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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

GloZell Passes the Barr...

In the NBC lobby, I was well received with my Monk costume on. Anita who doesn’t speak to me much asked what am I doing for Halloween? I told her I was going over to my church friend’s house for spaghetti and eyeballs. (I don’t think I impressed her at all.)

Please send get-well wishes to the NBC Ghostbuster, who is still under the weather.

I got a great seat today thanks to Charlie Dan. Sweet!

In the audience a woman with horns coming out of her head, started yelling out "Manson" over and over. Bob, the warm up comedian, told her to stop, she stuck her tongue out at him. Bob threatened to throw her out of the studio. She told him, kiss my _ _ _ but he didn’t hear her.

The page, Lock, was playing peak a boo with the one of the lighting guys. Lock always has fun, and doesn’t come across as rude, which is interesting because she is French.

Roseanne Barr was funny as always, and seemed to be a little tipsy. (Got to love her.) Roseanne said she is not surprised that Tom Arnold got a divorce. That more people should get one, and more people should drink. (Only in America)

Sharon Osbourne was fun and smart. She said, she got implants in her behind. During the breaks, Roseanne was asking about it and rubbing on Sharon’s behind to see what her implants felt like.

Marilyn Manson has a huge following; the audience was mainly there for him. They cheered and threw up the devil sign. I rebuked the whole thing.

Remember, friends don’t let friends drink and grope, in front of innocent audience members.

Love Ya,


Monday, October 30, 2006

Glo…Glo… Shelia

Welcome back from hiatus "Tonight Show" I missed you!

It was great being back.

Behind the desk in the NBC lobby Sam and Irish Beck (pages) both got hair cuts. Sam’s cut makes him look mature (which is good because he is dating his older hot Japanese tutor), and Irish Beck added layers and highlights. Both looked good.

During the hiatus, Mary called me from England! Mary and I met at the Tonight Show last month, she and her husband are doing well.

During the hiatus I went to Albertson’s, the grocery store, and I saw a man with a "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" T-shirt on, and of course I had to talk to him. It turns out that he works for the show and that he can’t stand the warm up comedian, Bob, who is a jerk. (Not my words but his). He told me that Bob is under a contract and that Jay can’t do anything about it. He also said that a lot of people complain about Bob. He went on to say that some of the guys that were with Justin Timberlake, when he performed the last time on the Tonight Show, didn’t like Bob’s attitude backstage.(I just report what I’m told.)

It was 1:30 and the was news on the TV in the lobby. That didn’t make sense, the show "Days of our Lives" should be on. Another lady agreed that this is not the normal NBC show. I called over the page, Ice, and he turned it to the correct station.

I ended up sitting next to that lady from the lobby, and her husband. They are Chris, and Dave Harrison from Beecher, Illinois. This is a small community with two stoplights, goats, corn and one McDonalds. Mrs. Harrison said if they get a Dunkin’ Donuts she would be flipping happy. I quote "I’d be happier than a pig in poop". That’s right, pigs are happier in poop. Who’d have thought…

Soon after I got to know them, Mr. Beam (who is own way is powerful) moved me to the second row. I thought I would have to lose 30 pounds and get a lift and tuck before that would ever happen. I shook Jay’s hand when he came out.

I sat next to the coolest black girl from Charlotte N.C. We hit it off. If we were at a club, I would be hating, because she is light skin with light eyes and thin. But we are at the Jay Leno show, and she is my friend for and hour. I told her who was going to be picked to take a picture with Jay, and who was going to dance to get a T-shirt. BBB’s "Big Boobed Blondes" and I was right. We laughed and had a great time.

Sheila Jones knows Lamar Carter, the drummer in Carrie Underwood’s band. I went back stage with her and we hugged goodbye. I wished her a safe trip on the red eye back to N.C.

Jay should do a segment, where I visit the people I met at the Jay Leno Show, in their home towns. I’m a genius!

Tim Allen came on and show some hilarious bloopers from "The Santa Clause 3" and Carrie Underwood sang beautifully. I'd mention David Eckstein was on the show, but I'm not really into Baseball.

Remember, pigs may be happy in poop, but guess what I had for dinner?

Love Ya,


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Glo tonight show this week...

Jay and the Tonight Show is on Hiatus untill October 30th.

I'll see you all back here then.

Remember, to everything there is a season...

Love ya,


Friday, October 20, 2006

Trick or Trip. GloZell...

Ben, Ricky, Penelope, and Lock (NBC pages) congratulations on your new assignments!

Ricky told me that two people laughed at his Kevin Federline joke. I don’t think Jay is in jeopardy of loosing his job. It was Kevin isn’t going to sing he is going to stand and count his wife’s money for three minutes… ha, ha, ha.

Candi asked me, what am I going to do during the week long hiatus? I don’t know. The thought makes me sad. I’m going to spend the time with my boyfriend, who puts up with me going to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, everyday.

In the lobby two guys were talking about how they would love to have one of Jay’s cars. The Ford G.T. or his Corvett in particular.

Lock walked us over to the studio. In the studio I met some great people. Erik, from Long Beach, Shari, from North Dakota, and Jill, from Minnesota. They all knew each other from high school. Erik (sorry if I’m spelling your name wrong) said while he wa in line he over heard two obnoxious girls say how they were going to make cat noises during the show, to get on camera.

Erik pointed them out, and also told us how one of them said they have crabs. (Gross nasty trailer park tricks) Low and behold they started flirting with Andrew, the on stage security guard.( AKA "The Hair") I said, he’s going to tell them how to get a picture with Jay.

Lindsay, Kerri and Amanda who know each other from college, they're all cute blondes, and wanted a picture also. The tricks Erik were talking to me about, all got a picture with Jay. They had the audacity to tell Jay, they were funnier than he was. They told horrible jokes, and wouldn’t leave the stage. The two jokes were; What do you call a cow with no legs?… ground beef. Where does a lady with one leg go to eat?… I Hop. (Well, Ricky… things are looking up for your comedy career.)

It got to the point people started booing them. (Erik started the booing… and I thank you.)

They took up all Jay’s time, and my people couldn’t get picture.

I’m so embarrassed that they are from Florida! (Why am I spending so much time talking about them?)

During one of the breaks, Vicky started singing and tripped… it was funny. (She didn’t get hurt, so you can laugh too… ha!)

Erik told me that Shari liked Michael, the stage manager. I told her he was married, but Erik said she doesn’t care, that’s how she likes them. I think he’s hot also, but he needs to cut his "Ode to the 80’s" long hair, and then he will be extra hot!

Amanda Peet was beautiful and 5 months pregnant. When Jay went to show a clip of her show, his T.V. wouldn’t work. (Maybe the ghost of Johnny…)

John Landis, and the Spiridellis brothers, were funny. John Landis was uncomfortable in the guest chair. It was kind of strange. He was promoting their web sight, Jib

The musical guest JoJo was cute and had a good song. John Landis talked to Amanda Peet during the whole song. How rude. JoJo’s top was a cute shade of pink, but it had a slight rip on the right side. (Yes, I noticed.)

Jay made a joke about Jib Jab, JoJo and Jew, Jew. (See Ricky, you do have a chance.)

P.S. Erik wants to be a back-up dancer for Tina Turner…

Remember, jokes are like opinions, everyone has one, and their not all good…

Love ya,


Thursday, October 19, 2006

GloZell Has Rich Friends…

In the lobby, I heard in a sweet country voice "Are you GloZell?" I said yes, then this lovely lady said "I heard about you from my friend, Rich, yesterday. She went on to say that her sister was on "Wheel of Fortune", and that she and her friends were from Virgina. Rich already told them about me, and to look for me. There was Ashley, Alison, Berry, and John. They guys didn’t get in, but the girls managed to. I instructed them on how to get a picture with Jay got a picture with Jay. Yeah!

The Teddy Bear page, named Ricky, told me a joke: Kevin Federline isn’t going to sing he is just going to count his wife’s money for 3 minutes. (Get it… His wife is Britney Spears… Ok, you had to be there.)

Let’s hope Ricky gets the assignment he wants. Go Ricky!

Tyson and Jerry were flirting with three girls in the studio, who were in high school. They got a chance to take a picture with Jay, but he didn’t stand close to them.

I sat in Mrs. Leno’s seats, behind me was a Psychotherapist who was good friends with Ms. Helga the lady who books Jay’s Vegas gigs. He went on to say how nice Jay was and that there isn’t a nicer guy in the industry. Then he got distracted when the Pussy Cat Dolls video came on the screen. Meow

Sally Field was cute and had a great shape. It would have been better if she had a little tan with that short skirt she had on. I could almost see her Gidget.

The bug man, Ruud Kleinpaste, was nutty and fun. His bugs crawled on Sally and on his face. He said that one day humans will be eating roaches. That’s the day I develop an eating disorder.(No offence Nicole Richie)

Kevin Federline was what he was and that’s all I have to say about him.

Remember, with a little tabasco sauce, everything tastes good!

Love ya,


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

GloZell’s Dreaming of a White Halloween…

In the lobby a guy was saying how he and his wife were getting a divorce, and he told her she could take anything she wanted. He came home one day and he didn’t even have a bed to sleep in. Say what you mean and mean what you say. You tell a woman she can have what she wants… She wants everything.

Ms.Tati is back from Russia with love. (Her fiancé) Strange thing, she got an ear infection and eventually developed a hole in her ear. So make sure you speak up when you speak to her.

Naomi’s eyebrows are beautiful; she gets them done by a big curry smelling woman who is very nice and does great threading work on the brows.

I once got my bikini threaded, and that was the worst pain. It was just a just half a bikini, sort of a "bik" because I couldn’t let her finish. I guess they need to use fishing wire for the ruff stuff.

I met a great guy. His name is Rich Minor and he is so awesome. I felt like I just met a friend. He is a morning jock in Roanoke, Virginia. His show is called "The morning Mess". Jammin’ 106.1 101.7 JJS. Rich was in town with his lovely friend Vicky. (I hope I got her name right)

I told Rich how I come to the show everyday and that I have a blog. He said he was going to attach it to his blog in Virginia, and talk about me on his radio show. COOL

Rich also was going to be on the show "Wheel of Fortune". He’s taping it tomorrow. Watch out for him.

I told rich how to get a picture with Jay, and he and his friend did. I was so happy! I know we will meet again, we just clicked like old pals.

Charlie Dan is under the weather. Please send him healing energy because he is grouchy when he is sick.

I got a good seat today thanks to Kati, (who has been 23 years old for two days), Becky, hole in the ear Tati and of course a special thanks to Mr. Beam who is in charge of all the pages.

The loudest girl in the world was laughing in my ear the whole show. She even passed a note that she wanted to get to Jay. She was in the back row and the note made it down to the stage security guard Andrew A.K.A. "The Hair"

They had to set up for the Mad Scientist David Willey. He was going to blow up things on the stage. Which meant Dr. E actually had work to do today.

Dr. E used to open the curtains for Johnny Carson over twenty years ago. No one knows what he does now; he just kept showing up, for twenty years after his job is gone. He’s got me beat. I work more for the show than he does.
Jay inherited him.

Sarah McLachlan, the musical guest, was great. It’s two weeks before Halloween and she sings a beautiful Christmas song. Funny thing was she didn’t know the words, there was a guy holding cue cards for her. The band looked bored to death but they were very talented and played well.

Remember, Be rich in spirit, and you’ll be rich in life...

Love ya,


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It’s Schofield nice to be GloZell…

Happy Birthday Kate! She is going to party in Florida. Enjoy your trip, say hi to my mommy!

Charlie Dan wanted to know who was the birdie who told me his dad was a doctor on the show Staring Over…

I was feeling good. It just felt like it was going to be a good show.

Thanks to the Birthday girl, Kate (she’s 23… don’t say I told) I had the best seat I’ve had in a long time.

By the time I sat down, what did my wondering eyes appear? My good laughing partner, Ms. Jeannine Schofield and her daughter, who was born at a very early age, Marlo Schofield. It was great seeing them. Ms. Jeannine son, Dino, is the star of the hit musical, "Johnny Guitar".

The Schofield’s are high society and well connected. They know everyone you need to know, from TV stars to former Presidents. Plus, they are a hoot to be around.

Well, I thought to myself, I want them to get a picture with Jay. And it had to be a gift from God. I usually don’t bother Jay, but today I asked for a picture with him, and my friends and he said, "Yes, this is my friend who comes to the show everyday." Wow! Jay is great.

All the way down to the stage, Ms. Jeannine was fussing on about how she was so embarrassed, and that she was going to kill me (Later). She told Jay that she had sworn to her friends she was going to sit on Jay’s lap. He laughed, and we all took the picture. I felt great!

Jay’s hair stylist, Ms. M., is a very nice person. She always looks pleasant and she is very supportive of her friends. YOU GO GIRL! It’s nice to know that good people get, and are deserving of great jobs.

People came up to me after the show and asked if they could be my friend. They would be willing to comeback another day to take a picture with Jay. I’m a fan who has fans.

Jennifer-Love-Hewitt was weird, but told interesting stories about her show "The Ghost Whisper", and how people come up to her and tell her about their dead relatives.

Jennifer has hips and thick legs, she better watch it. One kid, and she will be shaped like Sponge Bob Square Pants.

The funniest guest was Tim Burton, he told how he would let the air out of Ed. Mcmann;s tires in the NBC lot when he was growing up in Burbank. I thought he was going to be creepy, like Steven King, but he was great fun.

Barry Manilow, who I love, sang a song with the lyrics "Can’t take my eyes off of you"… child, I can see why. His eyes were the only things that could move. His face was so pulled back, I never saw his top teeth. He looked like something from one of Tim Burton’s movies. Barry was energetic, and knows how to be a showman, I enjoyed him.

Lock (a female page) is very loud. She is bubbly and always doing mischief. Today, Lock was playing with the blue tape, and walking while balancing it on her head. From what I can tell, people like her… she is a big flirt.

In the audience, there was, what appeared to be, two Amish men. They had the longest beards, and youngest one had a Mohawk. Punk Rock Amish? Only in California.

Remember, strange, is only in the eye of the beholder.

Love ya,


Monday, October 16, 2006

Things Are Poppin' Out All Over... GloZell...

Shhhh… Because it’s Kate’s (a Page) birthday, everyone buy her stuff! If you want to know what number, ask her, I don’t want her coming after me. She is going to party in my home state, Florida. Go Gators!

Please send out positive energy to Omega, as he figures out what great job to take.

In the Lobby, a lady wanted chips but her chips got stuck, so I used my good hip to gently bump the machine. When the chips fell everyone cheered.

As I sit in the lobby, I start to wonder, what am I going to be, when I grow up? Well I can always ask Charlie Dan ‘s father. who is a therapist on the show Starting Over. I can see my self now, Hello, my name is GloZell, and I am a Jay Leno-holic. They would book me.

Inside the studio a lady started saying how she didn’t like Conan and that he would have to change his humor when he takes over for Jay. She said, that Conan was going to leave NBC, but then NBC gave him a contract for the Tonight Show, so he stayed. Also she stated that Jay will be 59 years old when he retires. In her defense she did say that Conan did a great job hosting the Oscars because he wasn’t doing his regular sarcastic humor.

A Big birdie told me that Conan has an contract to take over The Tonight Show but contract break all the time and that Conan will not be taking over. Remember how everyone thought David Lettermen would be taking over for the Tonight Show after Johnny, including David? The Big birdie said the same thing is going to happen again. Big bird said that NBC is going to go with a younger person like Carson Daily or Jimmy Kimmel.

Carson has the looks and the name, but he isn’t funny and too stiff. Jimmy has the personality, and the funny, but he isn’t tall enough. On the other hand, his name starts with the letter "J": Jack Parr, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, all started with the letter "J".

Carson could over the next two years take some improv classes and improve, or Jimmy Kimmel can wear lifts. They both have great hair. ( They could pick me, because I’m tall and I can wear a weave). What’s that no "J" in my name?… Well, I can marry my boyfriend, R.M. Johnson, and I will have that "J"… I should be President, I'm so smart.

I sat in the VIP section of the audience, next this nice looking guy. No sooner than I thought that, he squeezes something on his neck, and the nasty head of it squirts out and lands on my purple sweater. Oh, GloZell to the no, he didn’t.

There was and odd smell in the studio. I saw the announcer John sniff around and ask, What is that smell?" I didn’t care about the smell, I was next to a pimple popping, juice flying, pudgy Ben Affleck looking, pick my teeth with a business card, in public, man. (Say that five times fast.)

The guests on the show today, were Hugh Jackman, and Tim McGraw. Both were hot, but that’s about all I have to say about them.

Remember, love what you do, and do what you love… unless it’s grossing out the innocent people at "The Tonight Show" with the wonderful, talented, wholesome, hardworking, happily married (to a great spokeswoman for African woman’s rights) Jay "The Saint" Leno.

Love ya,


Friday, October 13, 2006

GloZell, Edits, Book and Pages...

My NBC Angel you know who you are, and you know what you did, and I thank you.

In the lobby, Omega (a page) who may be leaving, told me where ever he goes, I go. That’s sweet, NBC is like "Cheers", everyone knows my name and it feels great.

Jay attracts nice people, and I know that I do to.

I met a new girl behind the desk named Edit, what a cool name.

Charlie Dan walked us to the studio today but he was walking so fast, that he left half the line behind.

On the show, there was a boy who can juggle, named Book. (Maybe Edit and Book can get together. Ha… Ha.)

The musical guest was Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. (They were the whitest Bohemians, I have ever seen; maybe the old ones were darker… Oh, wait they’re not from the Bahamas.)

I ended up in great seats again today. I thought the people next to me were conservative and would think I was nuts for coming to the Tonight Show every day. Plus Ms. Dolly is the President of the Republican Women’s Club in North Carolina. You know what happens when you assume…

Mrs. Dolly Smelter and her husband Kevin were just the opposite. I felt like asking her if she would pray for me, but I knew that she would think I was crazy. So, I didn’t listen to my inner voice.

Finally Mrs. Dolly asked about my writing and I told her I have a blog and what I did every day. Without me even asking her, she said she would pray for me. It’s hard blazing a trail that no one has done before. When you are doing what you know you are supposed to be doing and it’s seems strange it can be hard.

When people ask me what I do, I can’t say, "Oh, I watch to Tonight Show everyday."

It takes faith to move to California from Florida and not have family here. It takes faith to go to the Tonight Show and write about people who you hope don’t get mad at you or think your crazy. Sometimes God tests you and see if you can be obedient. (I know you don’t want me to preach)

I have met the greatest people at NBC. I’m sad that Kell, and Omega are leaving.

People ask me all the time do I get paid for being here. I tell them no. I should say yes, because I see a great show. I get to watch Jay Leno, my inspiration, I have never head anything bad said about him. I see all the stars and get to met the greatest people. That’s more pay than most people get in a lifetime.

On the way to my car, Mrs. Dolly stopped and prayed for me. She also told me if I’m ever in Charlotte, NC, I could visit them.

At the Tonight Show, for just and hour, I have the best friends in the world. (I know - too mushy, I’ll stop now.)

Remember, Work without faith is dead… So, get busy living!

Love ya,


Thursday, October 12, 2006

GloZell Promises to Tell the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth...

I had great seats today, I sat next to Mr. Sunisloe, his girlfriend Ms. Patty, and Mr. Pyszora and his girlfriend. They were from Detroit Michigan. Mr. Sunisloe started asking me questions, and it didn’t surprise me to find out that he was an Attorney at Law.

At first, he didn’t believe that I come to every show. It wasn’t until all the pages and the security guard at different times waved and smiled at me, then he believed me. (He is a lawyer after all.)

Mr. Sunisloe once saw Jay perform at a casino in Michigan, and was impressed at how funny he was without being vulgar. (That’s why I love Jay)

Patty had some business in California and arranged for them to go to the Tonight Show. The last time Mr. Sunisloe was at the Tonight Show, was with Johnny Carson and his Ex-wife.

I told Mr. Sunisloe how to get a picture with Jay, and he did. Patty and Mr. Sunisloe ended up having a better time than he had before. Yea, for them.

Ms. Vicky (member of the band) squeaked, when Jay said that David Hasselhoff is going to do Shakespeare.

Sandra Bullock was pretty in an all back strapless dress, and told how she loves to build houses.

Michael Caine… Excuse me, Sir Michael Caine told a funny story about how he almost became a communist, and how he wears Payless shoes because they don’t have laces.

Chris Young was a hot country singer with a very sexy, mature voice. I believe he is going to go far.

Remember, don’t mention your past when you are sitting next to your future.

Love ya,


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

GloZell… I’ll be Back… Sexy back!

It’s a Sexy day at NBC

Inside the suggestion box, in the NBC lobby, a guest stated that Felix was cute. Not that anyone was surprised, she was just stating the obvious. For anyone to be complimented, while wearing a NBC page uniform, is unbelievable. Felix also plays the bass guitar, which is so SEXY! He used to be in a band in college, rock on dude!

I had on a push up bra by Victoria secret, which was SEXY!

Candy changed her hair, it was curly and SEXY!

Naomi’s new hair cut is SEXY!

Kate was in a hit and run accident today, so everyone give her a massage. She is going to feel it tomorro. Today, she was wearing skin tight stretch jeans that she painted on, which was SEXY!

A lady in the lobby was talking about her Golden Poodle, a retriever mixed with poodle. She said her dog looks like a Golden Retriever with a perm.

Mr. Beam reminded me that Jay will be on hiatus for a few days this month. Him being so sweet and bald, is SEXY! (I use to think Mr. Clean was hot… I need help, please pray for me)

In the audience, I kid you not, was the most beautiful girl, who happened to be quadriplegic. She had a the thick blond curly hair and dimples, and was chosen to dance and get a Tonight Show T-shirt.

If you have to be in a wheelchair at least be SEXY! You go sexy handicapped girl (Was that politically incorrect to say?)

Kell, who is a great page, is leaving. Today was her last day. Before Kell left, she got a chance to take a picture with Jay. Take care, and I wish you well. Stay Sexy!

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, has a big broad back, and his accent is Sexy!

Hedi Klum is seven months pregnant and still Sexy!

Le Rêve was like a dream come true - half naked men dancing, flipping and SEXY!

It was a Sexy day at the Tonight Show.

Remember, if you can’t be Sexy… stay home.

Love ya,


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cooking Tiger, Hidden GloZell...

On my way to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" a man stopped me on Bob Hope Drive, and asked for my help. Mr. J.L.( not Jay Leno) had placed his cell on top of his beautiful silver Mercedes and then started to drive off. So, he asked if he could use my cell phone to make some calls and to call his cell phone.

We found his cell phone, and he gave me some money. I told him he didn’t have to. It turns out that he is a big shot at Warner Brother Studios and that he would help me do what ever I need within is in his power. He said and I quote "You saved my life, my phone cost five-hundred dollars and the numbers in it, are priceless".

Only in California you can save a man’s life by finding his cell phone. Wait a cotton picking minute… Five-hundred dollars for a cell phone. What? Does it cook?

In the lobby, Naomi (a Page) introduced me to her boyfriend’s brother, and his friend from Italy. I walked them over and they ended up in front row seats.

I ended up sitting in the VIP section (Thanks Charlie Dan) next to a large man who kept putting his elbow in my face as he lifted up his arm to scratch under his arm pit. (Thanks Charlie Dan) I don’t know what was under there but it smelled like it was trying to get out.

It was cool seeing the legendary Tiger Woods. The interview was sweet and touching while Tiger spoke fondly about his dad. He wiped a tear away when Jay showed a clip of Tiger, when he was four with his dad on the Mike Douglas Show.

Emeril Lagasse cooked on the show, but didn’t say his famous "Bam"! So, what’s the point? He did give everyone a cookbook, so that made up for it.

Tiger didn’t give us his new golf video game. (Just an independent statement I wanted to make.)

The food Emeril made smelled tasty. Jay gave some food to a few of the audience members in the front row. (Mostly the old ones, they were so happy.) Then he gave them napkins. I love Jay Leno, how could anyone not, he is the sweetest man in California.

Big chin = Big heart.

The musical guest Chingy, along with the singer Tyrese (Who is blacker than a hundred midnight’s down in a Cypress swamp.) performed. "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" is doing this new thing, where the musical guest comes out into the audience. That works great because the audience didn’t know them, and didn’t care until they came out into the crowd. We all waved our hands in the air and waved them like we just didn’t care.

I had to go to the bathroom so badly. But, they were shooting a clip for a film a new Tom Hanks movie, and we all had to stay longer. Jay had to pretend to interview Tom Arnold. (Who kept messing up) The arm pit scratcher was digging for gold under dem dar pits, and I was about to explode.

Kevin (The bandleader) hugged two older black women in the audience, the oldest one had blonde hair, I don’t think it was natural.

"The Tonight Show’s" saxophone player’s hair is so shellacked to his head, it looks like he paints his head. (I know, I shouldn’t talk, I look like a Tina Turner drag queen.)

(Speaking of queens…)

Ross the Intern was funny as always, and I am looking forward to working with him.

Remember; stay in your own personal space especially when you have under arm issues.
It doesn’t have to be a secret; it is strong enough for a man.

Love Ya,


Monday, October 09, 2006

GloZell and Ice, Ice, Boobie…

In the NBC lobby, the page named, Felix A.K.A. "Rockstar" informed me that there are seven new pages starting today. We’ll see who sticks out in the new crowd; the older pages are splendid. New pages are going to have to bring their "A" game.

We say goodbye to two awesome pages Kell, and Omega. Kell will be working on a degree in Screenwriting, and Omega has two great job offers at other networks (NBC is the best) and he has to choose.

Kate (An awesome page) is back to her chipper self; it must have been the lunch that her "friend" Omega bought her Friday, to make her feel all better.

I will no longer be talking about Tom. He has indicated twice, that he doesn’t want me to talk about him. Boo Hoo you will be missed.

Charlie Dan’s eye was bothering him today, so he drowned his left eye in solution. (There will be a point to this, keep reading)

I ran into the page, Ice, and his grand mother who is visiting him, and spoiling him rotten, by buying him whatever he wants. She is a very sweet lady and spent a good amount of time talking to me. I called her Granny Ice and she said that was fine. Ice took the day off to go to "The Tonight Show" with Ms. Granny Ice.

I ended up sitting in VIP section, (thanks Kate) next to Teri and Cherl, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They work for an airline company. Both sat in line for hours, and ended up in great seats. It was their first time in California, and they said, they have met only nice people, including me. They were having a girl’s vacation and left the husbands, and the kids back at home.

A very large breasted woman in a" Oh my goodness I hope that thing holds" tight tank top, kept frolicking back and forth across the stage, before the show started. It got to the point that people started to clap for her, when her heaving breasts were bouncing unnaturally around.

I turned to Teri and said that girl is going to get picked to dance and get and NBC prize. Just as sure as the days are long, that girl was picked. Boobie girl danced, and grabbed Ice who was sitting next to Granny Ice and shoved his face right into her Silicone Valley. The audience loved it and so did Ice. But Grandma…

Charlie Dan’s eye seemed to be healed before we left. It’s a miracle! Whenever boobie girl needed something, she wold motion for Charlie Dan, and he would answer whatever questions she seemed to have. Then he and fine bald guy would laugh.

This is a first while I’ve been going to the show. Tonight’s guests were all woman. There was Tina Fey, from the show "30 Rock", a lady golf pro, and the singer Fergie. Three completely different types of women. I don’t think Charlie Dan even watched the show, he was mesmerized by two large objects staring back at him.

Mr. Beam had on this dark chocolate shirt, and I tell you I have been going to the show too long. Mr. Beam is starting to look good to me. If he’d get a little tan so he didn’t look Boo white, he would be cool. My boyfriend is white, and bald. Maybe, I need to go to white bald men’s anonymous.

Oh, and we got golf balls on our way out. Oooooo....

Remember, in California, ain’t no mountains high enough…

Love ya,


Friday, October 06, 2006

Liars, Tigers, and GloZell. Oh. My!...

In the lobby, four hot guys walked in with one cute girl. I’m talking on my cell phone to my good friend Al Lewis, who is a massage therapist to the stars. Then I notice the hottest one is staring at me. (Well, my chest, but I’ll take that!) He had a great looking face and cute blonde, faux Hawk hair style. He was bold and sexy. He told me that I was a fantasy, if he is lying I don’t care. His name is Ryan and is from Phoenix, he is a contractor and told me he was good with his hands and will fix anything that I need fixing. (Is it getting hot in here?)

Omega walked us over today. I don’t know what he did, but Kate was not in a good mood today. Omega, you should tell her she is a fantasy. (Don’t tell her you got it from Ryan.)

I sat next to Riva, from Toronto Canada. She was worried that her daughter Renny and friends wouldn’t get in. They made it in and Riva was relived. Renny just turned sweet sixteen, happy birthday Renny and many more.

Fun facts about Riva. She is an Independent Chartered Accountant in Canada it’s called C. P. A. in America. Also Riva went to high school with Howie Mandel who married his high school sweetheart from the same high school, W.L. McKenzie C.I. (I love stuff like that!)

When Jay did his warm up, he asked like he always does " Any Questions?" A guy from Israel asked if he could recite a poem that he wrote. Jay said yes, and the guy did a poem that we couldn’t understand, because of his thick accent. It was something about Angels and eyes.

Jay’s announcer John M., had a birthday this week. Keep up the good work old man!

Their were animals on the show today, brought in by animal expert Jarod Miller. Jay was bit by a baby white Bangle Tiger. It broke his skin, and Jay was lightly bleeding on his hand. (Some animal expert…)

His second guest, Bradley Whitford, from the show "Studio 60 on sunset Strip" , brought the testicles of his dog on the show. That was nasty!

They musical guest had this classic rock sound, it was good. The drummer had a drum set that looked like it was made by Gorge Washington Carver it was so old.

Remember, A fantasy is nice, but there’s nothing like the real thing baby…

Love ya,


Thursday, October 05, 2006

No New Hart for Glo...

In the lobby of NBC. Two cute guys are talking about South Park and a character called Big Chin. It didn’t take me long to realize the character was based on Jay Leno. I moved because I defended Jay yesterday, and I didn’t want to go through that again.

I was happy because Bob Newhart was on today.

Felix walked us over. He is slim with dark poofed hair. He looks like he can have a secret life as Rock Star. You know, the type with the skintight black pants and black eye liner. Felix has a nice foreign car. He didn’t get that from giving NBC tours.

I saw Molly from my church. (First Christian Church of North Hollywood) She was with three other people, who were in town for a Christian convention. Two of the people got a chance to take a picture with Jay. Molly was talking to one of the producers, Scott, and other high positioned people from the show. I will talk to her Sunday and get more information.

Jay made the most out of a monologue - that kind of tanked. He felt bad, because his mentor Bob Newhart was on.

I was hopping to see Bob after the show when the stars drive out on Bob Hope Dr., but he was already gone. Jay waved at me as I stood there feeling, and looking, stupid holding my Bob Newhart album. To my surprise, no one was waiting to get an autograph from today’s guest. I was the only groupie. I sadly walked back to my car knowing I might not get another chance to meet Bob.

I guess I love old white men. Darn that Colonel Sanders and his amazing fried chicken.

The musical group "Cab Freddy" were really great. Add to that, the band was hot! The lead singer looked like Hugh Jackman. But a word of advice to the lead singer, lose the leopard print slippers - they don't match your hotness.

Remember, for an old guy, Bob Newhart can sure move out quickly.

Love ya,


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

GloZell and Jay vs Dave...

In the NBC lobby, two pages said I should apply to be a page. For those who don’t know I was let fired from my massage therapy job in Beverly Hills last Saturday because my boss didn’t like the fact that I go to the Tonight Show every day. (She is such a pedigree.)

Kate (a page) was all dressed up again. I think Omega and her make a good couple. Omega is also a page who looks like the all american man. They always hang out, but tell everyone they are just friends. (Tell that to someone else.) Omega suggested that I do my top ten favorites Tonight Show’s on my blog, great idea! I love the NBC pages!

Penelope was in charge of the 2:00 pm tour, I guess it’s been awhile, because she set off the alarm and Ben had to help her.

I ended up having a great conversation with Alan and Fred. They are professional writers and are currently pitching a few shows. Alan started telling great stories. One of my favorites was about Andy Kaufman and a swimming pool, he had me rolling. Both Fred and Alan are friends with one of the head writers of "The Tonight Show" named Joe. Joe had to leave the show early but Fred, Alan, and the two hot chicks they were with enjoyed themselves.

Ice walked us over to the studio today, his dream is to work in the music industry. I can see him doing that, he’s nice in a yo, I got it going on, sort of way.

I sat next to Cita and her friend Dave. Dave said he was hoping that one of the male pages would take off their shirt. (I root for Nick)

Cita got in trouble with Andrew, ( the on stage security guard) A.k.a." The Hair" because she was using her cell phone inside. When she got up to use her phone outside, Dave said she was calling her future husband. Cita met a guy in West Hollywood at the Ralphs grocery store, actually she called it the gay Ralphs. He turned out to be the Bass player in Rod Stewart’s band. Wow! That is like so Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. It’s Sex in the Cita. (Ha, Ha, Ha. You must laugh)

His name is Conrad and I wish them much luck and love, (Awwwww…)

I guess she dragged Dave to the show with her, because he politely told me he doesn’t like Jay. I said, excuse me what did you say? He rudely repeated, "I don’t like Jay, he’s not funny." I was stunned. Cita quickly said that she seen Jay do stand up, and he was hilarious.

During Jay’s pre-show warm up, An elder lady asked for an autograph, and fell, once she stepped on the stage. I mean she fell hard, I know her knees are going to hurt in the morning.

Dave did thumbs up, down and sideways to each of Jay’s jokes during his monologue.
It didn’t help that this was a very strange and awkward show. Not all of the seats were filled. Jay’s monologue had something about being gay in almost every joke. Jay messed up a joke and blamed it on the fact a band member touched him. Then Ross the Intern referred to Jay as Dad and Jay called him Son. It was gay overkill. Dave was not amused.

Dave likes the dark humor of David Letterman, and was amazed that I go to The Tonight Show everyday. Dave said the set was ugly with its overgrown lamp, and that the band sounded like elevator music, except louder.

I said well at least Jay is better looking than David Letterman is. City and Dave both said, no, at the same time. I was in shock, how could they say that? (Well, I do have strange taste in men). Still trying to get them to agree with something, I said, "Jay has better hair" Dave said, it looks like a skunk.

I had to stop talking to them before my blood pressure started to rise.

Jay slammed Michael Clark Duncan, again, about his clothes, which is an on going joke with them. The comedian, Lisa L., who was the next guest, was loud and rude. Lisa was too much for Michael to handle, so he left during the show, looking like he was going to walk that last green mile. Backstage, I guess his agent or somebody said you better get back out there and dance, monkey. Michael came back out smiled and made it through the rest of the show. Though when they were taking pictures, he politely moved to the other side of Jay.

Rod Stewart was the best guest. There were two Rod Stewart fans siting in front of me. Both of them were dressed too young for their age, the one with the bright red hair, had a bra that was so tight, and so small, she had breast apples. And the other one was alright, but a note to the baby boomers, please don’t wear low rider jean with granny panties!

Dave and I agreed that her bass player, Conrad, was hot and that Cita has really good taste in men.

Remember, you shouldn’t judge anyone unless you walk a mile in their shoes.

Love ya,


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Uno... Glo... Tres...

In the lobby at NBC, Anita and Tom were playing the card game,"Uno". The lobby was quiet except for people saying green, red, and Uno as they played. Anita thought it would be better to say hola, instead of Uno. They continued the game in between the few people who came in today.

Tom isn’t a page, but he had to do the job of one, toda,y because one of the regular pages was stuck in traffic. He ended up having to give the 2:00 NBC tour.

I can’t even describe what just walked in. One was a tall slender man wearing a white yachting hat, large rimed shades, a cartoon printed long sleeve shirt, pants with bold colored shapes, and argyle socks with white open toe sandals. He said, that he looked like Walt Disney vomited on him. His friends were dressed almost as interesting as he was also. One had a Mohawk, and another had a brown and cream cow print suit. What a sight, I knew they would make this audience different.

I ended up sitting next to them. They were from Oregon and were given tickets by Tom Green (One of the corespondents for the Tonight Show) when he interviewed their friend at their workplace, Voodoo Donut for a segment on the show.

Debbie Vickers has the best handwriting… She can write so neat, so fast. Ms. Debbie is the one who writes the cue cards that Jay reads. I love it when she has to use the off stage phone that looks like baboon’s behind.

The musical guest was "Jet", an Australian band who were very good. The lead singer had a strong voice, and even though they looked punk, they sang amazing Rock-n-Roll.

On the way out, Tres (the guy with the cartoon shirt) introduced himself and told me if I’m ever in Oregon, please stop by Voodoo donut. Tres and his friends were so nice, I’m looking forward to hanging out with them in their home town, one day.

Remember, don’t judge a cartoon by its cover.

Love ya,


Monday, October 02, 2006

What a Difference a Jay makes, to GloZell…

My boss asked me to choose between going to see "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, or quitting. Of course, I chose Jay. I truly believe something great is going to come out of going to the show everyday. So, readers please send positive energy my way in form of a great job.

I don’t know if you have ever had a boss who wants to make your life miserable just because theirs is. It’s a shame what a little power can do to people.

In the lobby of the Tonight Show, I noticed the eye make-up on Kell. It looked great. Now if we can get make-up and hair done at the same time? (I’m just hating, give me a break I just lost my job.) Kell is pretty cool; she is in school to be a screenwriter at UCLA. (Maybe, she can write a movie about a black girl with a big behind who loses her job in Beverly Hills, because of Jay Leno… That’s a blockbuster!)

Two people are passed out sleeping on the seats in the lobby. They’d been sleep for over and hour. I started watching "Days of Our Lives", a soap that tapes at NBC. OH, NO! They recently changed the actor who has been playing Sean Brady for years. First, I get fired now this!

The sleeping girls got to NBC early so they could see the musical guest on the show John Mayer. When they woke up, we stated talking and they were very interesting. Meagan and Stephanie love John Mayer and recently went to his concert. Meagan is a professional at camping out to see stars. She camped out for two years in a row, in order to go to the Oscars. Until, 911 happened, then they weren’t allowed too. Those blasted terrorists! Both of them attended Cypress College and want to major in Speech Therapy. Meagan handed me coupons for Dave and Busters, which they received at the John Mayer concert. Also in the lobby was a man who appeared to be homeless and didn’t have enough change to get anything out of the vending machine, so he stood in front of it, looking through the glass. Meagan gave him some change, and he got himself a Twix. When I have millions I’m going to reward people like Meagan.

Andrew, the Irish’s security guard (A.k.a. "the Hair"), who is usually on stage when we arrive at the studio was off eating and arrived a little before the pre show. Ha, Ha, there were no hot girls in the front row for him to flirt with today.

Naomi’s, hair was darling, making her one of the cutest pages there today. During Jay’s warm up, I couldn’t help but notice that Jay’s flap was opened to his wrinkled pants exposing the zipper’s teeth. (I come every day folks I live for something different.)

Stephanie and Meagan had stand by tickets, so I was so happy to see them get in and have great seats.

Wanda Sykes was a great guest; she had us falling out of our chairs with laughter. Chris Mathews was informative about what’s going on in Washington. Mr. Mathews pants were a little too short, because when he sat down he exposed way too much leg, all the way to the top of his dress socks.

The musical guest, John Mayer, is very tall, talented, and kinda hot. He was wonderful, and has an old jazzy sound that works. John also has the world’s tiniest black guitar player, with a Mohawk. I swear he was no bigger than his guitar!

Outside, I met three ladies who were hoping to get a picture of Jay while he was outside. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen but they enjoyed the show. One of the ladies (one of the most petite there) just moved to California, her name was pronounced Pizza. I love meeting all the people who come to "The Tonight Show".

Remember, candy may just be candy to you, for some it’s a meal…

Love ya,