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Friday, June 29, 2007

Glo’s 200 GA. Peaches…

People who help me celebrate 200 shows…Thanks¡

At 8:00 AM, I met the most beautiful happy baby Piper and parents. A picture doesn’t do that baby justice. She was truly an amazing baby. She stares and smiles at you. Perfect child.

Frankenstein and his mother Tavia from California, Karen and Amy from Grand Rapids Michigan.


Henry Archibald the mechanic that use to work across the street from the show, stopped by with his bike!

I got on another bike by the R2-D2 mailbox…

I got "picked up" by some Certified Athletic Trainers from Georgia…Cory Oglethorp GA., Antoine, Dalton GA., Phil The Thrill Ring Gold Ga, and Marcus from Rome Ga.

All the people in line from Georgia. Jennifer Douglas Ga, Cory (with green hat) Antoine, Phil the Thrill, Tammy (her birthday is today) and daughter Ashley from Thomasville Ga., Marcus, Jody hard working truck driver from Atlanta Ga. and Jeanne from Daisy from Ga. That’s how we do it in the South…

Guest: Ethan Hawke…talked to jay about people dying on stage. He looked like he doesn’t wash his hair, but it worked for him…okay it didn’t.

Shawn and April from Charlotte North Carolina have been married for 6 days…Shawn quotes "My parents said it wouldn’t last this long". I wish them the best. Come back next year.

This incredible young lady wanted to take a picture with me. I was honored I asked if I can take a picture with her family. Kris, Barb, and Amy Jo from Lubbock Texas. Amy Jo continue to be a wonderful person, don’t listen to all the boys that must be after you… Your parents knows best… They won’t stear you wrong… God Bless.

These are sexy sisters are celebrating being forty … I hope you find Denzel I don’t think his wife is going to allow the having his baby part…but he will take a picture with you.

They liked Carlos. Over all they didn’t care for the show( I think it was the black family part during the "Jaywalking". But they have a good time wherever they go.

Guest: Carlos Mencia was very funny it’s a must see! He talked about his Mexican family. I wonder if he was related to the guy in line yesterday? Jay talked about his father and fast food. My mother always asks them to hold the mayonnaise every time we eat a taco. I can’t tell her any different.

Boyfriend showed up with a cake that said’ Happy 200th show". Thanks boyfriend!
During the break,Boyfriend said, "Oh Vicki(the Band Singer) has lost some weight, she looks great. (Take a picture it will last longer) No really, she looks good. (Oh I thought I was special but I see you just have acute case of JUNGLE FEVER!)

Just then, she messed up the words on her song! (Ha, ha) then Boyfriend says’ it was her ear piece" then the lights go off and on too bright then back to normal. There was a strang sound that came through the speaker. It was perfect timing.

Guillermo and Miguel (they keep the NBC grounds clean) stopped by! Love them!

Thanks so much for making some space in between the lines. It is so much better! Thanks Scott (head guy in charge of pages).

In the studio, I sat next to a guy who just stank. A strong scent vaporized my eyes. This guy blew his nose then stuffed the used tissue in his behind crack, like I’m not sitting next to him! The smell was like Camel Poo over easy! I was dying! Every one in line smelt it. Jody (truck driver from Atlanta) told the Page that I think this guy just ****.

By the Grace of God, stank man got up and walked out of the studio. When he passed by, he smelt like Hot Donkey! The page got someone to fill his seat. It was Adam! The guy that stank was with, got up and left the studio. I told Adam that I loved him so much. (He thought I was nuts)

Stank man came back. Adam turned to me and said " This guy ****ing stinks! I couldn’t stop laughing. After the show Stank guy was squatting by the door, pooping in his pants and smoking a cigarette. (I am laughing so hard right now. You should have been there)

A group of Jay Loving sailor’s who are going to ship off soon! Thanks for fighting for our country. Your are appreciated and I wish you save returns, and that you adjust quickly when you get back. God Speed! Weston = tongue out, Justin = glasses, David =white hat, Nate =tall, Ryan =shades.

Remember the faces of the young who fight for our rights…

LoVe Ya,


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Glo is Fami-Lee

In the 8:00 AM line, I met four young teachers from Ohio, Sara (7th grade math). Heather (High School History), Dawn (H.S. English), Andrea (H.S.Math).White Men Gathering. I think there’s going to be a change for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno line. This is the second time I’ve seen…White Men Gathering. They work for NBC and they have been looking all around.
I met Amy her companion Aaron who said that he was
"King of the Universe" I don’t even questions things
like that. I enjoyed them; they have a beautiful
personality. I bet people are drawn to them.

White Men Gathering also caused the alarm to go off in
the NBC building. The bike security guard was passing
by. He stopped and checked to make sure everything was
fine. Great Job!

The car security was on time today also. I wave every
time he passes. Just to let him know I’m watching and
checking the time, every time he comes by. On time
…Great job!

Guest: Ross Mathews Intern. Funny! LoVe him!

Nancy Lee and her husband Jake, along with their two
sons Rich and Josh were kind enough to bring me a copy
of an article about me! Nancy cut it out of The World
Harold in Omaha! I just couldn’t believe it. That was
so nice of them. Thanks!

Naughton who is THE MASTER TECH. for the show has his
own show every day 7:30AM to 8:00AM. it’s a really
good show. LoVe Him! His bike seat was way too high.
It owes me dinner.

This Velvet Revolver fan said that The Tonight Show
with Jay Leno
is fake, Jay is a PUPPET who just reads
cue cards. Jay is not interested in his guest and not
paying attention to guest because he has to read
questions that are being held up. Jimmy Kimble is a
better host, and you can quote me.
Hmm… mister Velvet Revolver fan, I’m glad that you
were willing to sit outside with your own chair for
over three hours. This is your fourth time to the
show! To my surprise, I saw you laughing at the
"PUPPET". It was sweet of you to tell strangers, that
they had bad seats just because you didn’t get the
seat you wanted I saw you ask for them.

Thank you for saying that you want a least 200 of your
mexican family members to show up tomorrow and get all
the tickets so I can’t continue my streak. That’s a
lot of work for a show you said is fake. Is your nose
growing? I think it is. Geppetto loved Pinocchio. Who
pulls your strings? No one? That’s okay. Keep coming
back to the show maybe you can get real.

Guest: Dr. Phil looked really great. His outfit was
cool. He talked about Paris Hilton. I hope he does a
show about puppets and the people who are jealous of

Tomorrow is my 200th show and Tammy from Thomasville
Georgia’s Birthday. Maybe she will come back!

Every age enjoys the lemonade that is given out before
the show.

Guest: Leslie Mann from the movie Knocked Up was so
funny. She seems to be a terrific lady.

Today is Aaron the Page, last day. He has a great job
in the field that he loves…MUSIC. You are a great
person; I wish millions for you!

Guest: Velvet Revolver was off the chain. They were so
good. Larry did a great job on the background set.
Slash and the drummer Matt pass by the group in the
hallway before for the show! Way Cool!

The stage manager for the show. Congratulations on
your beautiful baby boy, and I love your hair pulled
back. You can see your face. I didn’t know you had an
earring. You pirate you!

Theresa (who just graduated from High school) and
Ricky are REAL Velvet Revolver fans.

Please don’t have us stand in the three lines for more
than a few minutes. IT’S AFRICA HOT! The row against
the wall is dying in the summer.

I am SO thankful for the NBC Angel who left a picture
of Jay with a car so that I can put it up at Bob’s Big
Boy! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I will talk to
the manager there, so I can have a dedication of it
Friday, July 6th during the car show! I’m so dramatic.
This might be the closest thing I get to a red carpet
event. It will probably be just my mom and my self but
I will dress up! Thanks!

I will put my braids in my stockings and have a great
night sleep now!

Remember, there are puppets and there are dummies…

LoVe ya,


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Glo y mudo...

Today I met the beautiful Jacqueline Llamas who is a newsperson for Telemundo Noticero T 52. She did a piece about how the MTA prices are going up. And how people are protesting against it, Downtown LA. Jacqueline did a great job, and was very nice to me.When I got to the line, I saw something a little strange. I met Lisa and Mary. They were sitting by the trashcan away from the line. They said they had stand by tickets and that it doesn’t matter if they are in line. They are from Texas.I told them if they get in line, I would get them tickets no problem. But I guess they didn’t believe me and decided to stay by the garbage can…out of the line. Don’t mess with Texas! Okay! I hope they got in.Guest Josh Duhamel who is so good looking, from the movie "Transformers" brought Jay some RABBIT jerky to eat. People thought that was gross. I am from the country I have had RABBIT, DUCK, FROG, DEER, GOAT, SNAKE, GATOR, POSSUM, SQUIRREL AND PIGEON with gravy of course. Yee haw!

Melissa had a shirt on that said" Meat is Murder, Tasty Tasty Murder. I said, you must be a vegetarian. She said no; I love meat, tasty tasty murder MEAT...(Oh)I told her one time I met a guy in line with a shirt that said PETA… People Eating Tasty Animals.
Guest:David Willey the Mad Scientist was so amazing. He did this experiment with this gas that was so cool. It is a must see. This gas makes your voice very low and it does other things. It was so funny! The whole show was great today! One the way out I walked into a cloud of someone’s gas!

I love Jay’s power suit today. Dark suit with a red tie. Thanks Fabulous Jeff B. The wardrobe Man!

Melissa (the murder meat eater) was with Summer and Joy who had on a brown shirt that had a bear beating a camper with a shovel. I guess she camps. So we camped out!

Jason Aldean was the musical guest. He was great and has loyal fans.

Hailey and Kristi who made there own Aldean shirts, me and a great family Lisa, Steve, Chase and Bret.

On the segment," Things found on EBEY " there were goggles for CHICKENS that sold. You should watch and Tivo it, today was a very good show.

In the studio, the guy next to me asked who is the lady in the white shirt. I was happy to say Debbie the cue card/producer. I think she is adorable! She is so tiny, even her voice. She must be powerful because Jay always talks to her during most breaks.

I don’t know why, but DOGS love the Tonight Show sign. This is Coby who stopped under the sign during a walk with her owner today.

I attend the 7th Heaven Church in NOHO and Sunday a man from out of town walked down the isle for prayer. As and Elder I was one of the ones who stood with him for prayer. Monday at the show, I saw a guy that had a cool cross on the back of his shirt. I wanted to take a picture it but he changed clothes before I could.

At the Tonight Show with Jay Leno I always go up and down the line to mach people with extra tickets with those who don’t have a ticket ect. and I mention my blog. At the show today Randy introduced himself and told me he read and liked my blog. Randy was the man with the shirt on Monday, and who walked down the isle last Sunday. He came back to the show today and I met his wonderful wife Diane. They attend One Destination Church In Jonestown Pennsylvania. The same town the Mad Scientist is from.

Remember to be FISHERS of men…

LoVe Ya,


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

GloZell got Moore Blondes…


Cathy Moore (a family friend) called me from Florida today and told me that she feels that I need to spread my wings a bit. Friday will be my 200th show. July it will be a year. I guess it’s time to move on to do Moore. I don’t know what the next step is.

When I got in the 8:00 AM ticket line, I noticed that every one was blonde. So, I pretended to be blonde also. Blondes have Moore fun! Janelle, Richard, Tom, Elise and Jill.

Did you know that blondes love to read? Hoty Toty Torrey Spear proved that blondes read! I didn’t tell her that her books were upside down. Her beautiful dark haired friend Katey Cooper is a tutor. They are both from Phoenix. The hot blonde on the end is Sue Wallace who is reading a book called. "How full is your bucket". She gave me a bottle of water. I guess I wasn’t full enough? Thanks Sue.

Katey who loves to make cookies on the dashboard of her car, had pepper spray and a whistle. The security guards found it in her purse before the show. Great job NBC security! (Tony, head of security. Great job!) A girl does have to protect herself.

Janelle and Richard look like Ken and Barbie. They are in love! I had to squeeze in between them. They are a gorgeous Blonde couple from Utah.

Not all good-looking people are blonde.

I met a babe named Norma, from Oklahoma City who was next to Sexy Aunt Nitz Ultra Fine Lawrence, Incredible April, and Amazing Laurie from Virginia Beach. They were so awake and upbeat! Not every one stays awake in the line. Ha ha.

The ever so stunning trio ABI, her sister Iyabo (Singer Song-writer/Musician more info. and Adeshola loved the show! Enjoy the BET Awards.

Guests: Michael Moore is…well… I can’t lie, he’s not that good looking, but he was very informative about healthcare and HMO’s. Which is good because he is morbidly obese. I started thinking of how much food he must eat and I got so hungry. Please watch his new movie SICKO… too bad it’ s not Super Size Me Also.

I can stay healthy because I met pretty nursing students Elise and Jill from UCLA

There is someone that works at NBC who I have never spoken about who is just dumb. I have a picture but I won't put it up and I won't say a name! They did something so stupid three times today in front of guest! The only person I ever met that was that strange, was this girl in Florida who's parents were first cousins. I don't know how this person got a job at NBC.

Guest: Justin Long (He’s kind of cute) is in the new movie "Live Free and Die Hard" yep you guessed it, he talked about Japanese Golden Poop, and delicious Crab Anus…ymm. He told a joke and Smitty hit the drums for him…Justin said thanks Kevin. Justin how bouts you watch the show in order to tell the black people apart. Okay!

Kevin is the one who won PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian on Earth award! Along with Carrie Underwood.

Guests: Mandy Moore face is adorable. Her hair was messy and she had on the exact same black tight dress Sandra Bullock had on the last time she was on the show. Who wore it best…Sandra! Mandy didn’t look comfortable in her heels. She was standing very awkwardly. I appreciate that Mandy Moore hasn’t given in to Hollywood standers like buying Moore boobs.

The guy who has the thick black hair and use to have the George Michael starter beard! Shaved! I loved that beard! You are always so neat and put together. You do look a lot younger without it if that’s what your are going for. You seemed to have lost even Moore weight. Great Job!

I’m worried about Ervin, the black guy who has been at the show since Johnny Carson, heck since Jack Parr. I haven’t seen him for three weeks?

#1 Blonde of the world…Paris Hilton is free!

Michael who slept on the lap of Elizabeth… Plus Iyabo.

My favorite person in asleep in line goes to Sexy Aunt Nitz who is going to get me for taking this picture. I’m not going down by myself. Her family knew I took it. Ha ha.

Two audience members took me to Bob’s Big Boy. BOB have a car show every Friday. Jay Leno has attended it several times. There was no picture of Jay in the restaurant. I asked the manager and he said just bring one and they will put it up.

Tonight Show with Jay Leno I want an autographed picture of Jay standing with one of his cars for Bob’s. If not I will stand outside of Bob’s for 24 hrs. 12 midnight July 5th until Friday midnight July 6th.

Or maybe my regular hrs.that I do at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno 10AM to 5PM Monday - Friday that whole week July 2,3,4,5 and 6th. with a sign, that says "NEED JAY LENO PICTURE". The show will be on hiatus that week. My mother will be in town. Please don’t make us stand out there. But we will if we have to.

Remember; always have Moore in your bucket…

LoVe Ya,


Monday, June 25, 2007

Glo Cholo it’s your B-day…

On the Pumpcast from last week, the first guy is my friend Richard from my church. He is a caretaker of his wife. Richard can play the piano beautifully. I was so happy to see him on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

New TV in the Guest Relations lobby! Thanks!Where my dog at?
Bailey, the dog that goes to my church (5:30 service of course) drove by to check on me. He was later pulled over for a DWD, Driving While Dog!
Where my Gators at?
Kappa Sigma’s Thomas and Beau were in town for Matt and Karin’s wedding. They all graduated from UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GO GATORS! That’s where I graduated. I told them about how I thought Jay loved U.F. because of the message he gave at the Gators pep rally "The Gator Growl" at the SWAMP my first year.
Beau is a second generation Gator. His family laughs at his father Roger because he has late night down to a science. First Jay’s monologue then click to Dave’s Top 10 then back to Jay with out missing anything.
Where my Cholos and Cholas at? John and his ever so perky wife Erin, brother Jr. and cuz Maricela. They are my homies. We chill in line waiting for J to the Leno.
Jay’s monologue was off the chain funny!

Where my West Side Canadians at?
Kal, Raj, Vruti keeping it real in the Leno line.
Guests: John Edwards and wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a better woman than I could ever be. She has cancer and gets treatment, while he gets high price hair cuts. Elizabeth is helping her husband become President. God forbid, but if I were she, I wouldn’t help him so he gets into the White House and I’m sick or dead then he finds a Monica or BROWN Rice to play with.

I would haunt his behind! God forbid. John's all good looking and tan and she looks like his mother. I pray that she is truly doing what she wants and not doing this for him. Elizabeth is a great woman or stupid one. I’m going for great! Time will tell!

Where’s my B-Day boy… I mean Man?
The Gators, Joseph and Carrie from Indiana plus Brandon who turned 21 today! His mom Go get em Vickie and Big Daddy Tom are from Texas they ae going to party in Las Vegas. We all sung happy b-day!

Guest: Maz Jobrani a Middle Eastern comedian. He was the funniest guy to do stand up on the show, since I’ve been coming. I still wouldn’t trust him or his family on a plane,Okay. But in the safety of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno studio that is on the ground…very funny! Alla is so proud of him!

Whitney and James love the "Red Jumpsuit Apparatus".
Guests: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was the musical group. They all had this rock hair that they flailed around, except the lumberjack looking one. The lead started off with this weird dance. At first, I thought he was "special". They have great fans.

Where my colored’s at?
Meagan BROWN, Lynn BROWN and my sister from different parents Lindsey GREENE were on the guest list by the RED Jumpsuit Apparatus.

For some reason Bob Perlow the warm up commedian was standing at the exit causing a backup to get out. It was funny. Everyone was shaking his hand. I guess he wanted to talk to his fans. The bit with him and Jack the #1 camera man is funny!

Hey! How did Jim a Florida State "Seminole" Grad get in the picture?

Remember, Gators are # 1…

LoVe Ya,