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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

GloZell is Brilliant...

In line I sat next to Sondra and Bob from Kansas city Missouri. Before the show Sondra was picked to dance and received an Tonight Show with Jay Leno bag. She really knows how to shake it like a salt shaker. They are both retired and spend their time and money to travel the states, golf , and remodel their beautiful home.


Pitch to America. Some lady is marketing tape, that women use to push their breast up. It looked painful and stupid but it sold. I'm going to go to Office Depot and market some post it stickies to write on your underwear and make millions. (I'm a genius)

Sandra Bullock was in a skin tight dress. She looked stunning. Sondra's hair was okay in the front, but it looked like her stylist went on strike before they finished the back. It looked like a rat's nest back there.

Andy Richter, a traditional, funny chubby comedian. NBC loves him I think he has been on three failed shows but maybe his new show will be the winner. I'm sure they will pair him up with a hot girl that he could never get in real life.

Evanescence was the musical group. I heard the lead girl was a real pill back stage, but she was good. Her voice is strong. I like Evanescence, but all of their music sounds similar.

Remember, let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me... true and cheesy, I couldn't think of anything else.

LoVe Ya,



biscuit said...

oooh evanescence was a pill backstage? I love their music! do tell?
love the blog.. especially when you talk about ross the intern!
rock on!

GloZell said...

I love their music and videos! I was told by a friend who deals with bigger stars than Evanescence that the lead singer chick had a prima donna attitude. Not flexible and she was rude according to my very good friend who knows someone that works at the Key Club on Sunset strip(they performed there last week).But hey every one has a bad day.

Thanks for blogging on I will link you to my blog, I hope thats ok.