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Friday, August 31, 2007

Green Hospital

I would like to give a shout out to Deanna Shumaker who worked on the skit "PA" for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Deanna enjoyed working for Anna Noble, Jenny Gold, and Karush(Sorry if I spelled it wrong) I loved talking to her. You can see "The PA's" on the the Tonight Show with Jay Leno site in the near future.
It was so hot that Adriana and Angela made fans out of newspaper!
Toni and her son(who can blow your mind with his guitar playing) eat at hospitals when they travel. The best food is at the Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque and the worst meat loaf in at Encino Hospital. It's cheap, and has healthy choices. I got to try that!
Miguel who works for NBC just got back from Mexico. His brother passed away, but is in a better place.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno got free Philly Steak and Cheese! They set up outside. Miguel wasn't allowed to have any. It was just for Tonight Show with Jay Leno people. I guess its not for every Tom, Dick, and Paco.
Seth Green was on the show today. He was very funny. I love him! Everyone in the audience got a copy of Robot Chicken Season two. It's a show that come on the station Adult Swim. I watch this show! I love it when Mike gets dirty!
And gets clean. This was from when he washed after having a lava bath! Love him!
Collective Soul was the musical guest and the song wasn't that great. But I would love to collect the two guitarists. They were good looking.
Speaking of good looking. Bryan(The light skin black guy who works with the talent on the show) YOU CAN GROW HAIR! Why have you been shaving your head. Your head is not shaped to be seen. Okay. However, you are totally hot now! I mean, a whole bag of chips baby!
Remember, the people you meet going up the ladder are same ones you meet coming down.
LoVe ya,
David Beckham is the most beautifulest man in the world!
I heard on the radio that David Beckham hurt his knee and he plays soccer.
I don't care what he hurt. He can loose his legs and it won't matter. As long as he takes off his shirt! As far as I'm concerned, he won. He can show up at a Laker's game or any other game it's the same to me ,just take off your shirt David. Yes!
David is married to Posh, who is beautiful also. When they get together is like WOW!
Speaking of England people. I remember that I went camping with my college roommate Stacy Hernandez and her family one weekend. Her mother saw a spider and we got a hotel room. We turned on the TV and they were announcing the Death of Princess Dianna. We couldn't believe it. I wanted to cry for her, and her sons. Where were you? That was ten years ago.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's a Superbad Summer Glo...

Today I met Summer and Keela. Last week they saw the movie Superbad and thought it was the worst movie ever. Summer plane almost left her, she spilled cranberry juice on herself, she dropped her wallet in a Taxi and didn't get it back. So she couldn't get on the train because she didn't have ID. and they forgot The Tonight Show Tickets.

Summer found my blog and knew who I was when she finally got to the show. They had a great time at the show which was good because she was crying earlier because of all that happened. And the guest were from the movie that she hated Superbad. It was great meeting you and next Summer will be Supergood!
Matt aka Wolfman came back today. He was talking to a lawyers office to find out information about a pre-nup in the event he and Natalie get married. Matt sings a song about this Natalie every time I see him. He will one day be on the Tonight Show singing his hit.

I started taking pictures of myself. I was in line by myself a long time.

Nice! But it's time to shave them pits.



I also met Carolyn from Boulder Colorado. She went to see David Letterman in the 80's (Traitor!) But I guess it's okay, he was working for NBC at the time. And a shout out to her husband Mel who had to work...

The new Pages are great and they seem to get along well together. They all went to lunch together today. One of the new Pages said before we went in that if someone takes a picture they get a warning first then if they take another one, then they will be asked to leave. Well their were plenty of picture taking in the show today. I don't think that information the Page said was for the audience to know.
Also, there are new security guards training. It's not clear when do they stop the line to the bathroom. One Page will say no and the Security Guard will say yes and it just looks bad. To many new people not knowing the ropes yet. Things were going great I don't want the ball dropped. Thanks!
It was Africa Hot today. I thought until I met Waltraud and her husband Horst who live in Port Elizabeth South Africa. The heat didn't bother them. They have lived in SA for 37 years. Horst works for Volkswagen and the company moved them from Handover Germany to South Africa.

Maya and Dan from Toranto Canada.

Dan was so hot he stood against the doors to feel some of the AC from inside. Will from Atlanta joined him. So I jumped in.

Will is getting married to the Southern Belle Miss Cristall Aug. 2nd 2008!

It was so hot, this poor guy took some water and poured in on his head then drank the next cup.

I looked around and these young ladies who came to the show to see Mclovin from the movie Supperbad, and they had made fans for themselves. It was so hot. (Antoinette,Morgan,Stefanie,Brandi)

Mo Rocca visits Convention City: Minneapolis. The skit wasn't funny. In Mo Rocca defence. I saw him on Comedy Central and he was great! at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno people compare him to Ross the Intern. Mo Rocca skit has funny moments but It just doesn't work that well.

Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse from the movie "Superbad". They were great. They worked well, the clip was funny. What I like is that you can tell that they are friends. They all clicked their cups together for a toast like "like we made it". I wish them all the best.

When Jarod Miller (Animal Expert) came on the energy was high. It was great to see the animals. The monkeys love Jay! The snakes made the "Superbad guys" jump. It was fun. Today was a great show.
Wilco was the musical guest. They have a great following. Women were screaming " I Love you". To them. Whoever does the sets for the musical guest should win something. They do a great job. Are the sets done by Larry? (He looks like a modern day Jesus with beautiful light eyes)
Remember, when the heat rises so do tempers... don't let it.

LoVe Ya,



Well, well, well Sen. Larry Craig

Dear Sen. Larry Craig,

You are a disgusting Conservative little fruitcake.
You spread your evil about gay people and then you are caught tap dancing for a pickle!
And this is not the first time! I don't blame you for wanted to be a gay man. I mean If God didn't love gay men, Why did He make them so fine, good looking, well dressed and so very talented!

Did I mention good looking. Man I was in Hollywood and all the men were so fine but they were all looking at themselves. NOT FAIR!

It's people like you who say terrible things about a group and you are the biggest hypocrite of them all. I should feel sorry for you because gay men don't want to be seen with you old ugly stank behind. That's why you have to hide in the PUBLIC BATHROOMS.

I moved away from Florida and away from some of the stuff I learned from "Christians" that didn't make sense. Like God hates gays. But then the sermon was love thy neighbor?

One time I was preached at after church in the pastors office because I wore pants to church. I played the organ. It was easier. While I was being punished I looked at all of the pictures of Jesus and his disciples and thought to myself. " They are all wearing dresses".

Another sermon,"The white man trying to keep the black man down". But the only pictures up on the walls at that church was white Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

I'm thinking God doesn't like gay people but I supposed to believe he use a whale and a donkey. that's supposed to better than a human being. Didn't add up.

Sen. Bannan Lover! Just stop! As Christian folks we are to include not pretend to exclude.
You STINK! It's not to late to turn from your wicked ways.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hot as Zell

8AM someone was sleeping.
It was Matt Aka Wolf Man." He hopes to sing is copy written song "Natalie" On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. (I want to be there that day)
Puffy/Sean and his girlfriend Nicole who got hurt at the Pennsylvania State Fair getting off the Ferris Wheel.
It was so hot Nicole and I took off our shoes. It was past 100 degrees.

I'm back.

Laurel and Erick. They say the worst bathrooms they have ever been to is the McDonald's on Hollywood Blvd. across from the Walk of Fame. (Gross)
Just Married 4 days is Alyson and Scott. I saw Scott dance inside before the show...I'm sure you will keep Alyson smiling.
I noticed some hot toes on top of a purse. Then I met the rest. It was Kathy from PA. It was really hot today.
Dennis(Home Finance) Patty (Nurse) was with Joyce and Bob who started collecting Coca-Cola items when they first started dating 35 years ago. Married 33 years and owns Cola Corner Specializing in Coca-Cola Collectibles in Anaheim Ca.
Tyrone and his mother Louise Carpenter enjoyed the show. Louise has a thick Boston accent. I saw her walking up the sidewalk. I asked where is Tyrone. She said 'He is paahking da cah'. I never met anyone black from Boston before. She is so cute.

Tyrone and his mother got a chance to talk to Jay. Jay loved her accent and kept talking to her. Jay said since you live with your son do you still wash his clothes. She said his wife does that.

WIFE? I must have ASSumed he was single when I met him last week.
I also met Peter and Jeanie Eselgroth. I told them how to get to Guest Relations. They met Kevin Eubanks at Wilmington Opera House in Wilmington Delaware Nov. 2005. They told Kevin that they are Eagles fans, so Kevin told them whenever they are in town just call his assistant John a come to the show. I'm glad they kept the number.
Jeff Foxworthy is funny and has his own BBQ sauce. This was the first time Jeff didn't pass out gifts. I have two "You might be a Red Neck If" games and one bag of Jeff Foxworthy beef jerky.
Can somebody tell me why when Jeff Foxworthy was on the show today, is this the ONE day Ross the Producer/Cowboy didn't have on his uniform.(Blue denim shirt,jeans,big behind belt buckle,and cowboy boots! Of all of the days.

Maria Lark from the show Medium. Why does that child's clothes always look a Hot Mess!
Maria always tells Jay a joke. She was pretty good. Very Talented!

I know who she is, you are not fooling me...Sam Kinison!
Mat Kearney was the musical guest. OK

Remember, Whatever is dirty will come out in the wash.

LoVe Ya,




Dear Shai Labouf,

I know you are young and just having a great time. You are Rihanna's screw up guy. She is under Jay-Z record label. I'm just letting you know that you are being played. The publicity is great for both of you but mostly her. She is hot and from Jamaica or one of those islands.(I hope she didn't throw a chicken bone at you, cause it's hard to get out of that spell)
(Rihanna in above picture)
I'm sure that Jay-Z had to approve her dating you. How can I put this. Remember your movie "Holes" The hole that you are trying to fill, Jay-Z has probably got them filled. Why do you think Beonce' (Jay-Z's girlfriend)last album was so angry? B can sing what she wants but he has her on lock down and she ain't going nowhere.
Beonce' Lyrics

"To the left to the left everything you own in a box to the left. I can have another man in a minute. Don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're irresistible".

"Bring the alarm I was there for so long I'll be "D" if I see another chick on your arm". These are not words of a happy girl."

Enjoy Shia LaBouf just don't get caught up like Owen.