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Friday, May 22, 2009

Why can't men ask for directions?

We got there on time! The show was great and I met Jack Osbourne... cool... I had to wait to get a picture he was telling a dirty joke to his friends... I love California!


Nicole/madlabpost said...

I think that men don't ask for directions because it affects their ego. It's a pride thing for them, im my opinion. SK does make one small point that I agree with, which is that if someone is lost, he or she shouldn't just go around asking random people for directions because there are sickos out there or just oblivious people who don't know what they are talking about.

Still, asking for directions can make your trip a lot less shorter. You know what they say..."two heads are better than one".

If SK drops you off at the Gas station (I know y'all were playing, but I still wanted to address it), no need to worry. Since it's a gas station, there will be other people there with the means to give you a lift and take you where you need to go! In that scenario, you may have lost the one ride with SK but you gained like 3 or 4 options for another ride.

GloZell said...


Yes... Lawd it must be the ego.

He looks at that map everyday... I woudn't mind it accidentaly going in the

I always have money on me just in case I have to catch a cab... that's with any man...

Thanks N


Anonymous said...

Just saw your "Help Feed Glozell" message and had never seen it before. Is this new or am I not observant?? Are you guys doing okay?? You say things go to pot when I leave town. Tell me what's happening...can't see the videos now with dial-up.
Had the AC guy come clean the filters and add frion. It was running but not cooling and a coil was frozen. Now it's working great.
Any luck apt. hunting? I know things are very expensive in Ca. The unemployment rate is high there.
Are you and SK really writing a book together? And you said you want to be a Hollywood character...explain.
If you went to the comedy evening Wednesday then you did not have the Ustream?
Remember be kind to each other. You are working together as a team.

GloZell said...

Hey MD...

Mary and I are upstreaming TODAY Saturday... well tonight around 8 PM... I am getting ready to post pictures...

Yes we did end up having a great time at the comedy club... SK got us there on time with his MAP... lol

We are doing well ... glad you can't see the videos... I kind of get on his nerves... 2 days in a row... all is well now

okay... puting up pics...