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Thursday, July 30, 2009

GloZell's Birthday Jam!


Susanne Sus said...

Happy BIRTHDAY, dear GloZell! Congratulations and may all your wishes come true!
Enjoy the day, it is yours. :-)

Love and happiness

Aunt Sus

Susanne Sus said...

What a beautiful cake you got from Leslie! Yummy! :-D)

And, could you lend me SK for cutting my toenails, please? This is a moment when I would need a man in the house or the podiatrist. ;-)

Take care you both,

Aunt Sus

GloZell said...

Susanne Sus!

Thank you so much ...

OH yes you can borrow SK... he is very good at toe nail clipping... lol

SK tried to get into my Fruit Tart that Leslie dropped off... it's healthy from Whole Foods... ( you know Les... can't wait to try it)

LoVe and Happiness to you also

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! No he did not say your cuticle looked like a mushroom! How fun are you two. SK is really funny....Such a great couple.

Can't wait to see hear about your birthday!!!

I know we are all SO glad that you were born...and I KNOW that I would not be who I am today if I did not know you.

GLOZELL=Blessing to the world...
I think that will be the know how people always have what their names mean? Let'e make that yours!!!!

Why? Cause its true!

GloZell said...

Ha ha ... Leslie...

Did you see your Tart had face time?

Beautiful... I just keep looking at it and SK has been trying to eat it... before my B-day.

Thank you so much ... take plenty of pictures have much fun... don't worry about anything... enjoy Nana...

See you when you get back...

Thanks again for the Tart and B-day wishes...

GloZell...aka Blessing toe the WORLD... ha ha ha