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Thursday, November 23, 2006

GloZell, You can’t handle the cold…

Happy Thanksgiving Day, or as the Indians call it, You’re Welcome Day !

Their was a slight chance of getting into the military show. As I waited and froze outside. This guy named Steve from Dallas told me of his adventures at the Music Award Show he attended the night before. Steve was so funny. He cracked me up talking about his bitter, obese co-worker who recently went bankrupt this year. Steve is very proud of his Ford F2 50 with the Super Crew Cab.(His mother in Florida worries about all the driving he does) He is a wonderful and nice person and makes good money as a computer guy who travels. Unfortunately, his job will be coming to an end next year. Steve might move to California. Ladies he’s single and knows how to enjoy life.

We waited for three hours in the cold, but I had a good time. Go Steve!

Kate (a page) got one of the Marines in trouble by telling him he was a trouble starter. He wanted a different seat. His superior over heard her and took the man in the back and yelled at him. What are we going to do with her…nothing, her last day is next Wednesday, she will be working for WB making 45 thousand a yr. Go Kate!

Mr. Beam and Ms. Burnadet (The people in charge of the pages) had a great time playing, keep the military inside where they can’t smoke.

Well my good readers I’ll be back on Monday. I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents. Ah the plot to wed on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" is on it’s way. Richard’s mother is Bulgarian, and is making her famous cottage cheese casserole… Mmm… I will never complain about the time my cousin made Christmas dinner that was served on Triskets ever again.

I thank God for my life, health, strength, family (including Richard),church, new job, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, all who work for the show, and the wonderful people I meet there everyday.

Remember, Everyday is a day of thanksgiving… So act like it...

Love ya,



Anonymous said...

Hey GloZell! It's Steve; and yes, I obviously made it home. Had some good luck at the airport... a couple of ladies (they were definitely older than me by 10-15 years - and I know you were wondering) were waiting for their mom to get off the plane over in the baggage claim area. As it turns out, the mom only lives about a mile or so from me, so as I helped to find her luggage, these people offered me a ride home for helping out. That meant not having to deal with Super Shuttle!

The "cat house" that I got home to was disgusting... thank God for a linoleum floor! All cleaned up.

Hate to be home. Back to the fun fun fun job on Monday. I am on 24x7 hardware support this week, starting tomorrow until next Monday. Hate support. Never any real issues, just people calling who really should know more about their own jobs, and call at 3:00am in the morning with mind numbing questions.

Oh, after the Tonight Show where you and I met, the next day I went to Santa Monica Pier. It was nice. Went on Thanksgiving. Still a lot of people though. Took many pictures.

On Friday and before my flight home, I went over to Rodeo drive. Went into Brooks Brothers. Saw a nice pair of men's shoes for around $480.00. I have good taste! However, I am not stupid, those shoes are still safe where I saw them! $480.00 was more than I paid for the American Music Awards! Well, it is Rodeo Drive!

Saw a large Lladro store also on Rodeo drive. Are you familiar with Lladro? Large Porcelain figurines. Pricy. Mom has a small collection of some of the more affordable Lladro. Bought her a nice statue of a couple arm in arm for her 50th anniversary over a year ago. Mom knew this present was pricy though that was not what I intended for her to notice... just the gesture for a major milestone. Anyway, so now that I know about Lladro (and back to the present), I thought I would check this store out on Rodeo Drive, since as it turns out, is one of the largest Lladro distributors in the country. They had some really nice pieces. I was impressed. One display, consisting of maybe a half dozen related pieces making up a scene turned out to be... and get this... $40,000.00!. No, no extra zeroes! I asked if I could take a picture of this magnificent display, and I was told, "Sure!" So, I did. Incredible!

Anyway, I rambled forever and a day. I will keep in touch. Los Angeles may be on the horizon for me. I will let you know.

Should you wish to respond to me via e-mail... contact me at

Take care.


GloZell said...

Hey Steve sounds like life is going well! Say hi to your special co-worker for me. I'm glad your mom is well and Thanksgiving was good. I guess you meet women every where you go. Go Steve! Please continue to check my blog from time to time! I am so happy to hear from you. Did you go to the show on Friday the 24th? Great hearing from you, take good care of yourself and your Ford supercab truck!


Anonymous said...

No... did not go to the Friday show. Would have been fun!

Hey, only 3 support calls last night and all for the same problem. Fortunately, the latest call was only 11:00pm.

I'm home!

Did you go to the Friday show? Sounds like you did. My friend that I called to tape the show you and I went to last week did not! Typical. Maybe I will catch the late night repeat this week or next week and tape it myself.

Would have enjoyed seeing Cameron Diaz, too!

I'll keep reading your blog.