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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

GloMerica The Beautiful...

In the cold line outside, where I sat for almost three hours, waiting for the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". I met Joy and Ray from Jackson County Alabama. Ray, who is a proud truck driver, loves the Colts. Joy has been his sidekick for 28 years.

Ray told me that they were cousins and that their family tree has no branches. Ray cracked jokes, and Joy just shook her head. Joy and Ray proudly have three boys and three girls and one Harley bike.

Where they are from there was a ribbon cutting ceremony for the first and only traffic light. In Jackson County, they have one full time Policeman and one part time policeman.

In the studio, Joy and Ray took a picture with Jay Leno and thanked me.

One the new hot NBC female page named Haley got engaged to a cute up and coming actor named Freddie. I wish them well. Her ring is beautiful.


Pitch to America. We watched some new show ideas. How about NBC doing a show about a African American, Black, Colored, Negro, girl who goes to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and freezes her behind off everyday? SOLD!

Can we un-pitch? Like the George Lopes Show. Un-sold.

Forest Whitaker, from the movie "The Last King of Scotland". He was not dark enough to play the part, so they put him in black face. (Amos and Andy would be proud.) Forest had on a nice Grey suit, with a pink shirt and pink tie. You could be the last king in Compton with that suit on. I hope you win.

America Ferrera from the hit show "Ugly Betty" was adorable, until she slipped and said the "S" word. I’m sure they’ll edited it out. New show "Foul Mouth Betty".

Daniel Powter was good. I love his spaceship looking keyboard. His eyes are beautiful, even though he looked like he just left "Survivor Island". I wish he would take off that hat!

Remember, if you can’t be good, be good at it…

Love Ya,


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Glo Vanna Trump…

As I waited in the ice cold, rainy, outside line. I spotted Wolfman. He is a crazy guy who speaks to himself, has wild hair and is trying to move in on my show. Go away Wolfman! You give regular crazy people, who go to a show everyday, a bad name.

Outside I sat next to another male nut job that told me he sat next to some hot 16-year-olds on the bus here. Go away with Mr. Wolfy, you sicko!

I met 3O great people on a tour from "Surprise". After what seemed to be an Abbott and Costello act, I realized that they were from Surprise, Phoenix. One of the people won a truck on the "Price is Right" yesterday! That show will air on Feb. 28th.


Q&A with Fred Willard. Was so funny! Fred has been on the show 81 times. He is as old as my mother’s shag carpet in Florida and so funny every time!

Diane Keaton, I love her. She wore all back. Diane had on this soft corset thing with pants, jacket and black jewelry. She sat with her leg underneath her, which was an interesting angle for camera # 2.

Ms. Keaton also talked about bra poking and granny draws. The show was getting wild!

Ivanka, somehow, is stunning in the face, while still looking like her father Donald Trump. Ivanka had on some medieval bra contraption dress thing on. Nobody noticed because her breasts were about to abandon ship. What a "View". Who does she think she is MISS USA? She should tell that dress "Your Fired" and not give it a second chance.

As a massage therapist, I wanted to work on Ivanka’s rounded shoulders. She is tall and not graceful at all. Her walk reminded me of Grape Ape.

Soweto Gospel Choir was interesting. I had no idea what dem Africans wasa singing, but I got the message. We give thanks to de Lawd, to be here and not de George Lopez show!

Remember, money can’t buy everything…

Love Ya,


Monday, January 29, 2007

The Gypsy’s and GloZell...

In line today I met Gypsy’s, Mike and Debbie, who decided on Debbie’s 55th birthday to sell everything, buy a motor home and travel the land. (Mike won’t let Debbie drive) They told me how much fun they were having. Debbie showed me pictures of her family. They are both very proud grandparents to a handsome boy, named Jacob (who knows how to make some funny faces) and a princess named Astrid. (Who was named after Neil Young’s sister) Astrid has a pretty stepsister, named Ashley! Your grandparents are so cool!

I love these people. Their family thought, and still thinks that they are crazy! They just look on a map and decide where to live for that week. On the back of their home, they have a truck, motorcycle and two bikes! Mike is a retired firefighter of 27 years.

Wolfman came to the show today. He is a strange guy who keeps coming to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". Hey bub, get your on show this one is mine!

Mike won some socks!


Bill Cosby, who received two standing ovations. He was a little older, a litter heavier but the same ol’ Bill. He is a hero to me. Jay and Bill are clean comics. Just like me. Bill and Jay talked about cars, and cracked us all up! Bill played in the band during one of the breaks.

Mary-Lynn Rajskub, from the show "24’, didn’t drop the ball. She was hilarious! I love her dry since of humor. Mary-Lynn was beautiful in a brown leopard print halter-top dress. Her spray tan looked great, and so did she.

Katharine McPhee, from last years "American Idol", Looked sexy in a short grey one piece short and top, with black tights. At first, I thought the music was too loud then I could hear her voice over it. Bill spoke to Mary-Lynn throughout Katharine’s whole performance!

This was a very good show!

After the show it was fun watching all the black people who work on the show come out of nowhere to take a picture with the legendary Bill Cosby. I wish I was one of them!

Remember, Life is a Journey… for some of us…

Love Ya ,


Friday, January 26, 2007

March of the GloZell…

In the outside line, I met Patricia who was visiting her brother Robin who looks like Noah Wyle from the show "ER". We jumped on her for smoking three cigarettes a day. I couldn’t say much because she offered me some of her French Fries.

I also met Dave and Sharon who were in their late forties I’m guessing. They met four months ago on the Internet, and met for the first time in person yesterday. Sharon loves Jewelry she had rings on every finger. Sharon loves Ruby’s (Pigeon blood red color). When she picked up David from the airport, he was wearing a Tiara on his head.

David was very attentive to her and tried to keep her warm in the ice-cold studio. I wish them well. They act like they have been together for years.

Shout out to one of the coolest pages of all time (And not just because he graduated from the University of Florida, Go Gators!) Seth, or as his friends call him Bookie. Bookie has plans to make millions.

Keira (I think I spelled that wrong) who is a "Sistah" page who gave me a little attitude, and quizzed me on knowing her named.

The wolf man got into the show today. He is nuts! The first time I saw him, he was wearing a Tuxedo that was too short.


Rebecca Romijn was beautiful. I like her because she is fit and not bone skinny. She left after her segment. I think it’s because the next guest was Bob Saget. Bob and her ex-husband John Stamos was on the show "Full House" together and I think she didn’t want to run into him.

Bob Saget has a new dirty Penguins cartoon. It’s a R rated farce of the movie "March of the Penguins". Only Bob can figure out a way to use Penguins for something filthy. If only he used his powers for good. Bob’s a nasty Saget!

The Musical guest Rodrigo Y Gabriela was the best musical guest on the show this year. These beautiful Mexican people beat the Zell out of the Guitar. I thought the guitar was going to catch on fire. They were great! Something spiritual was going on with those two. The audience was mesmerized! Jay thought they were done and started towards them then they started up again, Jay jumped back.

We all got a Rodrigo Y Gabriela C.D. Buy one for your amigos! My boyfriend and I listened to it and loved it. They are amazing!

Remember, extraordinary things can come from ordinary people…

Love Ya,


Thursday, January 25, 2007

GloZell Got Carded!…

I got cards made with my blog sight on them. I enjoyed passing them out.

Outside waiting 2 1/2 hrs. Before the show, I met some kind people. They wanted to get the Ellen show but couldn’t get in, so they came to see the great Leno.

Amy, who is a say at home mother of two beautiful girls, one ten and the other is five. Amy was traveling from Los Vegas with her friend Ginger.

Jamie and two of her friends met Amy and Ginger in the Ellen line and now every one was sitting next to me.

Jamie bought Amy a gourmet chocolate apple which she shared with me. It was good.

A nice guy named Garry from Long beach bought me a Coke just because he enjoyed the info I was giving out about the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". It was a nice surprise. I had a great time.

In the ice cold studio Amy, Jamie and the other ladies got to take a picture with Jay, and they thanked me.

Jamie was picked to dance, she knows how to shake her money maker.

Bob the warm up comedian threw a pair of socks into the audience but they got stuck in one of the lights. Garry pointed out which light to security and they retrieved them before they caught a fire. Thanks Garry! (Yes, his named is spelled with two R’s)

When the show started, there was this cute little lady named Ellen who stood on her chair to see Jay.


Wanda Sykes was funny as always. She has lost weight and looked good.

Sendhil Ramamurthy the Indian guy from the show "Heros". My, my, my, was he fine. Sendhil looked like a dark Superman!

The musical guest "The Bird and The Bee" was interesting. The girl had this wispy light voice and a retro throwback dress. The back-up singers had yellow slips on, that they were trying to pass off as dresses. They would never make it on "American Idol" Over all they were different and gave me hope that Jay will have me on one day!

Remember, nothing in the world can take the place of persistence…

Love Ya,


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Never Glo To Sleep Before The Tonight Show…

In the line today at 1:30, I met Martian and a nice lady named Sheri Sharkey. Martin is a tour bus driver from Alaska who knows everything about the movies that were filmed in California.

Sheri Sharkey is a Kindergarten Teacher who is on her first trip out of state with her husband and without their beautiful four-year-old son Jack.

Sheri and her husband hotel room air conditioner caught on fire at 2:00 AM, Monday January 22nd. Thank goodness, they woke up in time to get help. It was at the Sheraton Hotel room 502 in Pasadena California.

In the audience, the front row people weren’t the young, hot, collage age people they usually have. On the front row next to the band was a very large woman. She looked like the actress from "What’s eating Gilbert Grape?" or LuLu from Hee-Haw. It was like they got the most unattractive people they could find. I was proud of them until… TBC

I met two people who stood in line at 6:00 AM to get tickets then went to sleep or something because they made it back to the show late and ended up in the worst seats, but I was glad they made it in.


Sienna Miller was stunning. Jay flirted with her. (Of course) Jay picked her up and placed her in her seat. Sienna was beautiful, her dress was this unique tan silk off the shoulders asymmetrical design. Her brown heels were awesome. (I wish I could look like her) Then on top of that she has this British accent, the men were in awe of her.

She played this game with Jay to see how many grapes they could stuff in their mouths. Sienna - 14, Jay - 30. Sienna said "Of course you would win" she said with her hands on her cheeks.

Phyllis Diller was great to see in person. She is 89 years old. Phyllis did stand up on the show. The problem was that it was only about her fat mother in law. The woman on the front row was about 500 pounds. I couldn’t laugh. I felt so bad for her and yet I was very hungry. (Oh, the conflict)

Branford Marsalis (The original Tonight show bandleader) and his Quartet was jazzy. Kevin (The new bandleader) closed his eyes during most of it. (I think he went to sleep) I like it when Branford smiles because his lips covers his teeth and it looks like they are missing. (Ha, ha) Branford is still fine!

Remember, you don’t have to jump on the band wagon to get a laugh…

Love Ya,


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

GloZell, Big Boy’s don’t Cryer…

I have to admit sitting outside for two and a half hours. Is kind of fun. (As long as it isn’t raining.) I get to talk to people who are dying to talk because they are bored.

I met this cute couple from Michigan, who I thought were going to say they had been married for twenty years. They both have been married twice and decided to just live together. Bonnie and Jerry have been together for 15 years happily - unmarried. (Love Shack Baby.)

I was able to get Bonnie a picture with Jay, it made her trip. Yeah!

The page Chloe had on beautiful black heels with a tiny bow on the side. She has come a long way from the flip-flops, I am so proud.

"The Tonight show with Jay Leno" guest furniture cost 20 thousand dollars. Why I know so much useless information about this show? (I need help)

My boyfriend Richard took me to Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank (Say that 5 times fast) Jay goes there because they have a car show every Friday night. To my amazement, they had pictures of famous people on the wall but NO PICTURE OF JAY LENO! What the Zell is going on?

As Jay ‘s number one fan. I will get his picture up at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank!


Jon Cryer from the show "Two & a Half Men". You know, the one who is not Charlie Sheen, who is a cross between the character "Jack" from the show "Will & Grace" and Mathew Broderick.

Jeff Garcia the Q.B. for the Philadelphia Eagles. I don’t know what I was thinking but I was surprised that he was white. (I was thinking Basketball) He was dressed very nice… He has an interesting look… um, it’s a good thing that he is tall, successful, and rich. Tiger Woods, Carrot Top, and Seal fall into the same category. If your not good looking, you better have money; it helps you look good. Seal must be stinking rich!

Switchfoot was the musical guest. They looked good, and had a nice sound. They were all white except the Asian guy who played the tambourine, keyboard and the guitar, during one song. Three members of the Tonight show band played with them.

Remember, you are known by the company you keep…

Love Ya,


Monday, January 22, 2007

It’s going to be cold, GloZell…

I had to work today doing chair massage at the Convention Center. I had to take it because I made enough to pay my rent next month.

It was cool because Diedre Hall from the NBC Soap Opera "Days of our Lives" was doing some shopping.(Last day everything was wholesale). I didn’t go up to her because I heard several times that she is very snobby.

I am very sad to report that the Soap Opera "Passions" was canceled and will end this summer. I always wanted to be on that Soap.

I found out that there is a sick person stalking stars at NBC. My guess, is the stars must be Ellen and Jay Leno, because I don’t think Carson Daily is funny enough to be considered.

That’s why the guest list policy has changed. I will have to sit outside from about 1:00 PM until 3:30 PM. No regular NBC/ Universal employee can put some one on the guest list for a week in a row. Do what you have to do NBC to keep Jay and Ellen safe.

I know what you’re thinking. Don’t they think it’s you GloZell, because you go everyday? No, because I’ve been going to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" for 7 months now. They do have a list of people who aren’t allowed to step onto NBC property. I’m not one of them and wont ever be.

I will have to work late nights and weekends now because I have to be able to sit all day to go to the show.

It must be scary to work hard to make people laugh and feel good, and then have to look over your shoulder all the time.

Remember, one monkey don’t stop the show…

Love Ya,


Friday, January 19, 2007

GloZell, your Uncle is here!…

In the ice cold studio. Jay always wipes off his make-up and messes up his hair during one of the breaks, but today he didn’t. What’s up with that Jay?

Jay meant to say "Ask Men" during his monologue but he for got the "k". The audience got a good laugh.


Jay showed some interesting videos of people who waned to be a corespondent for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", I hope they show mine too.

Don Rickles, AKA Don wrinkles, he was old and had help getting up and down the few steps off the stage. If Don was just starting out in comedy he wouldn’t have a chance because so many people get in trouble these days saying anything racist. Don was rude, said racist things, loud, interesting and funny. He asked us to clap for Jay’s dead parents. He will say anything! The girl next to me said I don’t know who that guy is but, he sure is a funny old guy. I felt old.

Over all, it was great seeing a comedy legend.

John Stamos. The Great Greek. He is still Uncle Jessie to me. John has an unusually close relationship with Don Rickles. Don said so many nice things about John. Don must be dying soon, because he never says anything nice about people.

John was cute, and girls were screaming "I love you John". We were instructed before the show not to scream at John during the show.

The musical guest Rocco DeLuca and the Burdan were good. the were very creative with their home made instruments. One of the guys was beating on a piece of wood, and another was playing a drum with his foot, keyboard with one hand, shaker with the other. They could just be cheap. The sound was solid and it worked for them.

Remember, what is yours in the world, you will receive… No matter who tries to get in your way…

Love Ya,


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It was not Thicke enough, GloZell…

In the studio, I had great seats, thanks to Tati. I sat next to Mike and Carol Brazil, a great couple from San Francisco, Castro Valley. Mike said that his secret love is Meredith Vieira from the "Today" show. He has loved her since she was on the show the "View" and said she doesn’t wear underwear. When Meredith came out Mike was almost drooling. He stared at her the whole time, even during the breaks. Carol was cool with her husband’s fantasy. (As long as he eats at home).


Meredith Vieira from the "Today" show. Her dress was nice and I loved her red shoes. Thank goodness, somebody knows how to dress for her age. (53) She was a great guest and was enjoyable to watch. Jay talked to her during the breaks. He didn’t do that with Jessica Simpson.

Ryan Renolds from the movie "Smoking Aces". Another great guest, he was very interesting and cute. Ryan is thin hipped and has no, I repeat, no behind. But he’s funny.

Musical guest was Robin Thicke. Umm… how do I say this? He was the worst act ever. Robin’s fake "Can I be Justin Timberlake", high voice, tortured us for 3 minutes. Jay said his album received great reviews. From whom, a couple of dogs. This canine high thing, he was doing, hurt my feelings. I need him to retire right now. I’m sure PETA is campaigning now to stop that sound. Save the dogs!

You should have seen the reaction of the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" band. The Police officer Kelly looked at me and I started laughing during his performance. I like to thank his father Alan Thicke for contributing to his good looks. Robin’s voice was bad.

Remember, some children should be seen and not heard…

Love Ya,


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jay is a good kisser, GloZell!…

In the studio, this lady gets to take a picture with Jay Leno. She said that she heard that he was a good kisser. Honey chile', Jay kissed the 7734 out of her. I started to count 1 Go Gators, 2 Go Gators, 3 Go Gaters, etc. I made it to 15 Go Gators! Jay was off the chain. Nobody knew what to do because the kiss went on for so long. I mean a long time.

I bet that lady thought Jay was going to leave his wife of 26 years, marry her, have his gray hared children, and drive off in one of his cars. Ha! Well he didn’t, but he really, really kissed her. The audience, staff and GloZell could not believe it. That lady needed a cigarette afterwards. It should have been me! (I could have been a contender!) I show up everyday and barely get an handshake. (Bitter, party of one)

Donald Trump gave us all hot chocolate during the show. I thought Jay was going to ask about his feud with Rosie, but he didn’t, and nothing was said about that. Donald’s hair wasn’t as fugly as I thought, but his face had this fake tan stuff that didn’t look normal.

I sat next to the Olsons, from Illinois. Mr. Olson is a race car driver, who was picked to dance on stage. He couldn’t dance so he started to take off his clothes. Mrs. Olson was so nice to me, they both asked me questions about the show, and I loved answering them. They were special guests of Jay’s and took a picture with him after the show, along with their friends the Greene’s.


Ross the Intern, at the Golden Globes. Ross has lost some weight. He is on the show "Celebrity Fitness". He is so fairy funny. I’m looking forward to work with him someday soon.

Matt Lauer from the "Today" show was a good guest. His jeans were too tight in the crotch. His poor twig and berries looked like they were praying for freedom.

The Ragonese’s, are a couple in their 70’s, who beat up robbers that came into their store with a bat and a cane. The robbers must have been 90 years old. The Ragonese’s were funny, and were jamming to the music every break.

The musical guest, the "All American Rejects" had a great sound and a huge fan base. They looked like cute dirty haired white boys. After the show, the lead singer was holding hands with the drummer.

Today was a very unusual affectionate show.

Remember, you are as young as you feel… or who you feel…

Love Ya,


Monday, January 15, 2007

Jennifer Hudson won GloZell!…

Happy M.L.K. Day!

I brought chocolate chip cookies to the pages, because it’s a holiday.

In the lobby, an old white guy was bragging how he knows a guy how use to work with Della Rease, and that he knows all of her songs. I didn’t know she had songs.

Fun Fact: One of the pictures on the buildings in the city background is Dr. Martin Luther King.

Guest: Paula Abdul who was a little overdressed, but looked good. Paula is going to make a few appearances at parties tonight. It’s the Golden Globe night. Jennifer Hudson won for the movie "Dreamgirls". MLK would be so proud.

Jay talked to Paula every break. He is such a flirt, oh my goodness.

Well, it’s MLK day so let’s get NBC #1 token Negro. D. L. Hugley. on the show again. I have to admit he must have gotten some new writers because he was very funny today. (Once in Orlando I was attempting to do comedy, and Hugley was the M.C. and he was mean to me.)

Musical Guest, Tyrese featuring Lil’ Jon. I see Tyrese is out of jail for abuse to his woman,( Richard Pryor would be so proud) and he has gained a little weight. (Luther Vandross would be so proud). He has a great voice and good stage presence. The crowed loved it when Tyrese came into the audience. Not because of him but because they were going to be seen on national television.

The dancers were flawless. I thought they might have had on stockings, because there was no cellulite anywhere and not a piece of fat. You go girls! I almost thought of working out!

After the show D.L. Ugly kept stepping on Paula’s train on the back of her dress. (Ok GloZell stop hating – it was years ago, get over it.)

I’d like to give a shout out to, who linked my blog to her’s. Thank you. If you want to know where good service is. Check it out.

Remember, We all have dreams… But very few pursue them...

Love Ya,


Saturday, January 13, 2007

GloZell’s Got Chocolate?...

For Friday, January 12th, 2007 (Sorry – I was tired)

Who ate all the chocolate I brought in on Thursday? I handed it to a page named Phil. (Who seemed a little too happy that I brought it) It was about sixty pieces of individually wrapped chocolate. On Friday, I asked all the pages I saw, did you get some chocolate? Everyone said, "I didn’t get any, but thank you". I will bring something else on Monday in Lou of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.


They did a segment on people who did things when they were young and stupid and then contacted the person they needed to apologize too. It was ok. I appreciate the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno doing something different".

Renee Zellweger for the movie "Miss Potter". Renee looked glamorous. Her deathly pale skin and a pitch-black extremely tight dress looked good on her. She could barely walk and had to sit up strait because of the corset top of the dress. She was a funny and charming guess. I loved her country accent. She talked about Jay’s sexy picture, he took before becoming famous, and her cat that likes to kill rodents and spread their parts out in a circle. Maybe she can star in "Silence of the Mice". She took a picture of the audience to put in her journal. I was never a fan of hers until now, I liked her.

I saw the movie "Miss Potter" thinking I was going to go to sleep, but it was very good.

Joy Behar from "The View" was entertaining. She looked pretty good. I believe she has had some kind of injections in her face because her skin was smooth. Joy use to be a Kindergarten teacher before becoming a comedian.

Musical guest, Common was different, he was rapping and another guy was singing in a Tuxedo. The drummer was Jeremy Piven from the show "Entourage". How cool.

Today was a good show!

Remember, when you know better, do better!...

Love Ya,


Thursday, January 11, 2007

GloZell's back on the list...

I’m back on the guess list for now! Thanks Mr. Beam and the Pages at NBC.

In the studio, one of the hottest NBC pages of all time "Zoo" was in the front row with not one, not two, but three exotically beautiful ladies (Don’t hate da playa hate da game). Zoo is always nice but you can tell even in his pages uniform that he has got it going on. He plays the electric guitar which attracts the ladies. Bob the warm up comedian picked at him before the show.

It was good seeing the page that writes music named "Ice". He has the coolest grandma.

I sat next to Lynn a very nice lady who’s 25 year old son ( who was good looking) has Hodgkins Disease. It’s cancer of the blood. Lynn was told by the doctors that "It’s the best cancer to get". that’s because it is curable. Hopefully Jay can donate millions for research. The beautiful young blonde she was sitting next to had the disease also. I pray they get cured soon. Lynn and her family and friends were very nice people.

Aryela from Boston overheard me talking to Lynn and asked me questions about the show. One, being who gets to sit on the front row. I told her the truth, it’s college looking cute people. I don’t think Aryela liked that. Either the girl sitting next to Aryela was, very cold or Aryela was afraid the girl was going to escape or they were very close sisters or lesbians. Go, L Word!

In the audience was Claudia, Jay’s prom date and her husband and son. Mavis (Jay’s wife) you have nothing to worry about. I don’t know about you folks, but if I was knowingly going to see a successful blast from the past, I might want to look cute or something. Claudia had on a plain denim jacket with some I can easy sew flower baggy pants, red glasses ,brown sandals, strait mousy brown hair with gray strains. Claudia was dressed fine if she was going to a petting farm. The husband tried not to laugh. He sat with his arms crossed the whole time. That must stink looking at the man who dated your wife and he’s now much more successful than you. Maybe not - she has children and Jay has a cat. They both are successful.


Helen Mirren from the movie "The Queen". She was delightful. Jay was flirting with her. His type is all over the place. He walked her back holding her hand. He loves the smart type. Probably trying to get his prom date jealous.

Isaac Mizrahi (The other Queen, I have some of his clothes from Target) was not representing fashion very well. His clothes were so tight I could hear his buttons screaming "help". Jay and Isaac slammed each other about their weight.

Musical guest Los Lonely Boys were great. They had terrific harmony. I don’t know what happened to their band because they borrowed four members of the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno".

Remember, the more give, the more you get back…

Love Ya,


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Glo Day Mate…

Well, I got my ticket at 8:00AM, then I took a walk around the NBC Lot. I enjoy coming to the show, so many people think I’m never going to get on the show. I like to know your thoughts on that…

One of the new pages made the first fashion no no, by wearing flip flops to work. I’m sure this will not be repeated again.

The girl I sat next to in line since 12:00 PM got a picture with Jay Leno because of me, Yeah! She also thought the page John B. was cute.

During the first song, Vickie dropped the microphone. It was so funny even she laughed.

John Edwards is running for President. He was well dressed and very well spoken. My sister DeOnZell drove from Orlando Florida to New Orleans to hear John Edwards announce his running for the Presidency. My sister is an Opera singer who sings for a lot of political campaigns. John and Jay didn’t talk much during the breaks.

Terri Irwin was wonderful. Terri is a beautiful and strong woman. Her husband the late Steve Irwin was a close friend of Jay. During her interview, she shed a few tears… The world loves that family. Go Gators.

Okay, the musical guest Mindy Smith was the worst. I thought something was wrong with the microphone and that she was going to have to sing over again. She was maybe one pound bigger than the microphone. Mindy looked sick to me and I wanted to hand her some raisins I had on me. She looked like she needed some food intervention.

Remember, everything’s beautiful in it’s own way…

Love Ya,


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Glo Gators…

I got the last ticket this morning at 8:00AM.

In line, I met Robin her brother and Japanese boyfriend Seiki. Robin and Seiki are teachers who met and fell in love in Japan. Seiki’s father made his own toilet. They were nice and gave me two hot dogs. They got a chance to take a picture with Jay Leno. I was glad for them.

I was one of the first thirty and ended up in great seats. Which was great because I sat outside at 11:00AM we went inside at 3.45.


Ben Affleck was handsome and showed a clip of his movie Hollywoodland. He was entertaining, and used big impressive words.

Chris Leak who is so fine behind football player from the greatest University of all time the University of Florida. (I graduated in 1997, Go Gators). He was well spoken, nice dimples, smooth dark skin and bright blue eyes. (Thank you for white and black people uniting. Martin Luther King would be so proud).

Jewel was the musical guest. This girl has an incredible voice. Jewel was awesome. (I guess I’ll have to get use to her snaggle tooth).

Remember, Cheer for the underdog… Go Gators…

Love Ya,


Monday, January 08, 2007

Glo White Power!…

In my PJ’s, I got up and stood in line to get my ticket for the show at 8:00 AM. You got to do what you got to do.

At my church last Sunday, one of the singers named Blair told me she went to a bar this weekend and ran into some Pages from "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and they ended up saying good things about me, thanks!

Welcome new pages I’m looking forward to meeting and writing about you. There are five new girls and two boys. (I hope the boys are hot) Congratulations! Hey Shelby (A page) thanks for taking off that jacked up toe polish. Your open toe shoes looked good today. (Go Gators)

In the studio, I sat on the far side next to the guest band. Behind me was a group of people from North Carolina who complained about their seats. It was hard to see the guest from there but we were very close to the musical guest, who they loved.


Kiefer Sutherland was boring. He turned forty and was down about it. I was surprised I thought he was older. It seemed like a "24" hour interview. He was nervous and low energy. Get a Red Bull Kiefer.

Betty White, thank goodness for her. Betty was funny and just a pro. I couldn’t make out what was on her sweater. It was like a Christmas Tree attacked a Zebra. Outside of a little left eye drainage, (She had tissue tucked under her right sleeve to wipe her eye) she looked great!

Daughtry was the musical guest, who happens to look an awful lot like the supervisor in charge of the pages, Mr. Beam. Chris Daughtry was one of the runners up on American Idol. The Band was rocked, I’m proud of him. Betty was rocking to the music, I love that little ol'lady.

Remember, a closed mouth never gets feed…

Love Ya,


Friday, January 05, 2007

Glo Bugs in my pie!…

I had to get up at the behind crack of dawn to get in line by 8:00 AM in order to get tickets to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". I got their at 7:57 AM and I was the 30th person in line. It was so cold. I had on my night clothes, looking like a hot mess. I truly miss the guest list days.

I returned at 2:30 PM an stood in the freezing line. I over heard this youngster named Erica S. who lives in California and is in college to be a nurse, say how the lady that sings from the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" gets on her nerves with her singing and that the band is too loud.

Instead of telling her and her friends Ali Fussell and Adrian Pryke (From Australia and is growing two hairs on his chin) to sit and spin. I told them that I was a spy for the show and that I was going to report to Jay what I heard. They were so surprised that I was listening and offered to buy me off with a soda. We and laughed so hard and had a great time shivering to pert near death in line.

Erica didn’t care about the show or the band she said she wanted to see the number 4 in the backdrop behind Jay. (The girl was very interesting). They thought I was funny and are going to see me do stand up at The Comedy Store on Tuesday.

In the studio Erica, Adrian, Ali and I took a picture with Jay Leno.

I got hugs from the pages Becky and Tati I hadn’t seen them all year.


Ross the Intern (who was never an intern) was fairy funny as always. I would love to do a skit with him.

Terry Bradshaw, is defiantly a bully, in a way. He was taunting Jay and asking how much money he makes. Terry also said that Jay can’t make up a joke on his own and that he has 10 writers. He was borderline funny and rude.

Terry Bradshaw made the show interesting. He started a food fight with Jay during Jay’s cooking session with the Blue Ribbon Pie maker Marjorie Johnson. Marjorie was funny and talked a mile a minute. (I think she is 200 years old and pretty as a picture) Hey Jay, don’t think this lady is going to replace the Fruitcake lady just because she died. Well… I do like pie better.

Papa Roach was the musical guest. How did they come up with that name? Maybe they sat around thinking, Mama Spider… nah, Sister Ant… nah, Brother Silverfish… nah, Papa Roach… Yes that’s it! The world will love it.

After the show the large guy in the band ate some of the pie on the stage. You greedy big bug!

Remember, be the change you want to see…

Love ya,


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Glo!…

I'm Back!!!

I had a great time in Florida. While on break three people died. (People die in threes you know) James Brown, President Gerald Ford and Saddam Hussein. We all have to face our maker some day! I think James Brown’s Funeral is still going on. His clothes were changed three times after the funeral started.

Meagan Mullally show was canceled. I don’t know why? Her Gap like masculine clothes worked for Ellen, but not for her. No room for two of them back to back on the same station with the same guests, I’m so surprised that didn’t work out.

Page of the week is Jordan AKA "Charlie Dan". Every time you see him give him a compliment. It doesn’t matter how big or small. Drive him nuts with kindness this week.

Andrew, the on stage security guard, AKA "The Hair" was happy to see me. He stepped off stage and gave me a hug. I love the people who work at NBC, Including the Pages who technically don’t work for NBC. It’s another company who pays them.

Larry is doing a great job, as the page that takes care of the guests on the show. Make Mamma proud!


Brian Herzlinger was funny at the "Grease" auditions. Most of the corespondent’s are funny on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and I can’t wait to work with them.

Hilary Swank was tiny. I was thinking she was going to be this big He/she muscular boxer chick. Hilary was soft and had legs to die for. She told Jay how she couldn’t let go of anything and how she has too much stuff. That’s a lie, she got rid of her husband. Her proud mom and grandfather was behind me. Her grandfather danced during the warm up before the show and received a Tonight Show T-shirt. He fell into one of the two T-shirt categories ether blonde and perky or old as Heaven. (He wasn’t blonde)

Today’s police officer was a cute tiny little Mexican guy named Officer Fernando. He came up to a little above my waist. I feel safe!

Tom Papa, the comic was funny. He was a professional, because Jay didn’t tell us to give him a mercy clap like he does for most other comics.

Akon was the musical guest. I had never heard of him. He was lively and good if you’re into Reggie music and bad hair styles.

Remember, It’s a New Year and time for change. Let last year’s junk stay back there and press toward the mark for your prize…

Love ya,