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Monday, April 13, 2009

Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana and Jessica Brooke 777

Saturday... Fightin' Mary and I were body guards to Jessica Brooke 777 the official body double for Miley Cyrus... Hanna Montana

we went down to hollyweird... with all the characters since Hannah Montana's movie was premiering... we thought we could take advantage of it... just to see( how much can this Jessica chick look like Miley Cyrus)OMG!... She really looks like her... WOW and she sounds just like her... WOWFightin' Mad Mary(double Emmy winner)... you know everyone!!!! Kids flocked to "Hanna Montana"That's right girl... work it!The feeling of making these children so happy after coming out of the Hannah Montana move... Amazing... I can't even put into words the great work Jessica did... ( Jessica with a special needs child who gave us all a kiss)We had a great time... it was the best of both worlds...
Jessica made bank...we went to dinner at Patty's ( after being followed by two cars of girls... I really feel for the real Miley)" Neil Diamond" (the manager... I love flirting with him... he reads my blog... met him at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno)Back at the house... Peace

Thanks for including me... it was unique and fun... I feel like I have the best of both worlds... Thanks Mary, Q, Jessica Brooke (who has video's up on You Tube)

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