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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Funny Weddings

What a weekend. I saw Abraham Hicks yesterday!!!! Whoo Hoo and today Fightin'MadMary, her husband Q, SK and Myself are going to the Scientology Celebrity Center for lunch. It's good, beautiful place and cheep. No one bothers you about joining. They have a great restaurant on the property. Just don't bring any swords.... LOL or cameras



June K said...

GloZelle, I just had to comment, and I figured this would just be the best place. I have spent the past five or six days watching all of your YouTube videos from your VERY FIRST ONE! I am only in June 2009, but I am working on finishing them!! I have not skipped a single video -- they cease to entertain me! I look forward to finish watching the rest, and then following you for as long as you continue blogging.

The past week or so has been absolutely HILARIOUS! All because of your blogs.

I came across one of your videos on my friend's facebook page. (It was the one where "you" dyed your hair with koolaid!) I haven't stopped watching :]

Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH for lightening up my past few days. You are VERY funny. I LOVE YOU GLOZELL!

(I really miss your Jay Leno videos.. they were amazing.)


Anonymous said...

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