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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Glo Speed Racer Glo…

Today I got a yellow ticket. I felt that maybe Mr. Beam made a mistake. The little yellow ticket means you get to go straight into the studio and sit in VIP section. The pages usually look out for me, and seat me in the VIP section when there is room. Today was different I got a yellow ticket. That means I didn’t have to make sure I was at the front of the line. I was a VIP, thanks Mr. Beam!

I sat next to Lance S. He creates, constructs, and restores historical vintage sport cars. He has driven a car up to 200 miles per hour. How cool is that? He was with five other car guys. They were in town to go to the Peterson Automotive Museum. The Museum was honoring a famous race car driver. They got the Tonight Show tickets from Peter. They ended up having lunch at the same café Martha Stewart was at, before the show.

Peter and Jay go way back. One day when Jay was doing stand up in Albany New York, there wasn’t that many people in the club that night, so Jay asked every one to come up front. Peter didn’t, and Jay started to heckle him. Jay asked Peter what does he do for a living. Peter said I’m a graphic designer for Shelby Automotive Club. The rest is history.

Lance quit his job two years ago to follow his dream of racing vintage sports cars. I told him I wish I could get paid to come to the "Tonight Show", meet and write about people’s lives. Lance said this is America, if you want to do something find a way.

During the show someone’s cell phone rang, the guy was handicapped and couldn’t get to the phone, so quick Kate (a page) was on the job, grabbed the phone and took it out of the studio.

Steve, one of the guys who was with Lance and Peter, was chosen to dance and win a Tonight Show T-shirt. They played "Beat it" which was interesting, I have never heard them play Michael Jackson before. Steve was a hit. For a straight laced white guy who is into cars, he can dance.

Borat was the wildest guest ever on the show. The women were going wild, and he received two standing ovations. He was rude and degrading to women, Jews, gays, and animals. The audience loved him. Kevin and Vicky (band members) didn’t.

It was pointless for Martha Stewart to be on the show today. She tried to teach Borat to make a bed.

Damien Rice was the musical guest. His music was simple.

After the show, Michael DeLorenzo, the hot guy from that old show, "New York Undercover" was there. The one who was on the show "Fame" and was one of the gang members in the video "Beat It" by Michael Jackson. I met him at a party… he’s a freak. I wonder what the connection to him and "The Tonight Show" is? He looked good. He has lost some weight and found a gym. Time changes things, if this were 1990 all the ladies would have been fighting to get to him. 2006 ladies are fighting for Borat.

Remember, You can't get lost, if you're driving on the right road...

Love ya,



Anonymous said...

I love you and wish you the best. I want you grow and do what every you want. Stay strong and keep the faith. If this stops I will miss these talks.

lance said...

Hope your evening was as good as ours. I won't be forgetting this one for awhile, thank you for being part of the "smile factor" that make the memories last.
Just as I heard you saying the jokes with Jay during our preshow introduction, he sticks with what works.
Stick with it, and never forget-

JC said...

Hi This is JC, just wondering how I could find how to get to the month of August, Thanks

GloZell said...

To Chelsa, I love you also, I'm trying to think of ways to stay at the Tonight Show. I think it is great that you read this everyday. I'm glad we're closer. Chelsa, D.S. when I'm on the show you have to come. You're my number one fan.

Lance, Your words of wisdom renews my strenth. I don't even know what to say. You inspire me and I pray that you always play with fast cars and make millions! I'm so glad I sat next to you. Say hi to Peter,Steve and the rest of the gang.

J.C. I'm sorry I didn't start bloging until September. But I had taken notes in my notebook at that time. Thank you for bloging on. I hope you get that sport car magazine signed by Jay Leno!

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

I promise to take you up on that. Chelsa