Matron of Honor, and my Opera singing sister DeOnzell and Dolly Parton can sing!

FUN FACT; Pastor Bob married one of our church members Bill Hayes, to his wife on the set of " Day’s of Our Lives" over 20yrs ago, and they are still married. They played husband and wife on the show and were married in real life. (Bill also wrote the song, Daniel Boone.)

Years later we can have children named JayZell and LenoZell… I’m a genius!

Vince Gill was the musical guest. He had just as many people in his band as in the audience. Okay, he had 14 people besides him playing along. At least 8 were unnecessary. They sounded good!

Ms. Vicky, Kevin, and Smitty (band members) took time to say hi to some old senile audience members. One of them decided during Jay monologue to get up and shake Kevin’s hand. Jay had to stop and ask "What was going on"?

After the show, one guy kissed Ms. Vicky on the head, (That’s when she left) and another one was passing out cards to get soup on Friday. He gave me a card and told me that Mary Hart loves his soup, and that Friday is Clam Chowder day. Where else can a sister have this much fun everyday! Wait! It gets better.

To top it off, Ms. I want to be Tammy Faye Lucy fell down on her arse. (Sound it out) Right in front of me. She was rolling trying to get up. (God wants me to talk about these things) I asked her if she need any help - she sharply said "No" I told Dan (a page who flirts with hot girls and has an nice foreign car) that she fell, and I stepped over her. It’s a good thing I’m tall, it took a big step because her hair was very high.

Remember, to follow your basic instincts…

Love Ya,


Friday, November 10, 2006

GloZell and her Playboy Connection…

In the lobby, I ran into J.C. and his beautiful family. I met J.C. months ago, at "The Tonight Show". J.C. has a radio show in New York and loves fast cars, especially Corvettes. His wife Donna remembered me from the last time and said she liked my hair. (I told her it was a weave) J.C., Donna and the two children Dex and Brittney had a great time at the Tonight Show. I hope to see them again.

I must look like someone who works at NBC because this guy walks up to me and asked, "Where do I place a complaint"? This guy was ticked off. He had been waiting for two hours to get his show tickets, with his wife and two kids. You have to be 16 yrs. old to go to The Tonight Show. He didn’t have I.D. for the two boys. Mr. Beam informed him that you must have I.D. for the kids. The guy told me in New Jersey 16 year olds don’t need I.D., so they didn’t have any. I told the guy rules are rules and there is a suggestion box in the lobby.He said that the complaint was how Mr. Beam seemed to enjoy telling him to go away. (Mr. Beam has a lot to do.) He pouted around for a few minutes and then they left.

Great day for Andrew AKA "The Hair" the on stage security guard, their were a lot of hot girls in the audience for him to flirt with today. He can’t help it, he’s Irish

One of the blondes who got a chance to take a picture with Jay and dance to get a T-shirt is a Playboy centerfold. Her issue will be out in February, with a lot of air brushing. She and her friends were in town for a party at the Playboy mansion.

FUN FACT: I GloZell Green have taught Kendra, one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends and one of the stars of the show "Girls Next Door", filmed at the Playboy Mansion.

I sat next to Shannon, a beautiful, natural redhead and her fine bald boyfriend Brian. Brian is the brother to John K. one of the best assistant writers on "The Tonight Show’. Shannon was nice, she stated that it was very smart of me to write everyday and that she admires people like me. Brian you better marry her.

Jay asked us all to stand to acknowledge the Purple Heart military men who were in the audience. Happy Veteran’s Day!

I got great seats today again, I’m spoiled.

Emmitt Smith danced; his wife was in the audience. His wife is so beautiful, she is a light skinned black woman with green eyes, and I would be surprised if she is over 110 pounds. Mrs. Smith use to be Mrs. Martin Lawrence. You know the guy from the movie Big Mamma’s House. She travels in the right circles. She gets her weave done at E.Charles, and it looks real. She is a very nice person.

Somebody please teach Lindsay Lohan how to sit in a short dress. I think she wanted us to see her secrets. Her voice was so raspy; she needs to stop smoking. Her dressed looked awful on her. She was going for Marilyn Monroe look, but it was a Merry Mess.

Army of Anyone was the musical guest, they were loud.

Bob, the warm up comedian, told the group from Playboy to wait for him after the show. I bet he’s making sure he’s on the list for the party tonight.

Remember, Be a lady in the streets…

Love ya,


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Glo Speed Racer Glo…

Today I got a yellow ticket. I felt that maybe Mr. Beam made a mistake. The little yellow ticket means you get to go straight into the studio and sit in VIP section. The pages usually look out for me, and seat me in the VIP section when there is room. Today was different I got a yellow ticket. That means I didn’t have to make sure I was at the front of the line. I was a VIP, thanks Mr. Beam!

I sat next to Lance S. He creates, constructs, and restores historical vintage sport cars. He has driven a car up to 200 miles per hour. How cool is that? He was with five other car guys. They were in town to go to the Peterson Automotive Museum. The Museum was honoring a famous race car driver. They got the Tonight Show tickets from Peter. They ended up having lunch at the same café Martha Stewart was at, before the show.

Peter and Jay go way back. One day when Jay was doing stand up in Albany New York, there wasn’t that many people in the club that night, so Jay asked every one to come up front. Peter didn’t, and Jay started to heckle him. Jay asked Peter what does he do for a living. Peter said I’m a graphic designer for Shelby Automotive Club. The rest is history.

Lance quit his job two years ago to follow his dream of racing vintage sports cars. I told him I wish I could get paid to come to the "Tonight Show", meet and write about people’s lives. Lance said this is America, if you want to do something find a way.

During the show someone’s cell phone rang, the guy was handicapped and couldn’t get to the phone, so quick Kate (a page) was on the job, grabbed the phone and took it out of the studio.

Steve, one of the guys who was with Lance and Peter, was chosen to dance and win a Tonight Show T-shirt. They played "Beat it" which was interesting, I have never heard them play Michael Jackson before. Steve was a hit. For a straight laced white guy who is into cars, he can dance.

Borat was the wildest guest ever on the show. The women were going wild, and he received two standing ovations. He was rude and degrading to women, Jews, gays, and animals. The audience loved him. Kevin and Vicky (band members) didn’t.

It was pointless for Martha Stewart to be on the show today. She tried to teach Borat to make a bed.

Damien Rice was the musical guest. His music was simple.

After the show, Michael DeLorenzo, the hot guy from that old show, "New York Undercover" was there. The one who was on the show "Fame" and was one of the gang members in the video "Beat It" by Michael Jackson. I met him at a party… he’s a freak. I wonder what the connection to him and "The Tonight Show" is? He looked good. He has lost some weight and found a gym. Time changes things, if this were 1990 all the ladies would have been fighting to get to him. 2006 ladies are fighting for Borat.

Remember, You can't get lost, if you're driving on the right road...

Love ya,


Glowie,Taxi, Katie, Kristy and Vicki…

For November 8th, 2006 – the server was down so I couldn’t post on time.

Happy birthday to my sister DeOnzell LaFran Green!

Candy (a page) has a new cute hairstyle.

The Show was one of the funniest ever. The tribute to the Fruitcake Lady was one of the funniest things ever.

Katie is back from celebrating her birthday in Florida, where she got reacquainted with her old boyfriend. Good old Katie, always looking hot. Today she was wearing a red sweater with black pants and heeled boots. It’s official Katie has been mentioned in my blog more than anyone. I have to start giving out awards.

Also, in the lobby is a girl who could learn a lot from Katie. She was wearing low rider jeans, with no behind. We all were forced to see the remnants of what appears to be drawers, every time she got up. Katie help her.

I met Mary C. from the company Proctor and Gamble, the group was doing a team building activity and decided to come to the Tonight Show. That’s better than those stupid name games I had to play at work. One lady in the group was from South America, and freaked when she saw the Cheetoes in the machine. She said they don’t sell them in her country. She also asked me where a Krispy Kream was, I told her and she was so happy. I will never look at Cheetoes the same. God Bless America - Land of the best junk food!

In the studio, thanks to Charlie Dan and Tati, I got very good seats today. I sat next to two very nice men. One was Ed Antonio from New York, who is a successful conductor and pianist. He has been happily married to an amazing woman for 10yrs. Ed said he enjoys New York. He gets more for his money as far as homes go.

The other young man was Casey Greer, who has been married to his beautiful wife for a year. Casey is a Music Supervisor and works with Ed Antonio on several of his compositions. They were both in town for the Taxi convention. Taxi is a large organization that deals with all aspects of music for film and television.

I’m blessed everyday to sit next to such great people.

Katie introduced me to her mother. Katie’s mother is beautiful and you can tell where Katie gets her gusto. Kristy (Katie’s mother) was determined to get a picture with Jay, so she just walked on stage. I like her style, if you want something go for it!
Jay was so wonderful, he had Katie come on stage and take the picture with them.

Police Officer C. came over to me and asked if I have ever danced to get a Tonight show T-shirt. I told him I have been to over 60 shows and not once have I been picked for a T-shirt. Officer C. told me next time he was here, he was going to choose me to go on stage and get a T-shirt. Finally someone to come to my aid.

One of the guests was Ellen DeGeneres, who was funny as always. (Fun Fact, I was on the Ellen show, 1st season on her12th day of Christmas show)

Fred Willard has been a guest on the tonight Show 80 times and they gave him a trophy that looked like Jay Leno. I want a trophy on my 80th show. Fred looked like an old school Pimp in his all purple suit with matching thick purple socks.

Tony Bennett sang a song he sang in 1962, on The Tonight Show, 10 years before I was born. What a great thing it is to come to the show and see all the greats.

Ms. Vicky (band member) let me play with her musical gourd during one of the breaks. I was so surprised! For some reason, I always thought maybe she didn’t like me. I’ve seen her mouth "…that girls keeps coming back everyday."

Vicky took a picture with Tony Bennett after the show; it’s nice to see celebrities become fans. (Plus, the man is 80yrs. old. She probably figured this might be her last time to get one)

One day Jay is going to have me travel to visit the people I have met at the Tonight Show in their hometown. That will be great.

My last blog may be on Dec. 29th, due to the fact the person who puts me on the guest list everyday is leaving NBC. Can anybody help a sister get connected on the list?

Remember; for every obstacle - there is a solution…

Love Ya,


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

GloZell and Delicious Love...

In the ice-cold studio of The Tonight Show, I sat next to a great couple. They are visiting from Rochester, Michigan (Near Detroit) and are going to see The Reagan Museum tomorrow. They want to see Air Force one. John and Jill Putnam (how cute). Jill is a head honcho at Buick and her company built one of Jay’s "One of a kind sports cars". John works for GM (I don’t think that’s the same company, I don’t know a thing about cars.)

They have been married for six happy years. (That’s three years better than me, you go J&J.) John grew up in Mississippi, and we chatted about getting in trouble in the south. How our grandmas would ask us to go and get a switch off the tree, and if you got a small one, she would pull down the tree and beat you with that. We came to the conclusion that we have the same Grandma.

John did well for himself. His wife is pretty, successful and had a large diamond on. Jill had a very pretty wedding set on. (The nail on her right thumb was chipped. Girlfriend, if you’re going to wear that kind of ice, on your hand, you got to get that fixed.)

Jill has a great personality. She told me I could call her, Delicious (Jill is going to kill me for telling you that.) John said, that would make him Flavor Flave… I meet all types at the show.

John loves television, and he named their Golden Retriever, Frasier Crane Putnam. I love that. But I don’t think I could name my dog Jay Leno.

I told them which girls the crew was going to pick out to dance, in order to get a Tonight Show T-shirt. (I have been to over 60 shows and have never been picked to get a T-shirt.) They pick young, bouncy blondes, one old guy and lady - and one random person. It’s still funny watching them dance. I refuse to buy a T-shirt, when the Anderson, Hilton, Smiths, hop their happy behinds on the stage and get one for free. GloZell shall over come! Why not? I am a Negro spiritual… I have a dream that I will be in the front of the T-shirt line. (I know you security guards read this…)

Jill leaned over to me, and said, "You’re right, they picked every girl you said".

Next to us was an old guy with a hot young blonde, and of course just like I said, she was picked. Her sugar daddy was so proud.

The audience was small but lively, not all of the seat was filled.

Courtney Love was very entertaining. You could tell she has been on some strong drugs for a long time. Courtney Love swears she is off of them now. When you hear her story of how she was a prostitute in Japan and the age of 13, and how she just doesn’t want to deal with the pain of her past, I realized she’s not crazy… Well, I understand how she came to be that way, I will look at her like the human she is, and how good she has done for herself though it all. We all have a cross to bear.

Brad Garrett, the 6ft.8 1/2 actor from the show" Everybody loves Raymond", was so funny. I didn’t know that he was a comedian. He kept everyone laughing including the cameramen. Brad included Courtney in his conversation and he was a hit. His new show "Till Death" might not make it, but he will. Did you know, Brad is Jewish and not Italian? Yes ladies and gentlemen, Jewish people can be that tall.

The band OK GO was energetic and a very talented band, and I love their video.

The Putnam’s told me if I was ever in their neck of the woods, doing comedy, or something, to let them know.

I think Jay should send me to visit with the people I have met at his show in their hometown.

On my way out, I ran into the person who gets me on the guest list everyday. I was informed that her job would be over Dec. 29th. (NBC is laying off 700 people)
And sadly, my rein as Jay’s number one fan will be over. I have enjoyed my moment in time.

Remember, Love that is not madness is not love…

Love ya,


Saturday, November 04, 2006

GloZell’s Oscar Speech (Special Saturday Edition)…

I would like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My mother, Gloria R. Green, who is always happy to hear my voice, worries all the time for me, who supports my zany ideals and gives me money.(Many people say they wish you well, but when people give you money, they really believe in you and I thank God everyday for her).

My father the Late Dr. Ozell Green who use to drive me to so many auditions. Who got a chance to see me do what I want to do. (Make people laugh through clean comedy). Who provided me with stories that will out last time. Who was a great provider, and proud man. Who never acted like, or believed he was handicapped in any way. Who caused me to be the strong, stubborn person I am.

My sister DeOnzell Green, who sings like an angel. Even though we were never really close growing up, she is, and will always be my only sister. I do believe she understands and tolerates me more, now that she has grown up. (I might not ever grow up) I have never told her that I love her, and she has never told me, but I do, but we seem to have an understanding.

My boyfriend Richard, who never said it was stupid to go to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, everyday. Listens to me talk about the show, everyday. He helps me with my blog, everyday. He thinks I’m beautiful. Thank you Richard. You share everything with me including your friends. You are a gift from God.

Al Lewis, who helped me get my first teaching job in California and other jobs.

Luis Oliart, who plays the guitar like no other and graciously allows me to play with him.

Diane O’Brian, who proves everyday you can be kind to people, and raise great children in California... When I had nowhere to go for the holidays, you always included me with your wonderful family. The food was always great.

D. Jenkins, who put me on the list everyday to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Mrs. Sherri Izzard, who is musical inspiration. I learn so much just being around her.

The Advent Theatre, for casting me in my first play here in California which allowed me to meet Richard. (Though I didn't think he was that nice at the time... He got better.)

My whole Church family at First Christian Church of North Hollywood, for helping me develop my talents.

Mr. Jay Leno, for proving you can be a great, and decent person, and still make it to the top. And for not having me kicked out of the studio, after sixty shows...

Oprah, for being a strong woman who gives back.

Mr. Beam, and all the nice pages at NBC, and Andrew, AKA "The hair" the on stage security guard at The Tonight Show for their kindness.

All the wonderful people in the audience, who I have met at the show, and who have shared their stories, prayed for me, read my blog and left comments.

David Kaufman, who featured me on his hit song "COMMA".

Nancy Lynxwiler, (I know I spelled it wrong… sorry,) for keeping in touch and listening to all my wild stories in L.A.

My Mother Dear, Jessie Green (My father’s mother) who keeps looking for me on T.V. - Such pressure, but she believes I will be on it one day.)

My Auntie Mary Elliot, who when ever we need her, she is always there. (She makes a great mexican meat pie)

Ms. J. Saunders, who always knows where there’s a good sale, and was my fathers friend. He would always talk about your good cooking at Jones High School. Also, your daughter who keeps everyone in the loop, and always provides great tickets to all the society events.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter, who through music, fried fish, the best hush puppies, and all the fixins. Always makes me feel great. You are my friends and family. Thank you all for being good company for my mom, while my journey keeps me in L.A.

Ms. Naomi Bell, one of the friendly faces at the Mount Olive AME. So many things have changed; it’s nice to know you haven’t. I feel the same for Mr. C. Ryam the other Green’s Mary Smith, and Hazel Williams.

Ms. Bangs, who every year types out my speech, so the children ot Tangelo Park Elementary School can learn it.

All my family: The Robinsons, Hall’s, Green’s, Lester’s, Lewis’s, and Floyd’s.

The University of Florida (go Gators!) Luther High , and Trinity Lutheren Elemetary School.

Delta Sigma Theata Sorority.


Dolly Parton

The cast of the Soap opera, Passions and Days of Our Lives.

Mount Olive AME. Church Orlando Fla.
St. Mark AME, Orlando Fla.
Mt. Avery Missionary Baptist Church, Orlando Fla.
First Christian Church of North Hollywood
Anyone who has read all of this.

I do realize that the music will start way before I finish my speech. Everyone should have an Oscar speech just in case.

Remember, you can create you own Oscar moments.

Love ya,


Friday, November 03, 2006

GloZell Is Mad At Jay, But Shirley Is Not…

In the NBC lobby a bag of chips are stuck in the vending machine.

Charlie Dan with his need for Ho Ho’s hopes that his ho’s will knock the chips down and he will be up by one. But the Ho Ho’s fell, and the chips are stayed stuck… Sorry Charlie.

In the line, I tell, the page, Irish Beck, congratulations on her successful interview, dealing with her music.

A young lady bought Cheetoes, that knocked the chips, and she got two. I told her congratulations.

My friend Shirley from my church (First Christian Church of North Hollywood) is here. ready to have fun at "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno".

Tim Allen also goes to our church.

Jay forgot my picture! I asked him on Wednesday if I could take a picture because I knew Shirley was coming. He said yes, and then he forgot!

I was so mad. I should have asked Andrew, the on stage security guard, AKA "The Hair" to remind Jay about my picture.

Jay and the staff are so nice. Who do I think I am to be mad at him? I guess for a moment I thought was special, I got a dose of reality today.

I could be wasting my time by coming to show everyday, but wouldn’t it be cool if something great happened for me by coming to see such a great person as Jay everyday. That’s the problem with a dreamer you have to know when to wake up.

I also sat next to Minister Chuck Henson, one of the ministers from First Baptist church of Farmington, Missouri. Minister Chuck told the congregation to watch the show tonight, because they might be able to see him and his wife in the audience. They wore bright red, the color of their favorite baseball team.

Minister Chuck quickly became embarrassed, when Jay ended up making so many jokes about that Baptist minister from Colorado Springs. That Minister had to resign from the largest evangelical ministry foundation, because he allegedly payed a male prostitute for favors, over the course of a few years. Minister Chuck kept saying, " I told the entire church to watch… Of all the days to come to the Tonight Show".

I started to feel better. I only messed up with one person from my church He had his whole congregation watching. Still, Shirley and I had a great time. She is so much fun. We danced during every break. Shirley works for Universal and will be leaving to work for theWB. She feared that her job is one of the 700 layoffs that will be happening this year at NBC/Universal, so she found another one. She is going to try to come back to the Tonight Show one more time before she changes over. The next time we will get a picture with Jay. Ether way I know we will have a good time.

The guests were Russell Crowe with his hot Aussie accent, Rachael Ray, who didn’t give the audience a cookbook, and cute musical guest, Kellie Pickler, who had on the sexiest blue dress and red high heels .

Remember, you can’t stay mad at someone who was going to do you a favor. Their heart is in the right place… Though their memory isn’t always…

Love ya,


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oh Lord, GloZell, is Jay going to stay?...

In the NBC lobby, Ben (a page) is rocking the vending machine because his M&M’s are stuck. Ben asks for help but no one moves. Then he bumps it again and down comes his peanut M&M’s and he says "sweet victory!" The lobby cheered.

When Mr. Beam (The MAN of the pages) was making his announcement for everyone to line up, I got a dime from under the machine. (It might be Ben’s)

Danny walked us over today. I found him friendlier than I thought he was. I use to think he was a snob. Danny was very cool today.

Thanks to Lil Kimber, (a page) who gave me great seats today!

It seems like Ricky is doing well on his assignment; I hope he gets a great job after his year is up as a page.

I wonder what Jay is going to do when his contract is up? I’ve been hearing so many things. The latest is that Conan is going to take over the Tonight Show and if NBC breaks the contract, they will have to give him 40 million dollars. That’s crazy! NBC doesn’t have that kind of money to break contracts. Jay only makes 15 million a year.

A little birdie told me that Jay loves what he does and plans on going to another net work, when his time is up. Am I dedicated to the Jay Leno or NBC? Why we all just can’t get along? It would be funny if Jay stays in California, and I follow him wherever he goes. Ok, that’s a little much. I might retire from the Tonight Show after my 100th show or when Jay retires. I don’t know. If nothing comes from what I’m doing, then I’ve wasted my time. If something comes from it, like a job, then it was worth it and the people who think I’m crazy will think I’m a genius. Only time will tell.

In the studio, I ended up sitting next to ministers from Texas. Praise the Lord! They were cool. They were from Wylie’s First Baptist Church in Wylie, Texas. They minister to students. Minister Derek Draper is a big Tonight Show fan, and was asking me questions during the beaks. It was fun putting all my Tonight Show knowledge to the test. I told the truth…WY lie…ha ha ha.

On my other side, were Tony’s father, (Tony, the security guard) and his friend Tom. Tom asked questions about what I was writing, and how do I get in everyday. You know the usual. Tony’s father was pretty quiet, until Bob the comedian came out. T’s father said hey that’s my friend. I was shocked, I said are you taking about Bob? He said yes and that Bob is a very nice fellow. That’s the first time I’ve heard that. It was good to hear something good about Bob. Let’s give Bob another chance to be a nice guy.

On the show, Penelope Cruz was cute but I thought her dress was too tight. (None of the men seemed to notice) I also noticed that her right shoulder was lower than her left. Being a Master Massage Therapist, I know I can fix her.

John Stamos was cute.

Weird Al Yankovic was great! He sung his hit " White and Nerdy". I sang along with him. (Yes I know the words, my boyfriend has the album… and yes, my boyfriend is both white, and nerdy)

Remember, the truth shall set you free! Wy.. lie. (I know, I should have stopped after the first time. I’m just too black and ghetto.)

Love ya,


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

GloZell Wonders If Their Is Hope For Bob?…

In the NBC lobby Irish Beck (A page) was getting ready for her musical adventure that is to take place tomorrow at 11:oo am, I wish you well.

Naomi (another page) introduced me to her mother, Aunt and friends. It was good to see Naomi having a good time. She has had a hard time lately, so it was great seeing her with a big smile. Naomi is one of the sweetest people one could ever meet.

Her mother and Aunt are from Las Vegas, by way of Iran. They looked like twins. They even dressed alike.

Naomi’s family got a chance to take a picture with Jay, and were so happy. Naomi’s aunt thinks Jay Leno is hot… She has great taste in men.

I was sitting on the back row with Naomi’s friends. The guy works at Bubba Gump shrimp restaurant at Santa Monica Beach. If you ever go there just ask for medium Andy (They have three). I was thinking to myself, I have never sat in the back before, but that’s ok. I have had so many great seats in the past. Thank you, NBC angel because all of a sudden Irish Beck moved us to better seats.

I got a chance to ask Jay if I could take a picture with him on Friday? He said, yes. Everyone around me was confused, until Jay announced that I come to the shows everyday. (It’s so nice he notices.)

That’s when Sherri asked me if I came to the Tonight Show everyday? I said yes, and told them about my blog. (I really have to get cards) Sherri is visiting from Louisiana, to see her daughter, Chelsea. She had just moved here to Los Angeles pursue business, and acting at LMU.

Chelsea is a big fan of the musical guest, Regina Spektor. Regina was interesting, unique and reminded me of Alanis Morissete, during her "Jagged Little Pill" days.

Bob, the mean comedian, who makes one thousand dollars a day and only has to "work" fifteen minutes a day, was off the hook, mean, today.

Somehow, a young overweight boy was picked to dance for a T-shirt, Bob told him to get off the stage and go sit back down, we don’t need you. The audience booed Bob, and he let the young guy dance. Also, a lady with a large nose was picked to dance. She had already been through the huddle, had been approved by one of the security guards, was already on the stage, and Bob wouldn’t use her... He even told a security guard to get her off the stage. How mean can you be? She didn’t know why she didn’t get a chance to dance. I was so embarrassed for her. Bob needs Jesus! I’m going to pray for his deliverance. The only reason he has the job is because Jay and Bob went to college together and Jay is too nice of a guy to fire him.

Remember, God don’t like ugly and neither does Bob... But God would still give them a Tonight Show T-shirt… I should get Bob a mirror for Christmas.

Love ya,