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Friday, November 10, 2006

GloZell and her Playboy Connection…

In the lobby, I ran into J.C. and his beautiful family. I met J.C. months ago, at "The Tonight Show". J.C. has a radio show in New York and loves fast cars, especially Corvettes. His wife Donna remembered me from the last time and said she liked my hair. (I told her it was a weave) J.C., Donna and the two children Dex and Brittney had a great time at the Tonight Show. I hope to see them again.

I must look like someone who works at NBC because this guy walks up to me and asked, "Where do I place a complaint"? This guy was ticked off. He had been waiting for two hours to get his show tickets, with his wife and two kids. You have to be 16 yrs. old to go to The Tonight Show. He didn’t have I.D. for the two boys. Mr. Beam informed him that you must have I.D. for the kids. The guy told me in New Jersey 16 year olds don’t need I.D., so they didn’t have any. I told the guy rules are rules and there is a suggestion box in the lobby.He said that the complaint was how Mr. Beam seemed to enjoy telling him to go away. (Mr. Beam has a lot to do.) He pouted around for a few minutes and then they left.

Great day for Andrew AKA "The Hair" the on stage security guard, their were a lot of hot girls in the audience for him to flirt with today. He can’t help it, he’s Irish

One of the blondes who got a chance to take a picture with Jay and dance to get a T-shirt is a Playboy centerfold. Her issue will be out in February, with a lot of air brushing. She and her friends were in town for a party at the Playboy mansion.

FUN FACT: I GloZell Green have taught Kendra, one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends and one of the stars of the show "Girls Next Door", filmed at the Playboy Mansion.

I sat next to Shannon, a beautiful, natural redhead and her fine bald boyfriend Brian. Brian is the brother to John K. one of the best assistant writers on "The Tonight Show’. Shannon was nice, she stated that it was very smart of me to write everyday and that she admires people like me. Brian you better marry her.

Jay asked us all to stand to acknowledge the Purple Heart military men who were in the audience. Happy Veteran’s Day!

I got great seats today again, I’m spoiled.

Emmitt Smith danced; his wife was in the audience. His wife is so beautiful, she is a light skinned black woman with green eyes, and I would be surprised if she is over 110 pounds. Mrs. Smith use to be Mrs. Martin Lawrence. You know the guy from the movie Big Mamma’s House. She travels in the right circles. She gets her weave done at E.Charles, and it looks real. She is a very nice person.

Somebody please teach Lindsay Lohan how to sit in a short dress. I think she wanted us to see her secrets. Her voice was so raspy; she needs to stop smoking. Her dressed looked awful on her. She was going for Marilyn Monroe look, but it was a Merry Mess.

Army of Anyone was the musical guest, they were loud.

Bob, the warm up comedian, told the group from Playboy to wait for him after the show. I bet he’s making sure he’s on the list for the party tonight.

Remember, Be a lady in the streets…

Love ya,



JC said...

Hi this is JC agian, I read your blog about the show on November 10, is was really what I thought to... I did get the magazine signed by Kevin and Jay after standing for about 10 min. on Bob Hope. What job did you give up to be able to be on Jay Leno every Day?

Anonymous said...

Glozell what did you teach Kendra? The piano or how to be a massuse? (I hope I spelled that correctly) Chelsa

Anonymous said...

he he.. I alway wondered why the time is always wrong on the posting. duh!! You are 3 hours behind us here in FL. Thats cool. Chelsa (really 9:20 pm)

Anonymous said...

I am jealous of you. You get to visit Jay eveyday, meet really cool people, and you hung out with fine a$$ i am jealous...peace

GloZell said...

JC That's great I'm so happy for you!1 I was a massage therapist in Bevery Hills. I was never late and never missed an appointment, and they want me back. The owner got tired of everyone asking me how was Jay? I was becoming too popular I guess. Everyday people asked " How is Jay?" No warning, nothing, Just you got to go. My clients thought it was great that I go to the show. They were hoping one day to come with me. My best client was Raven Simone'

To Chelsa, I taught Kendra massage therapy at Bryman Collage. Cameras followed her around her last weeks. Kendra is very smart, and often complemented me on my breasts. I was going to go to the Mansion for Valetines day and the party before a girl I knew was slipped somthing in her drink. That did it for me and I never went. I don't have family here, if something happend to me no one would come looking. I feel safe at the Tonight Show and you get to see the same people.

To anonymous Kendra is fine, the college was crazy when she was there. Kendra is very nice and always always laughing. She always knew the answers to the questions I would ask. She feared that the Playboy thing wouldn't last. So she wanted to learn a trade. She was kind to everyone and hung out with people who wern't the popular ones.

Love ya,


GloZell said...

JC I got hired at another spa in burbank so I can be closer the to Tonight Show ! Thigs cost so much, there has been times i had to choose gas or food. I don;t know what God has planned for me. I'm just blazing my own trail.