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Thursday, July 26, 2007


To the NBC Page Named Joanna who has been the rudest person in the whole year that I have been coming to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. (Very rude after the show in front of people in the studio!) I understand, it’s "your time of the month"! Midol is on sale at C.V.S. you can use my discount card. (Or eat something sweet)

Some people can go a little crazy without a little sugar!

In line, I met Lawrence Man the Harvard Graduate/Architect/Movie writer/movie producer/art gallery owner/fund raiser/Martial Arts Master etc. I saw him yesterday driving some monks around. For more info Tel (213) 628 3883. He is very passionate about his projects he talked about them for hours.

Lawrence was showing Max (from Burbank) and Vinnette from New York ways to protect yourself. He started yelling, dancing and kicking. The things he said you can do with a pen.

9:00 A.M. I am teaching Vacation Bible School at First Christian Church of North Hollywood. Something has happened to the cookies! Oh no!I must find them because if not...ATTITUDES!

We want cookies…

The boys will help find the cookies…

I can’t find the cookies anywhere…

The girls can help find cookies…

This can’t be happening, it’s hot and the children’s cookies are missing?

Wait a minute… there’s cookies?

I am too blessed to be stressed about cookies, I am too blessed to be stressed about cookies, I am…

GloZell can Always get help from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Line. (Cue Superman music)

Rich, Lisa and Jeff from Everett Washington are on a cookie mission…

Guest: Michael Moore has a great movie out "SICKO"…He has helped so many people…but he looks like he might have eaten all of the cookies!

Maybe Dr. J.P. Kukreti (95 years young) Mukesh Kukreti (Dad) Asha Kukreti (Mom), Saurabh Kukreti (son who is an incredible dancer, just UTube his name) or Micki (the only white one) took the cookies…

No Way! But Micki and Saurabh will help you find them…

Guests: Perry Farrells and the Satellite Party were wild with their sliver and white. Their clothes were way too tight to hide cookies. Lance the Microphone loved them!

We know what feminist looks like but not a cookie monster…(For more info Mavis Leno spoke to them today)(Cue Superwoman music)

I don’t know what happened to the cookies today…The world is a better place because of cookies…

Remember, sometimes you just need a cookie!

LoVe Ya,



Paria said...

Hey!!! You are the BEST!!!!! I LOVED teaching with you this group of kids ever!!!! HIRE GloZell!!! Not a dull moment with her EVER!!!! I love ya and I will absolutely be joining you sometime this summer!!!- P.

Lynn (Herstory) said...

Howdy, Glozell ~

Only sent one note to your blog ever since we met you in the 10AM line in June (Steve Carell night). I try to catch-up on your writing/blog at least once-a-week. All are very well done, but OH how I ADORE this "cookie caper"! Laughed and laughed!

Have you been inspired to submit a writing or two to the Associated Content (AC): The People's Media, yet? You might really enjoy publishing a bit of your writing through them. I have some fun with it. (can access the AC by my profile/web page link above)

If it meets your standards, I would be honored if you added my profile page/web page to your 'fan list' at your blog site.

With Cookie-Crumb Grin ~

GloZell said...

Paria the cookie monster! You are the best! VBS is fun because of you! Please come to the show before you go back to college...if you can.

LoVe Ya,


GloZell said...

I need to look into that Lynn, and of course I will link with you in the event that I get with the AC.

Thanks for the information and believing that my writing is good enough.

Thanks again Lynn