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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Everybody was Glo Fu fighting…

I hope that Joanna a NBC Page will be nice today!

6AM my sister calls.

DeOnzell === singing "Happy Birthday to you"
GloZell === It was yesterday, but thanks.
DeOnzell== ah…ah…well I’m still in Minisota.
GloZell==(is their a time lapse there?) okay cool.
DeOnzell== Goodbye.
GloZell== Goodbye.

Jay Leno's picture is up at Bob's Big Boy!

In the 8:AM line I saw Lawrence (he was on my blog last week,) He was back with Shaolin Kung Fu Monks from China.

So we stretched!

Before the Showdown!

Chris and his father Nick are from Montreal Canada…(I don’t know why Nick was eating a packet of mixed fruit jelly? No bread just the jelly)

In line was Nicole (still visiting from Taiwan) she was with friends Deborah Brancic, and Allyson Floyd. They enjoy reading Manga samples of Shonen Jump from Comic Con. (My boyfriend loves Comic Con)

In line, I met a true hero! Miss Tawana Grey who was with her wonderful neighbor Ms. Brown. Tawana is a Katrina survivor. When she closed her eyes and told her story. I felt like I was there. "The water kept coming, I did my best and prayed and prayed. My son Oneal was on the roof with Ms. Ruth (98 yr. old, paralyzed on the left side) and Uncle Westley (who had to be unhooked from machines to help him live) When I got on the roof, I was told that Oneal went back inside to help me find my daughter Latisha!".

" We was on that roof for seven days, people kept passing with boats already full. We finally had to swim. I got bit by a snake, but I couldn’t tend to myself. I had others to think about". I did my best! I was angry and mad that we stayed on that roof with no help! Only a loaf a bread that one of the people on the boats threw up onto the roof with some water bottles". People who were dead were put in the only dry place, the attic.

Tawana has the best personality and outlook on life. Tawana has a degree in accounting and office systems. Tawana can sew and make anything you want! (TawanaG@ 310-762-2214) She now works at Universal Studios Hollywood at Guest Relations, for 7 dollars and 95 cents an hour. She helps people even though the government didn’t help her.

Danielle, Abby, Erin, and Jessie from St Louis Missouri enjoyed the show.

Dorothy Kucik invented the Caddy one her walking cane so she could carry her beer! She was in line with her granddaughter Zoƫ. Dorothy has been on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno "Pitch to America". She sent Jay his on caddy with a Harley Davidson symbol on it.

Amanda and Guy from Minnesota are in California to adopt Evan. Guy went to the show while Amanda stayed with Evan. I wish them all the best.

Shannon and Randy from North Carolina. Shannon is going through a number of shots and estrogen patches in order to carry her cousin’s twins.

(She finds out for sure tomorrow) Shannon and Randy have three beautiful kids of their own. What a gift!

Marc Anthony is cool. Some of his fan club was outside! They don’t really see Jennifer Lopez as a good match for him but they do love their new movie!

Beth, Irene, Jennifer, Marianna, and Rosie!

Chris Tucker looked like a swollen Chris Tucker!

The monks loved the Rush Hour 3 clip with Jackie Chan and got a picture with Jay!

I want to be a fighting Monk!

Musical guest:John Butler Trio was great! They had this jazzy banjo sound that worked.

After a year! Tawana was finally able to get help and go back to 115 West Lane Ave. New Orleans Louisiana. Her children were still in the attic… where she had to leave them a year earlier. This blog is dedicated to the STRENGTH of Tawana and in memory of:

Uncle Wesley 1929---2005
Oneal Grey 1990--2005
Latisha Grey 1994---2005


LoVe Ya,


Monday, July 30, 2007

G-Lo B-day!

Happy birthday GloZell. I didn’t see Joanna the very mean NBC Page today. I hope all is well with her.

In the 8:00 Am line I met Marcia Aplin and granddaughter Mara Miles (a Volleyball player) from Texas, Mary and Rod Donigan from Southbend Indiana.

Jordan (with the red hair and shirt knitting in line) was in line to get tickets for her parents, Father and Son team Gordan Weaver (Gordan Weaver@American and Christopher(a dancer) who attends S.I.U., they are from North Potomac Maryland, last but not least Brian and De from CT. Great day great People!

I thought I would dress a little boldly today. (I bought four African outfits for David Geenen’s Ordination)

Bailey the Birthday Dog stopped by to sing Happy birthday GloZell!

Micki (Bailey’s human) Larry and Donna Casto from Bakersfield Ca.(its their 25 wedding anniversary coming up on July 31st.(Yea!)

Guest: Jennifer Lopez said how her husband didn’t get her a gift for her birthday. Marc Anthony (her wet rat like looking husband) was sitting off stage. Marc was shaking his head and holding his daughter’s hand. (I think he is going to put J-Low in a cage for embarrassing him) Jay kept rubbing it in about not getting a gift. Then Jay walks her off stage. Jay only does that to get another look at her behind. (Jay did that with Eva Longoria so J-Low you ain’t special)

J-Low was beautiful. I hope she comes back tomorrow when her husband is on the show. I heard that their new movie is muy good! (yes I am bilateral) Marc doesn't have to show a clip of the movie tomorrow, because the clip Jennifer showed, was mostly of him.

Laura Nelson ( her birthday is today!) and her father Al from Riverside Ca.

Guest: Kevin Nealon. His hair piece wasn’t as good as some others I have seen, but it wasn’t the worst. Kevin was so funny! I like him and I would love for him to come back!

I met Missy ( 20 years ago she got hit by a big time movie producer in his car,he paid her dearly) She has a beautiful kids . One is named Brady and he is going to be a big star! (

Vicki (the band singer) was looking good in her new Be-dazzled jeans! I’m going to loose 30 pounds and wear them. Ha!

The musical guest was Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. The had a nice sound. Very nice… his guitar had a fight with a beaver or something and lost, it was all chewed up or he got angry at it.

Matt.(the Tonight Show Ben Affleck look alike (whatever the spelling) last day was today. He is moving on to work for the network "Fox" where he will get paid more. You are a great guy, I wish you well! (I think Marc Anthony saw him and told NBC he had to GO)

Hey all of the Birthday people!

Laura, GloZell and Jeanne Whalen from La Mesa California. 7-30!

Jay was so tan today I almost called him dad. I thought Friday Andy aka "The Hair" was sick because he wasn't at the show. Today he is tan... I bet he was at the beach!

Todd and Debra (Jordan’s parents) sung happy birthday to me!

Boyfriend was in charge of Faith in Films at church tonight. He brought a cake and red roses to celebrate my Birthday! (Yea)

Boyfriend put my age on the cake...He must be punished!

Remember, Don't ever put a ladies age on her cake!

LoVe Ya,


Sunday, July 29, 2007


David G.was an intern for First Christian Church of North Hollywood. Now he has finished all of his classes. He will be an Ordained Minister on 7-29-07. Let’s celebrate! We are not boring Christians!

Ain't no party like a christian party cause a christian party don't stop!

If you are looking for a church home or just a place to fellowship goto You will not be judged because of race, gender, sexual orientation, faith, age etc. Just come as you are. All are welcome!

Today David becomes a Reverend… He will be missed. Rev. David has a job in Denver. He has done some much in the time he was at FCCHN. Rev. David if you ever feel down or overwhelmed just look at all the lives you have touched and all of the people who love you!

Remember, Go in Peace…Serve the Lord.

We loVe ya Rev. David G.

First Christian Church of North Hollywood…

p.s. You can always come back!