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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Always close the bathroom door ... GloZell


Anonymous said...

hey glozell i love u im your biggest fan and me and my sister have seen mostly all of your videos we would like to ask u can u do a video with our name in it about mindless behavior but we wouldnt be the crazy ones!

is you ok is u good cause i wanted to know lol;)


abbyw332 said...

hey im ur bigest fan and youngest fan im 10 bout to be 11 on october 21 my name is abigail but plz call my abby i dont like my name and im from north carolina winston salam and i would love to no where u live i would love to be on ur GloZell1 show i really love the one when ur singing about the lady at the store is that ur breaf or did u just fart the first time i saw it i loved it cuz it was so funny and i played it again and i sang alone with u!!!!! i showed it to my mom and she she u r crazzy and silly and when i showed it to her i could help but sing or giggle or smile she said dose she ever stop singing i said yeah so i hope u read this and get back to me bye love ur videos make lots more love u byyyyyyyye!!!!!!!!!!!!!