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Thursday, May 21, 2009

GloZell and SK... The Book

We found Staples in the hood... YEA!
A You Tube fan wrote a song for me... sweet


Nicole/MadlabPost said...

Have fun at Staples when you find one "in the hood" as you two said, lol. A book could be a nice venture for you and SK. I wrote two ebooks and only sold one of each which is kind of discouraging, but oh well.

Between you and him, there are probably lots of topics that can be covered so when y'all narrow it down to one for the books, I'm pretty sure that it will turn out to be great!

Despite that "salty" review on guys have made me hungry. I haven't had any greens or good black people food since February. That's really making me want to cook more. I really need to learn how to cook greens and beans and peas and such. Damn! Just when I planned to go on a liquid diet for 30 days in and SK bring up the greens, etc. and all of that good stuff. No fair! LOL!

GloZell said...


You made me laugh... black people food in February...LOL!

We are beyond tired of eating out... I did that all the time... because of no kitchen!

Liquid Diet... that sounds good... detox or spiritual type thing?

Liquidfy the greens! YUK lol

What were your ebooks about?


Anonymous said...

We made it to Lincoln at 8:30 tonight...825 mi. We were hoping to see the Vortex caravan going up, but no storms. I love studying weather. Stayed last night in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.
Our weather is nice and cool. It's a great time of year here.
I enjoyed the pictures, but can't get there rest now.
Friday we are caravaning with several cars of family to several cemeteries to place flowers at relatives grave sites and then will eat lunch in Ashland. That's more than enough activity for Mom so we are then going home. Sunday we meet several families for a buffet. We are also celebrating our niece, Frances, birthday and mine is this coming week.
Going to get some sleep now. You and SK take care of yourselves and keep having fun!

Nicole/madlabpost said...

Aw Glo,

I'm glad that I made you laugh.

I didn't realize the connection to February and Black People Food until I read your reply. I was at a party on Valentine's day and that's where the food was. I had the party in mind when watching you and SK talk about those greens.

Liquid gross. I'm pass on that, lol. I'm just doing fruits and certain veggies like cucumbers and carrots and such.

It may be more of a spiritual thing but I don't know.

The diet is part of my efforts to get into shape and stop eating frozen foods and eating prepared foods from stores and restaurants. I've been tired a lot lately and so I thought it might help me boost my energy.

I don't cook much and want to exercise and stuff, so I figure that a liquid diet can help me to stay in shape and not consume packaged and processed foods.

Nicole/madlabpost said...

oh my bad. I forgot to tell you what the ebooks were about. One is about intellectual property rights and how people can protect their work. The other one is about marketing crafts online and offline.

GloZell said...


Glad you made it safe and sound!

Come back soon...

Thanks MD



GloZell said...


You are a very smart young lady... wow

Thanks for the info