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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Glozell and a Friend...

Kell, Becky, Steph and Charlie said,"hey GloZell"when they walked by. It so nice that some of them know my name. I love the people in the lobby; it’s never the same thing twice. One woman had a deck of card and was playing solitaire. A six-foot lady is telling a funny story about the last time she went camping. She was asleep and she felt something in her sleeping bag and said, "this cat feels funny" then, realizing she wasn’t at home, she looked in her bag... and it was a raccoon.

Kate was dressed nice in a black and white number (I wish she curled her hair or something). It’s nice seeing the pages in their regular clothes. A little birdie told me that Ross the intern was never an intern but a paid actor. Well, Ross is so good, he deserves the money for being so hilarious!

Today, Naomi, a Turkish page, walked us over to the studio. Naomi told me that my name similar to the Turkish word for beautiful. I Love NBC and most of the people who work there. Especially when they say things like that.

The energy was high! The pages were dancing to the pre show music. The warm up comedian was great; he’s on a streak (I wonder if he’s reading my blogs). The ever so cool security guard flirts with the girls on the front row and tells them how they can get a picture with Jay. It worked, they got their picture, and now he’s their hero. They also got picked to dance, and (of course) won Tonight Show T-shirts. I come everyday and I’ve never won a T-shirt!

Two young girls were freezing, so one put her hands between the other one’s thighs. I will never be that cold. One of the girls had the word beautiful tattooed on her wrist. The monologue was very funny; Kevin and Ms. V. had a case of the giggles. Smitty (the drummer) did a great job singing they finally picked a song that makes him sound great.

Matthew Perry was a great guest. Matt was funny and quick with his comebacks to Jay. He is so much like his character on Friends. (Even the" I wonder if he’s gay" feel he gives out.) During the whole interview, his right pant leg was stuck in his shoe. Where’s the wardrobe people? Mathew had way too much hair gel and didn’t even tap his foot to the Musical group Outkast, and still he was very charming.

Remember friends don’t let friends over do hair gel and go on national television.

Love ya,



NBC Pages said...

Hi GloZell! It's the Page Crew sending you some love and thanking you for your neverending dedication to the Tonight Show. We love seeing you there! We look forward to reading your blog every day- we feel special when we get a mention. One correction however "Naomi" is not Turkish, she is actually Persian, she just knew that word because her parents speak Turkish, even though they are Iranian (they grew up on the border of Azerbaijan and Iran where they speak a certain dialect of Turkish and Farsi). ;-) Just a little geography/history lesson for you! Time to go back to work, but we'll see you in a few hours!

Love, The Pages

GloZell said...

Thank you so much for the correction! You guys keep me on my toes. Much love.