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Friday, September 29, 2006

Glo’s Cell...

In the lobby. Richard was filling up the vending machine. He told me he gets payed on commition. Then he gave Mr. John and myself a pack of mints. Either he is a nice guy or my breath wasn’t up to par. No matter what, thank you.

Mr. John is a man from Downey Cal, who got tickets for the Tonight Show to see Bill O’Reilly. His wife was too sick to come. (Get well soon, Mrs. Barbara)

It got too cold in the lobby, so I went outside. I met Julia Smith Grossman, the most adorable classy lady standing in line with her husband, Jeff Grossman. Julia’s hair was in this cute pixie cut. She was wearing a green sweater and jacket.(She knows how cold it gets in the studio). Mrs. Julia was worried, because they had been given the wrong directions and were concerned that their friend, Ms. Wendy wouldn’t find them. The page Naomi (Who is Persian, and having a bad hair day) went to ask Mr. Beam what to do.

Well, Julia thought I worked for NBC, and asked me questions that I happened to know the answers to. I let her use my cell phone to reach Wendy, and all was well.

Naomi walked us over and Penelope seated us. I ended up siting next to Mrs. Julia (Yea). We laugh and talked through most of the breaks. I told her everything that was going to happen, like Andrew (The coolest security guard) flirting with the hot blondes in the front row. To who’s going to get picked to dance for a Tonight Show T-shirt. And just as if I was psychic, everything I said happened.

The Grossman’s own an Arabian horse named Ebony. (It’s an all white horse, hey if you got the money to buy an Arabian Horse - name it what you want). Mrs. Grossman runs her own company, "Visual Merchandising", which is very successful.

Finally, I called the hot to trot, Mr. Andrew over and said, "Do you ever get tired of flirting with hot girls? He looked at me and said" No honey, I’m Irish". It’s always a good time at the Tonight Show.

Tori, one of the producers for the show today, looked great. Her hair was a darker red; it was working for her. I also sat next to people who received tickets from another producer, Scott, who didn’t have one hair out of place… I bet it was the fact Jessica Simpson was on had something to do with that.

When Jay came out to do his pre-show, I yelled, "It’s my 40th show". He was not impressed at all. Oh well, I’ll try again at 100.

One of the hot blondes tried to talk to Jessica during the interview. Note to all hot blondes, do not distract Jessica, it took the use of all her gray matter to make it through this show with Bill O’Reilly, who was so much taller than Jay – But Jay is still cuter.

Remember, at this show, when Irish eyes are smiling, it’s usually at a cute blonde.

Love ya,


Thursday, September 28, 2006

GloZell Van Winkle…

I was up late last night making my Tonight Show corespondent tape. A few of the pages had said I should, so I did. I ended up recording it at about 1:00 AM. I got up this morning, to go to work, and then to NBC… And I ended up falling asleep in the NBC lobby. I was so tired, I woke up with some gum in my mouth that don’t remember having when I got there and sat down.

The line was done. Thank goodness Mr. Beam was still standing there next to Penelope, and he gave me my ticket. Ricky walked us over today. He told the people in line "try not to get run over". That is very hard to do, when most of the cars are parked. He left and Silverspoon walked us inside. I don’t see Silverspoon much, she usually work at Universal.

The coolest security guard, Andrew, was playing air guitar with the Bruce Springsteen tape, of an earlier performance on the Tonight Show. I was wondering when he was going to go a little nuts. I listen to the same music in the studio he does, every single day.

When Jay came out to do his warm up monologue, his shirt wasn’t buttoned all the way. He looked like the Neil Diamond of denim. Maybe he was a little tired from his out of town gig last night.

Ashton Kutcher was funny, and very irreverent toward the Washington Monument. He showed us pictures of himself mooning it. Boy, his behind severely needs a tan.

Jenna Fisher from the show "The Office", was delightful. Jenna looks way prettier in person than on the show.

The Music was by Amos Lee, who was really good. He had four other guys playing along with him. The odd thing was that three of them were cute Hispanic looking guys like him, and the forth was this old, old white guy who played the drums. He looked like they might have cleaned him up, just before the show, after finding him in the woods, making moonshine in a still, with Willie Nelson.

Kevin (not the bandleader), Brian, and Jamie, who work behind the scenes, came into the audience to help Jay with skit. (It was different…)

Remember, Day by Jay, oh dear Lord this job, I pray.

Love ya,


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Everything Glos Bigger In Texas...

What a great day. I got a call from Mary. You know from my blog Mary-Glo-Round. She called my from London, England! I meet the greatest people at The Tonight Show.

In the Lobby today I met a group of fun people. Caralyn, Jane, Jannie and Alice, all from Texas. They won a package at the" Swing for a Tour". This is a golf tournament that raises money for a charity that help children with cancer. The Package, included Dr. Phil tickets and The Tonight Show tour, and tickets. They were so disappointed with the Dr. Phil show. Alice told me that the guest on the show had been guest before, and that Dr. Phil and the guest pretended that this was the first time they met. The guest had to be acting! It was a show on issues with the mother in-law (Surprise). After the Dr. Phil show, Alice said she went to the bathroom and asked anybody if they had seen these guest before. Two other ladies, said yes. I can’t believe it. Alice and her friends don’t have a reason to lie to me. They said the show was awful and they are going to send a e-mail to the Dr. Phil show complaining. They also agreed that Dr. Phil looked awful. He was to pale and pasty, like his make-up was bad.

Alice had bought an R.V. and a time share, and plans on driving to Vermont with her friends. Ms. Alice is 73 years, young. She also said if I’m every in Texas, I have a place to stay. Alice says she owes her youthful spirit and lack of pain to Shaklee vitamins.

Also, in the lobby, I met Tim and Bruce, who knew somebody special at the Tonight Show! They were in the V.I.P. section, and took a prearranged picture with Jay after the show. Bruce told us he had met Magic Johnson (one of the show guests) when he was in medical school at Michigan State.

The audience was great today. On the first break everyone stood up and clapped during the band’s first song. Ms. Vicky really worked it.

Evangeline Lilly from the show "Lost" was a cute guest. She took the time to talk about a friend who believed Evangeline would be a star before her first audition. With faith like that, she will go far.

During his interview Magic Johnson said he can afford twenty-five thousand employees to bring him coffee and donuts. Well, as big as Magic is, that must have been what he did.

Aaron Neville sang with Kevin, Smitty, the bassist and keyboard player form the Tonight Show band. Tom Green made a guest appearance. I love Mr. Green, not only, because my last name is Green but because he is always hilarious.

Remember, everything’s bigger in Texas, but Magic is bigger everywhere.

Love ya,


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

GloZell and L.L. Cool Jay...

Hot page coming at ya! Hey everybody check out Kate, she was rocking her new hair cut and color this week. This petite fashion plate was working her black thigh high boots, flirty skirt and new doo. YOU GO GIRL!

In the lobby, a guy was sleeping and snoring, until time for his NBC tour. A Italian family of four truly had a good time in the lobby. The two girls took pictures of the television set because the hot Soap Opera "Passions" was on. Oh, to be young and foolish.

Today, I stopped yet another man from using the women’s bathroom. The sign must be confusing. At least twice a month, I grab a poor man after he has enter the wrong bathroom. People see me leap and run to the bathroom, therefore everyone is watching when he is pulled out of the restroom. The men are always so embarrassed. One guy was too quick at the draw, I didn’t get there on time. Folks if a man is doing number one, they don’t like it when you yell "Hey Stop". (Words to live by.) I felt sorry for whoever cleaned the ladies room that day.

Burnadett was in today. She has the thick long red hair. When I talk about people that I know, it’s cool, but when I talk about people who I’ve never spoken to, it can be weird. Burnadette has this walk, that I can’t figure out. I think the joints in her arms don’t move. When she walks it looks like she threading water, or in the Service. Everyone’s beautiful in their own way. I hear she’s a pretty cool boss. Keep up the good work!

Everyone was in a good mood behind the desk today. Steph was telling a sweet story about how her parents first meet in Jamaica, on spring break while her mom (who is two years older than her father) was finishing up Medical School. Steph comes across as an organized, smart person now I know it runs in the family.

Ricky and Dan are male pages who I saw dancing to the music having a good time. NBC must be a great place to work, everyone seems happy. Ricky is like a cute fuzzy bear, who gives me great seats.

Chef G. Garvin was a guest on the show today. He was jumping all around while showing Jay how to make one of his dishes. G. Gavin is like the L.L. Cool J. of cooking. Mr. G. gave everyone one of his cookbooks.

After the show, Jay took a picture with a guy who was in a wheelchair, and his mother. Leno asked the guy if his chair could go up and down and spin. (You know, Jay is into gadgets.) Of coarse he showed off his wheelchair, and as I passed them going out, the Guy said this was the coolest day. And thanked his mom.

Remember, ...grits don’t burn in the kitchen, beans don’t burn on the grill… Takes a whole lot of tryin’, just to get up that hill…

Love ya,


Monday, September 25, 2006

Jay Lift Glo Up Where She Belongs…

Nothing exciting happening in the lobby today. I say hi to everyone. Johnny walks us over, and there is the strangest sight ever! A lady with a cat on a leash, up on her shoulder. You see all types.

Kimber tells me that the lady is strange, and has been here before with her cat on a leash. I wanted to stay and find out more, but the line was moving. The main security guard, that checks us in through the medal detector, is a tough chick. This young lady never smiles and she doesn’t talk much. And so far, I’ve seen her there everyday.

Wow, hot Nick was back for the day collecting tickets. Nick’s face is chiseled, his hair is thick, good teeth and I bet all the female pages want him bad.

I guess I come here too much, because it seems like Mr. Beam has thinned out a little. I’m thinking he’s hitting the gym. It’s had to tell under those plaid shirts he wears everyday.

Jay does his warm up, which I say along with him. He then calls a guy named Abdul out of the audience to take a picture with him. Abdul is a guy Jay met at the gas station and gave tickets to yesterday. I love that about Jay. I’ve meet so many stars who are stuck up or mean; Jay is the kindest celebrity in the world.

Hot camera guy is here. He is Hispanic, I think, and there's something about that bald head of his, that looks so good on him.

First guest on, was Ms. Eva Longoria from "Desperate Housewives", who was stunning. So stunning, and ever so light, that Mr. Leno carried her to her seat. Yes readers, he picked up her perfectly tan body and gently placed her in her chair. Then she laughed and flirted with Jay during every break. He escorted her back and looked at her behind as she walled away. Jay jokingly took out a wad of money, flashed it like it could be Eva’s, then he and Kevin laughed.

I, GloZell Green, am going to lose 20 pounds… No, 35 pounds, so Jay can carry me also.

I met Robert a mechanical engineer for "Days of Our Lives". Robert has worked for "Days "for eight years and has loved every moment of it.

Ms. Toni, who is one of the cool security guards, spoke to me while I was walking to my car. Toni, who is only twenty, has retired from the Army. She is a massage therapist, and is working on her college degree. She hopes to get a car, but doesn’t mind walking, because she wants to lose weight. Toni is not fat, just a little top heavy. (Don’t be mad, Toni, most people have to pay for what you naturally have.)

Remember, if Jay can lift you up, you can't be that desperate…

Love ya,


Friday, September 22, 2006

Drinking Beauty, Glo White, Dynamite and the one Dwarf...

Things seemed normal in the lobby, then a man with a blue and black jump suit, wearing this Welcome Back, Happy Days, Saturday Night Fever pitch black hair wig, thing. Man, do you think you are fooling anyone? He looked a hot mess. Not everyone can have cool hair like Andrew, the Tonight Show security Guard. Andrew is hilarious I enjoy watching him laugh, and enjoy the show. He truly loves and appreciates his job. Great Work!

I overheard a lady say she told her daughters to pick up the tickets, in order for them to get a yellow ticket, because they had a better chance of sitting up front if they did it. I said "your right, but they got to do what they got to do. They can’t have Jay come out and the only people up front are all old and fat. The show comes on at 11:35 PM, most of the older people are asleep, and most of the freaks are awake." Business is business. Do what ya gotta do. Mr. Beam.

Something Jay always does, he didn’t do today. During one of the breaks, the make-up and hair person comes and powders his face and brushes his hair. Well, he always acts like a little kid who doesn’t want make-up on, and always runs his fingers through his hair after it’s been brushed and the audience chuckles. Today he didn’t do it. We wanted that chuckle Jay!

I sat next to young college students from Long Beach, who ditched school to go to "The Tonight Show." Jen, was a Kindergarten teacher’s assistant, and Jay (not Leno) sleeps most of the time. because he made a lot of money while in the Air Force. Next to them was their third roommate Thang, who didn’t say much.

I can’t believe the craziness from the guys who are in the movie Jack@@@ (triple snakes). They did the stupidest things humans can do to their bodies, and one was a little person. I sat with my mouth ajar, in fear that one of them was going to plow right into the legendary Betty White, who was used as a prop! I actually stop breathing! If something had happened to one of the Golden Girls, there would have been trouble! I mean really the woman has to be pushing 100 down the road.

Teri Hatcher was beautiful (except her hair, the bottom was scraggly). Teri was fun and well, a little desperate. She talked about how she doesn’t have a man right now. Maybe she could hook up with today’s musical guest, Kenny Chesney. The man can sing, and he’s single. (Renee dumped his tiny @@@)

During one of the breaks, Terri received what appears to be a glass of white wine. She poured it into the Tonight Show mug and sipped on it during the show.

Jon Heder was a cool guest. No matter what he does, he will always be Napoleon Dynamite to me.

Remember, if you really want a man, don’t complain that you can’t get one, and announce it on national television.

Love ya,


Thursday, September 21, 2006

GloZell to the Rescue! For 9/20/06 - Posted late

Today, in the lobby, is a more conservative crowd. Fifteen, men in kacki pants, black or white long sleeve shirts from Sears Auto Center. They got to go into the green room early, sit in great seats, and take a picture with Jay after the show.

In the lobby at 3:14, the smell of paint was so very strong. My lips were tingling and my throat became irritated. ( I know, who cares boo-hoo…) A lady in green, decided to tell me that she was from Boston, and knows all the places Jay use to hang out. People really believe that I work for NBC. She was excited that her tour guide Nessa was from the same town. No yellow ticket today, but I think Mr. Beam and I have an understanding. I don’t get a yellow ticket and I should get over it. It’s cool.

I sat next to a guy who was totally in my personal space. His arm was on my armrest, and touching me. He kept coughing, tapping, wiggling, scratching, and he sat with his legs all open like he was on his couch at home. And to top it all off, he had the breath of a thousand donkeys.

Steve Carell, from the hit show, "The Office" was super funny. The other guest, Jamie Lee Curtis, was the biggest flirt I have ever seen. I wanted to tell her stop rubbing on Steve! He played it off well, but he wasn’t sure how to handle Jamie. This horny, grown, woman was all over him. During one of the breaks she leaned over and it appeared as if she kissed Jay on his ear. GloZell to the no! I got a little protective for Steve and Jay. They are both happily married. So, back off sister!

Joan Jet was good, and obviously not very cold. She was half naked with her all boy band. Jamie had the nerve to stroke her hair once. Does she flirt with everyone? I wish I had the nerve of Jamie Lee Curtis, that’s probably why she is successful at getting celebrities to autograph things, so she can action them off for charity.

As I was walking to my car, a strange guy from Haiti told me I was fine. Usually, I love a man who tells the me the truth, but there was something strange about him. He asked me what time it was? I said, 5:45, he said "I just got out of the show" I asked him, "what show", he said "the 5.45 show". That’s a lie because I was at the Tonight Show which is the only show that lets out at that time. And he wasn’t their. He didn’t have a NBC tag, and he said he was coming back tomorrow. Be on the look out.

Remember, Love thy neighbor, and their personal space.

Love ya,


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Glo Righter Way - for 9/19/06 - Posted Late

Carson is at the front desk, with his usual non-expressive self. After I take a seat, the beginning of Justin mania begins. Two skinny bleach blondes in tiny skirts ,flirt with Carson who held a conversation with them for awhile. I guess if you’re perky, he’s perky. Then I had an interesting conversation with Sal who also works the front desk. Sal is to the American naked eye a regular Joe. Sal has got it going on. He’s majoring in languages because his girlfriend is from Japan. Sounds normal. Get this, his girl friend is his Japanese tutor. See, we thought only American teachers have affairs with their younger pupils. I bet he has learned a lot. She has inspired him so much that he is majoring in other languages as well. I wonder if he’s going to get "tutored" in his other classes. At least Sal is out of high school.

I can’t take it! All the girls, who are here to see JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, are so excited. I have heard the word, "like" 75 times in under five minutes. "Like, you just don’t like, know, like, how much, I, like, love Justin." "For reals, my heart is like, about to like jump like out of my like body" I hope I can like, go back stage and like, be his like slave." ENOUGH ALREADY! (Okay, I’m hating, all the silicone in this place. I know, I won’t win a Tonight Show T-shirt. Maybe, should try during black history month). I can’t breathe in the lobby because of all the noxious perfume. I know Forever 21 has just run out of clothes because of today, alone. I didn’t know there was so much to learn about make up. Four girls talked about their lip-gloss for over ten minutes. I don’t know why, because most of it was on their teeth - their lips were so small. (Yes I’m still hating, lip-gloss is the only thing I can fit into at Forever 21, can a sister get a Forever 42 or something?) The Crowd is wild, and full of energy. The guys who pick bouncy girls to come down and dance for a TONIGHT SHOW T-shirt we’re in hog heaven. The comedian was great, and so was Jay, as always.

One of my favorite pages, Ms. Tati, was on the floor to help guard Justin. Ms. Tati whose name will be changing soon, (Nice ring) weighs about seven pounds. Her page uniform weighs more than her. How is she supposed to stop the screaming wild lipped glossed girls from attacking the one man who is bringing sexy back!

It was such a big show I had to kick it with my friend Philip B. Righter who is the vice President of Marketing and Media for NBC. He’s the man. What I love about him is that he’s young, rich, confidant, and well connected. He has to be, in order for things to run right. I loved hanging with him. After the show I went back stage with his crew (who were hot) and everyone who was on the show, who were getting ready to leave in their limos and cars.

I told Kevin, good show as Philip and I went into the comensary. He bought everyone in his group a goodie. All the security guards knew him, and yet he has always been sweet to me. It pay’s to know people in high places, and for them to know you.

Justin looked so young in person. He looked like a college guy. He was rocking this cute faux hock hair cut. During the breaks from the interview with Jay, girls were screaming and yelling, "I love you Justin"! Everytime the man moved his head, in any direction, girls would scream. I have a headache from the yelling and the gum popping.

The comedian Sarah Silverman, was off the chain. This lady was so funny. Sarah carried her own against Jay and Justin. That girl is amazingly talented. And of course, Justin and Timberline brought "Sexy Back". (More like sexy black, he was the only white thing in his group. He looked like a speck in a mud puddle.) I had a great time.

Remember, that these are the Jays of our life.

Love ya,


Monday, September 18, 2006

A King of Comedy, A Knight of Music, An Earl of Sit-Coms and GloZell - The Queen Bee

Today, I’m in the NBC lobby feeling hot, hot, hot! I got my new weave and color at Anjel’s Salon and Day Spa in Beverly Hills by one of the hot stylist name DaRico Jackson. I did this for OPERATION WIN A TONIGHT SHOW T-SHIRT! In the lobby are four middle age women with short haircuts, black pants and bright green shirts that say I Heart Ellen. I love NBC and their fans. I’m now watching a guy eat a Snickers bar by nibbling the outside chocolate first… I see all types.

Once again, I didn’t get a little yellow ticket, but Mr. Beam must have had a great weekend because he was so nice, like he use to be when I first started coming to the Tonight show over thirty shows ago.

I over heard this guy say that Jay is leaving in two years and 8 months. And That Conan has a contract for at least five years, no more than seven.

The Navy was well represented today - about ten sailors came to see the show, all dressed in pristine white uniforms. One of the lady officers was picked to dance and WON A TONIGHT SHOW T-SHIRT. @&^$%#$! It’s a shame I’ll probably have to fight for my county in order to win one. Thanks to the tiniest page with the big personality Kate from Fla. I got a great seat, I hope she doesn’t get in trouble with Mr. Beam.

The audience was packed and the show started later than usual. Jay came out with his normal jean on jean ware, with a pin in his pocket and an ink stain on his left leg above the knee. I wonder if that stain will be there tomorrow? I don’t think Jay changes his street clothes too often. I enjoy mouthing his warm up dialogue, I’ve seen it so many times I can say it with him.

They guy next to me asked how many times I come to the show? I told him just about every day. He and his wife were visiting from Nebraska. He asked me a lot of questions about myself and what I was writing about. I told them to go to my blog and they seemed eager to do so. They were a younger couple, that came with an older more conservative couple. The older lady handed me a piece of gum. (I did have tuna for lunch) So, I thanked her. The older gentlemen asked who is on the show? I told him Elton John, he frowned. I could guess why. It didn’t help that Elton spoke about his marriage to his partner. The man didn’t clap for him and wasn’t amused by Sir John at all. Oh, well you can’t win them all.

I felt bad for Jason Lee; the star of my name is Earl, because everybody wanted to see Elton (except you know who). Jason was a pretty good guest, but Elton is a living legend. When Elton sang, it was almost spiritual, the feeling that I believe was running though everyone. Even you know who.

Remember, we shall over come… One Tonight show at a time.

Love ya,


Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Don't Want to Glo Home...

My day started with my boss wanting to change my hours. I am a massage therapist in Beverly Hills, who works from 8.00am to 1.00pm, Tue. — Fri., and all day Saturday. I work those hours so I can go to the Jay Leno Show. Since I move to California to pursue a career in comedy, it’s been rough. First six months I flew to New York, just to get booed off ShowTime at the Apollo. Monique (the host at the time) dissed me, my husband got depressed, divorced me, took the dog and cat. He left me no money, or food, and for a short time I had to sleep in my car.

So, when I eventually got the chance to go to the legendary tonight Show with Jay Leno (The nicest man in comedy), I took it, and now I go everyday. Pray for me I’m probably going to get fired, but I’ve been through worst. I can always move back to Florida.

In the NBC lobby, I had an interesting conversation with Kell. Kell is the Cameron Diaz of the pages. She is slim, cute, blonde and, even looks good in those non flattering page uniforms. I bet she would look like a model, if she had the right kind of clothes and make-up, a good stylist and sturdy push-up bra.

Posing in the lobby was this beautiful older blonde lady, draped in diamonds. Now I had a ring that was a little over two carrots, this chick had to be pushing five C’s, and that was just on one finger. Why does she have to flaunt that here! (I know I’m hating, she has diamonds galore and I couldn’t keep a dog.)

Surprise! No little yellow ticket from Mr. Beam! (The lovely man who decides who sits up front.) It’s time to start operation "get fine"! I will loose 30 pounds, and I will sit up front again!

To make things worse, I was sitting in the lobby waiting, and just as an old lady sat next to me wanting to talk… I had to pass gas. (That would be elderly abuse.) I couldn’t move for fear that I wouldn’t make it to a safe area. So, I just sat there hoping I could blame it on her.

Candy walked us over today. Her hair is always perfect, never a hair out of place. It has to be a wig. (I know I’m hating again.)

In the studio a.k.a. the freezer. It’s so cold it feels like they are trying to hang meat. I sat next to Robert a great guy from O.C who deals in retail. This guy was talking to everybody. This was Robert’s tenth time to the show. The last time he was here, some Asian guy started dancing and ended up stripping. Robert said he hasn’t laughed so hard in his life. He was with a client named Tony who asked me if I know where Jay Leno sells his suites. Tony is the same size as Jay and heard that Jay resells his thousand dollar suites for three hundred. I told him I didn’t know, I can’t even get a Tonight Show T-shirt.

Behind me was a group of five from Alabama who was talking about how you can get a great manicure and pedicure from the Wal-Mart. Ew-wee, that’s country.

Kevin (the bandleader) is showing off his sexy bald head. (You go Mr. Clean!) Smitty lead another song today and Ms. V. did the rest of the set. The comedian is back to not being nice, sometimes he takes a person from the front row and switches them with someone from the back row and doesn’t move them back. The audience laughs but the two people are stuck sitting next to people they don’t know for the show. He did that again today. Not funny, Mr. Comedian. The guy makes good money, passes out Tonight Show T-shirts to mostly young bouncy blondes. He only works fifteen minutes a day. He should be thanking God everyday by being nice!

Julie-Louis Dreyfus was beautiful, skinny and interesting, Jude Law was okay, and Bob Seger rocked the house. Bob was awesome!

Remember folks, if diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and a dog is man’s best friend… Who’s really the smartest?! Live for the Jay!

Love ya,


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Glozell and a Friend...

Kell, Becky, Steph and Charlie said,"hey GloZell"when they walked by. It so nice that some of them know my name. I love the people in the lobby; it’s never the same thing twice. One woman had a deck of card and was playing solitaire. A six-foot lady is telling a funny story about the last time she went camping. She was asleep and she felt something in her sleeping bag and said, "this cat feels funny" then, realizing she wasn’t at home, she looked in her bag... and it was a raccoon.

Kate was dressed nice in a black and white number (I wish she curled her hair or something). It’s nice seeing the pages in their regular clothes. A little birdie told me that Ross the intern was never an intern but a paid actor. Well, Ross is so good, he deserves the money for being so hilarious!

Today, Naomi, a Turkish page, walked us over to the studio. Naomi told me that my name similar to the Turkish word for beautiful. I Love NBC and most of the people who work there. Especially when they say things like that.

The energy was high! The pages were dancing to the pre show music. The warm up comedian was great; he’s on a streak (I wonder if he’s reading my blogs). The ever so cool security guard flirts with the girls on the front row and tells them how they can get a picture with Jay. It worked, they got their picture, and now he’s their hero. They also got picked to dance, and (of course) won Tonight Show T-shirts. I come everyday and I’ve never won a T-shirt!

Two young girls were freezing, so one put her hands between the other one’s thighs. I will never be that cold. One of the girls had the word beautiful tattooed on her wrist. The monologue was very funny; Kevin and Ms. V. had a case of the giggles. Smitty (the drummer) did a great job singing they finally picked a song that makes him sound great.

Matthew Perry was a great guest. Matt was funny and quick with his comebacks to Jay. He is so much like his character on Friends. (Even the" I wonder if he’s gay" feel he gives out.) During the whole interview, his right pant leg was stuck in his shoe. Where’s the wardrobe people? Mathew had way too much hair gel and didn’t even tap his foot to the Musical group Outkast, and still he was very charming.

Remember friends don’t let friends over do hair gel and go on national television.

Love ya,


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mary Glo Round...

Oh, my goodness! Right when I sat down in the NBC lobby ,a black lady named Millie, who was wearing a pink scarf on her head, oversized jeans, white shirt, large black coat, with a very airy high voice told me she needs to see Jay Leno, because he can help her fined her mother in Alabama. This woman was crazy. Then she went on and on about how hungry she was. I told her to asked talk to the people at the front desk. I was praying that people wouldn’t think that we were together or that she knew me. After ten minutes Millie sat down and said very loudly "Hey Ms. Hey sister Lionel Richie is going to be on the Leno show". I turned and coldly said "is that so". I was thinking to myself stop talking to me. I’m trying to be cute so I can get a little yellow ticket that allows me to sit up front at the show. Why did she have to be black, I’m so embarrassed. Millie put her heavy fake fur on top of her head and started rocking back and forth, mumbling about how Lionel and Jay is gonna take her to see her folks in Alabama. It is cold in the lobby and Millie started to cough. I wouldn’t even look her way, how did she get here? She needs to go away!

Anika walked by (an African American young lady who works the front desk). Jokingly, I said, "hey what’s up with your people?" Anika whispered who is that? I proudly said, "she’s not with me," and laughed. Millie asked for some money to buy some food, I told her to talk to Anika. I thought it would be funny.

Anika went to the vending machine and said what do you want? Millie said with lots of excitement "Ooh, Cheetos… ooh, Cheetos"! I watched Anika, who looks about ten years younger than myself, put the money in the machine and before she could press the buttons Millie said and M&M’s too. Anika got the Cheetoes and went back to the desk then came back and asked Millie what kind of M&M’s she wanted, and bought them for her. Before Millie could open the M&M’s Anika was handing her a cold NBC bottled water.

I felt myself wanting to cry Millie was eating that food so fast. One could tell whe was truly hungry. I’m such a jerk, I felt terrible. After Millie was done, she walked around with this large black coat on top of her head. I decided it wasn’t too late to give her something. I had five dollars in my purse, when I looked up from my purse to give Millie the money she was gone. I had an opportunity to help someone and I missed it! That blessing is going to Anika. Anika is younger than I am, but she taught me how a human should treat one another. Thank you Anika!

A slim lady with short gray hair announced that she paralleled parked perfectly for the second time in her life and nobody saw it. I understand. I’m a female driver from Fla. She was funny and I needed that laugh. Then a guy opens a closed door in the lobby and the alarm goes off. What a wacky day.

Kelly and Dave are expecting a baby soon and are on a trip to Cal. before they are parents; they came all the way from Kanssas City to see Jay Leno. They were a nice couple, who thought it was great that I come to the Tonight show almost every day. They said God bless you, that made me feel real good. I hope all is well with the baby.

I dressed nice today but no little yellow ticket; I didn’t deserve one today.

Oh, goodie Becky is the page walking us over. This girl has the quality to make it in whatever she wants to go into. She is leaning towards production and radio; also, she does Karaoke at the Mexican restaurant across the street. (She does a killer "Total Eclipse of the Heart").

During the show, I sat next to Mary and Vic Etherington from Worthing England. They were delightful. Mary spoke to me every break and wished me well on my Tonight Show quest. Billy Bob Thorton was witty and sexy; Diane Lane had on some beautiful shoes, and spoke about how romantic her husband is and how well their children get along.

Lionel Richie did a great job on the song he sang. The only strange thing is the Tonight show changed the background where the musical groups plays. They have this pretty blue material with a large painted bowl of flowers. That doesn’t work when you have Lionel singing R&B with his all male band. After the show, I saw the warm up comedian grab Lionel for a quick picture.

Remember be kind to everyone, they could be Angels in disguise.

Love ya,


Monday, September 11, 2006

Glo Jay can you see...

Today Charlie, a cute page sat down and spoke to me for the first time. Charlie asked the questions the other pages have asked. Do you work here? Are you stalking Jay? Do you have a job? How do you get tickets here everyday? I told him, and he went on to tell me he is pursuing a career in acting. He has a unique look, his hair is has this messy on purpose look, and he’s kind of dark - not his skin color, but like in a mysterious way. (Maybe, he does magic?)

Bernadette a pretty, but older, worker with long red hair, who sits behind the front desk in the lobby, and was complaining to another page about how NBC treats their employees in an unfair way. WOW ! That‘s a first! I have spoken to many a page and never heard them complain like this lady… ever! (Every job has that one who is miserable and wants everyone to be with them).

I truly dressed up today, I GloZell Green am determined to get a yellow ticket or be picked to dance to get a Tonight Show T-shirt! I was first in line, my hair was right and my clothes were tight and Mr. Beam handed me my lonely ticket without the little yellow one on top. I will not give up!

The page, named Carson, who walked us over to the studio today was nice looking, what was neat about him is that he wants to be a film director, and he has premature gray hairs growing in and he’s only about twenty four. (That’s hot.)

Ok, Jay this is going into the second week of wearing the same wrinkled jeans - for six pre-shows in a row. (Guess he thought no one would notice, and write about it). Jay did his normal speech, pointed out some German people he met at the gas station, and explained that this show will be more on the serious side tonight, because it is the five year anniversary of 9/11.

I loved Mr. Leno’s tie, it was orange and blue "GO GATORS" (University of Florida is where I graduated from… B.F.A. in musical theatre). That makes up for the jeans!

James woods was touching, he lovingly spoke about the life of his younger brother who passed away a month ago, and how Jay is such a good friend to him, outside the show. Jay understands, because he has also lost a brother. They both were wiping back tears, and you could hear the audience’s sniffling through out the show. They weren’t big stars sitting on stage, but two friends who share a common loss. The moment was so real and it made you understand that stars are people too. The musical guest was Officer D. Rodriguez from the New York Police Department. He sang Amazing Grace and the tears rolled gently down James and Jays cheeks. Everyone could feel the sense of brotherhood and togetherness… Great show Jay.

Remember take time to smell the roses, and appreciate your life.

Love ya,


Friday, September 08, 2006

No Ig-Glos in Alaska...

I heard Ross, the intern had filmed something in the studio today, for his blog. Everyone seems to have a blog these days! I guess I’m on the right track.

When I got into the studio today, there was a older black man with long twists who looked like he was the missing element of the music group Earth, Wind and Fire, let’s call him Rain, because his game was all wet. He was ahead of me in line, then he held back until I caught up with him and he said, "Sandy, right? Hey, aren’t you Sandy? You look just like a girl I know named Sandy…"

Then I told him, "No, my name is GloZell."

He smiled and said, "Nice to meet you, Glozell."

That’s when I realized he had got me, and walked off saying, "Enjoy the show." All I could think was that I would never talk to him, even on his best day. He was trying to be a pimp. I can tell you, that doesn’t work around me. Besides, he was too old to be even trying.

I ended up sitting in Mrs. Leno’s seats today, (Thank you, Kate!) Mr. Beam was not too pleased when he saw where I was sitting... Yea, for me! This put me next to this adorable couple from Wasilla, Alaska. She’s in the Air Force, and he makes bowling balls. How many bowling alleys can there possibly be in Wasilla? They told me they lived in a real house, on concrete, on top of dirt, not one of the igloos that some people think only exist there. The husband sang along with the band, when ever he knew the song they were playing.

The warm up comedian, was on top of his game today! He gave out more prizes, was friendlier, and funnier than he’d ever been before. It sure paid off. He got his biggest laughs today. I’m proud of him, even if I still didn’t get one of the prizes… I’d trade my boyfriend for one of those yellow ducks, with the Tonight Show logo on it, except, if I did, I’d never be able to get this blog up on the internet. (Thank you, honey).

I enjoyed the show today, Megan Mullally was sweet. She pulled her feet up under herself, on the couch. She seemed like she was making herself at home. (Look out Conan, I think Megan want’s the job you’re up for.) I especially like the fact that she said so many nice things about her husband.

After the show, I was on my way back to my car, when I realized that I had left my cell phone back in the studio. One of the pages, let’s call him Morgan, walked me all the way back into the locked Studio, through the backstage area. It was cool. While we were back there, I ran into Jay, and he gave me an odd look, so I had to quickly had to assure him that we had only come back in for my phone. (I didn’t want him to think I was stalking him,)

I’m really thankful to Morgan, who was off the clock ,and didn’t have to walk me back, but he did. I’m going to have to get him a Starbucks gift certificate, or something.

Remember, To get to the rainbow, you first have to face the rain.

Love ya,


(Oh, yeah, forgot to mention… Yesterday had to be a fluke. Ms. Vicky was back to looking like her , beautiful, sexy self… And once again, all is right with the world.)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

On your Mark, get set, Glo...

Felix was the page front desk checking people in today. I told him I liked his hair cut; he thanked me for pointing out the guy who was using his phone inside the studios. I’m starting to feel like I’m an honorary page. The few, the proud, the Pages! Just then, Becky walks by with a "Hi GloZell". That girl is great! She makes up for Mr. Beam’s coldness. While Kate and Becky were talking to me, this guy Mark from the O.C. overheard that I go to the Jay Leno show everyday. He sat next to me in the lobby and asked me why I was there. I told him about my blog and he promised to read it. (You better leave me a comment, Mark.)

I listened to two, cute, old men talking about Superman, and they were getting frustrated with one another .

Guy 1." Hey did you hear that George Reeves is doing a movie?"
Guy 2. "Yes! …Wait who is that?"
Guy 1." Superman!"
Guy 2. "Oh".
Guy 1." Isn’t he dead? "
Guy 1." Yes" .
Guy 2." Well, how is he going to do the movie?"

They went on and on, I was cracking up. Guy 1 and 2 started talking about how they were going to stop watching the Tonight Show when Conan takes over, and how Conan makes them sick. I know change is hard, but I bet people thought that they wouldn’t like Jay after Johnny Carson.

It’s time to line up. I should get a little ticket today, my hair is done, and my dress is so short I pray that no wind blows my dress up because all God’s creation will see my tushy! I’m first in line and Mr. Beam makes his daily announcements. He turns to me, with his eyes not making contact, and hands me a ticket without the little yellow one, oh well, I guess I’ ll show up in my draws tomorrow!

Also, while we’re still in the lobby, there’s a woman trying to secretly take pictures of the posters on the walls of the different NBC shows. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she is allowed to take pictures in the lobby. I’d hate to see her at Blockbusters!

Wow, I’m first in line, again! A little birdie told me that it really does matter where you are in line to get the best seats. I get around the corner and there’s about twenty people ahead of me from Popular Mechanics magazine… In the back I sit, again. Mark, his beautiful wife and family, wave from the front seats, I’m happy he got great seats right by the band. I sat behind a woman combing her mullet! I spend 300 dollars on weave and I sit behind a #@$*%^ mullet.

Before the show there’s a warm up where some guys (I think they’re crew members) who hang at the show, pick people out of the audience to dance, and in return, they get T-shirts. To my surprise, most of the random people picked out to dance happen to always be young blondes with short skirts or big boobs or both. I, GloZell Green, have gone to pert near 30 shows and because of my heritage and some serious junk in my trunk… no free T-shirt for me, I’ll be lucky if I can get an employees discount on Tonight Show socks.

Wait! The people further down in my row just took a picture! They’re not supposed to do that! Oh, I wish I could arrest them. I sat next to the nicest woman ever, she told me her name was Mary. Mary seemed to know a lot about the show. It turns out her husband, Mr. Jim Shaughnessy, is a very talented writer who works for Jay! Wow! Her husband has Muscular Dystrophy, and Jay allows him to work from home. If you didn’t love Jay Leno before, please love him now. Right now, I tell you!

Next to her was a beautiful young blonde (who was the one picked to dance - surprise!) She showed me pictures of her and a Oscar winning comic she use to date. The strange part wasn’t the fact that she happened to have pictures in her purse of them together, or the fact that I have dated him also, ( He won an Oscar but he didn’t know what to do with my Golden Globes) but that she was with her current boyfriend and showing me a stranger her pictures with an Ex. Wow!

Ms. V. or should I say Ms. Celie looked a hot mess tonight! What’s up with that? Did she forget that this is a TV Show? Maybe she was running late. First let me state that Ms. V is beautiful, and her usually wild mane is out… but today… She had that jive pulled back in two plaits, and this black net thing across the front, and little to no make up. She was also wearing a light peach shirt that showed her arm sweat. If she was trying not to outshine Jessica Simpson today - congratulations! If she wasn’t playing with the band, Mr. Beam definitely wouldn’t give her a little yellow ticket today.

Jessica was gorgeous, as usual. This chick was in a Marilyn Monroe type black dress, with a looooong split up the front, and beautiful red bottom black shoes that had diamonds down the front. Jessica’s hair was short and stunning. Her skin was tan and had a great shine. Her looks made up for her interview. Jay was truly working it the best he could. During the breaks, Ms. Simpson waved and shook hands with people in the audience. That was really nice of her. Out of all the shows I’ve ever been to, that was the first time a guest has done that. Jessica is cool with me.

And remember, if you can’t be good, be good at it!

Love ya,


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

GloZell and the divine Ms. V.

Let me tell you what a little birdie told me - I was banned from the prime seating area, and the page who gave me the good seat yesterday was yelled at. What is the big deal? It hurt my ego but I’m sure Mr. Beam is only doing his job and trying not to lose it. I’ll bet he’s not getting any cookies at home. In the waiting area I enjoyed seeing the gifts people plan on giving Jay. I love hearing their connections to him, each one trying to out do one another. One guy even said " My boss is friends with a guy who sells Jay the bean dip he likes". Outside NBC, people might not care, but inside this makes this guy a hero.

With a fresh weave and a cute dress, I thought might have a chance to get a yellow ticket. Mr. Beam handed me a regular ticket and said, "Enjoy the show". Oh, well, I love the show no matter where I sit.

I said hello to a husband and wife team who came to the show yesterday. The young lady works on Days of our Lives and loves county music so they watched Toby Keith yesterday and Dwight Yoakam today.

I was feeling a little down because of not getting the little yellow ticket, but then on the way to the main room, Kate said, "Hey can’t wait to read your book". I sat in front of fun wild women from Utah. These woman know how to have a great time. They laughed and giggled through the whole show. The guy next to me passed gas, and he thought it was funny. He was funky!

The band is always good; It crossed my mind that one of their main people is the percussionist Ms. Vickie (I hope she gets paid more than some of the others in the band). Ms. V. is the hype person who goes in and pumps the crowd. She gets up every song, leading the audience along, keeping the energy high. The rest of the band is good, but she brings something special. Smitty does sing, now and again, but Ms. Vickie is almost irreplaceable.

Ben Affleck was on tonight; he’s kind of cute, for the most part. The sweetest thing was that he was waving at his wife (Jennifer Garner) during the break. Jennifer has lost all her baby fat, and looked fab in a blousy white top and loose fitting jeans.

Tomorrow night Jessica Simpson will be there, that will be a great show make sure you tune in.

Remember, always find something to laugh about.

Love ya,


The Bridges of Glozell County

Today, when I entered the lobby at NBC there was a room filled with happy children. It was loud and every one was excited. The group was the sunshine kids; they were going on a tour on the lot. This group of beautiful children had cancer and all were wearing a wig or a hat. It was nice knowing that NBC provided such a great and magical time for them. I also ran into a page (lets call her Becky) who remembered my name from last week! Wow, I read her nametag and it said she was from Miami Fla. that’s why she’s so nice. Becky is from my home state.

Well, the guy in charge of the seating( lets call him Beam) hasn’t given me a little yellow ticket in weeks. The little yellow ticket lets you sit in the prime seating area. Maybe he is sick of me coming to the show (today was my like 27th time), or something was said to him about me always sitting me up front, or Im looking too homely (we will see because I get my weave done tomorrow). Well, I say thank you anyway because I’m happy to see the best show live, almost everyday so he can put me anywhere.

The pages all know me there, and I got seated at the special seating anyway! I was thankful to this page who is leaving,. It’s too bad, because she is nice, and I hope she remembers to walk with her head up! I sat next to a guy who was a pilot for a private airline, who was on a lay over, so he got tickets to the show (He was cute, lets call him Sean). Sean was so funny. There was a church group who got a chance to take a picture with Jay and he jumped in the picture. Ladies when you come to Jay Leno’s show, remember to be cute. You never know who you might sit next to. He also told me his worst passengers were a very famous talk show host his wife, their two children, two nannies and a mess of seafood! Sean said, by the time they got to where they were going, there was lobster stuck to the ceiling of the cabin. He has flown the rock band REM and he said they were great.

The Labor Day break was great for the writers Jay’s monologue was very funny (He even joked about the University of Florida where I graduated from - Go Gators) and the tribute to Steve Irwin was touching. Jay did a joke about the NBC T.V. movie Different Strokes (I was in Gary C. fan club) and during the first break the band played "I am everyday people" which at the end says "different strokes for different folks" get it.

There was a new security guard today. A tall black lady with a moustache that she dyes blonde (Sister wax that puppy).

Toby Keith was on and he sang the most beautiful song from his new album "Broken Bridges", (Nothing having to do with Todd Bridges.) Something about, could she just crash here tonight (I was thinking just tell me where). I have seen over twenty shows and he was the best musical guest performance I have seen. Toby was strong , masculine sexy and humble all at once, I’m a Toby Keith fan now. On the way out an adorable little female page asked" are you writing a book about us you’re here everyday" I said yes. This page (lets call her Kate) likes this other male page but the say their just "friends" yeah, right they always hang out together, they would make a cute couple.

Well, goodbye, and remember, always find something to laugh about….

Love ya,