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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Walla, Holla at GloZell…

I got my ticket from 5 wonderful Seventh Day Adventist University students from Walla Walla University from Walla Walla Washington, home of the onion-throwing contest.

Ken has been trying to get a hold of his mother, who wanted him to visit her this spring break, instead of going to California. She is protesting by not picking up the phone for the last two days.

Michelle who anchors a TV program for her school. Shauna who looks just like Goldie Hawn when she was very young, Landon who can’t dance, and is going to be an awesome minister someday (His grandfather is the only one who has seen Michelle’s show) and Jacob who ate for three hours at a buffet across the street in a hot pink T-shirt.

The mechanic across the street at Tuneup Masters named Henry was kicked out of an Seventh Day Adventist Seminary school for touching a girl’s knee under a table.

Henry worked on my car last Wednesday and my engine light came on two days and 300 dollars later. Grrrrr...

I also met Terri and Virgil from Virginia. They live on a boat and have a Rat Terrier dog named Captain. Virgil was Terry’s mechanic and he has been looking under her hood for 5 years. I guess I need something better under my hood!


Jay’s Monologue didn’t work on today’s crowd, but with Kevin’s smart remarks, Jay turned it around. That’s okay, Jay you are still my Boo.

David Spade is small, but thicker than I thought. I believe he had a little drinky poo before the show. He put his foot on the table several times. I will never invite him to my house. (When I get one.)

David was funny and kept moving his thin wispy hair out of his face. (Hey, why don’t you cut your hair, the Doobie Brothers look is out this year) I don’t understand how he got close enough to even smell Heather Locklear.

Richard Engle has thick hair, so maybe he is taller than David. They are about the same height. I don’t think they can ride any rides at theme parks.

Richard is a serious journalist and showed footage of dead people, shootings, a lot of blood and other footage from his documentary. Yep, it was a fun show.

Hinder was the musical guest. They were great. I see so many rock bands. White guys with weird hair and guitars. They were one of the more polished groups and I liked their song.

Remember the Seventh Day and Keep it Holy…

LoVe Ya,



Magick said...

Hey GloZell!!!
Loved you're blog! You nailed it. Virgil was bummed he didn"t get his picture with Jay. :-( But, other than that, we enjoyed it. And we are glad we met you. ;-)
Thanks, Magick

Anonymous said...

Hey Glozell,

Dave and Kelly here from Kansas City. We met you back on September 12th. We were expecting our 3rd child and wanted to let you know that Sadie Clara graced us with her present this evening. We've enjoyed staying up-to-date with you funny comments on the Tonight Show since we saw you last...haven't missed reading one since September. Continued good luck to you.

God Bless,
Dave and Kelly

GloZell said...

Thank's Magick, you have to come again so Virgil can get his picture and look at my car (Just kidding ) Take care on that boat and say hi to "Captain" for me.

It was good seeing you the next day thanks for showing me all your beautiful pictures.

Dave and Kelly,I remeber you! I am so happy for you! I can't belive you still read my blog all this time. Thank you I love the name Sadie Clara I can't wait to see a picture.

You have blessed me so by blogging on I was just wondering how long can I keep doing this day after day. You just gave me some wind. I hope to make it on the show. I don't want to let anyone who I met down.

May God bless you and your family.

Thank you so much

GloZell (An unofficial Godparent)

magick said...

Hey Glozell,
Me again. We had a great day @ Warner today. Sounds like your day was almost ruined. But, you left the negative behind, good for you!! We're going to try Universal 2morrow.
God Bless! Magick

GloZell said...

Hey Magick thanks for stopping by and giving me your info. keep in touch and keep trucking.

LoVe ya,