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Friday, May 25, 2007

Glo, its Jay’s Quinceañera!...

Happy 15 years on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Can’t wait for 20.

In was in line at 7:30 AM for tickets. A man was yelling into his phone. "She won’t sell me the house! She is not getting my daughter! Ect.
(Here we are breaking bread together)

John Ph.D. is going through a bitter divorce. He is a Professor of Communication at a college in Florida.

His wife (who John said was too media ignorant to find this blog) won’t sell him their house, which he is offering more than what it’s worth to her, so that their 3 year old daughter doesn’t have to move. He want’s custody.

His wife is a License Mental Health Counselor. John has been proven innocent of abuse to his wife. John fired his lawyer after he got his Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tickets.

And got a new lawyer before the show started.

I also met:

Susan who was trimming her hair in line. Susan is divorce after 23 years of marriage and now she has a great boyfriend who is going to take her up in a hot air balloon.Her sister Debby was fired from her job after 15 years because her boss is short and he started dating a female cop who didn’t like her. Debby lives next door to her sister Susan in Chatsworth California. Debby divorced after 17 years and is now on the market.
Susan and Debby started a fashion dog on-line service.

Sean and Joe who likes the guitar playing of Stuttering John! (What!) They said that John Melendez is a great guitar player and they like his album. (I have heard it all!)(Sean, GloZell and Joe the Rocket Scientist)
Sean makes and sells political apparel by day, and delivers pizzas by night. (Hey do what you got to do)
(Why did they have me hold up the BLACK t-shirt? That's a pretty political statement!)

Joe (graduate of MIT) works for NASA and goes to the National Board Game Convention three times a year. He is literally a Rocket Scientist. (That’s hot) Their mother Cathy is proud of both of them.

Bash Gupta originally from India, now lives in California. He watches Jay Leno every night but he prefers Johnny Carson. Bash was with his co-workers Silvia and Sandra.
Bash works for Burger King. His boss also owns 4 Popeye’s Chicken restaurants. John Ph.D. felt better after the Chicken.

Jay’s fans continue with Linda, Jenny Mikki and Rita. Rita got a picture with Jay in Merrillville Indiana and put the picture on a pin. Rita want’s Iron Jay back!


Jay’s monologue had some hot jokes and some that missed.

The audience asked questions segment was great. Very funny. People like to see Jay do mock interviews, characters. Do more with Jay!

Dennis miller is a great guest. You never know what he is going to say and some of it has to censored. I don’t like him! I would NEVER pay to see him. He was booed off the stage at University of Florida’s Pep rally "The Gator Growl" when I was there.

Dennis has a gut, but has not changed his jacket size accordingly. Dennis had his jacket buttoned and when he sat, I heard the cries of his poor button holding on for dear life.

ROSS THE INTERN: He was hot. I’m going to ask him to be my baby’s momma!
He has lost weight on the show "Celebrity Fit Club" but not his humor. I only wish the best for him. Love Ross forever!I pray that all is well with your family ROSS.

Dennis kept trying to be funnier than Ross was, but he wasn’t’! (Ha) Dennis is getting old he kept repeating himself. He said that it was Jay’s 15 anniversary 3 times. Like we forgot. I wonder how Jay sits with Dennis all up his crack! Come up for air Dennis!

Dwight Yoakam! Susan and Debby have seen him 54 times. Dwight had on these tight rubber looking pants on. (His poor twigs and berries) Dwight was great as always! The way he plays his guitar, looks like a symbol for something else.

I wonder if that’s why John Melendez plays one?

Remember, the person you marry is not the person you divorce…

LoVe Ya,



Anonymous said...

Wow... I never thought I'd come across someone who could possibly compete with me as the world's biggest Jay Leno fan! I have seen Jay do standup at least 9 times, going so far as to drive 5 hours in an 11 year old car with a bad transmission to do so! In addition to being the Edd Hall clock guy, as well as being the guy Jay called a stalker on the Today Show, I also have a tattoo of Jay's production company logo, and my next one is going to be the Crimson Chin. The only reason I've yet to attend a Tonight Show taping is because I live on the other side of the country and I'm afraid to get on an airplane! In fact the only thing that would get me to fly would be if Jay himself called me and invited me to Los Angeles. Ummm... since that happened a couple months ago, I have my trip planned for November! See ya then!


GloZell said...

Dan, Jay called you! That's Amazing! I would love to see Jay do stand up! I didn't want to come across as a stalker,plus I bet the tickets cost alot.

Please tell me when you are comming! I can't wait to meet you. You will be on the guest list so I will catch you outside after or before the show!

Jay called you! You are special! A tattoo of Jay's production company logo! My hat's off to you. You win! You are Jay's biggest fan and I love you for that.

I hope that Jay stays at least three more years to make a even 20 years!

You knew Edd Hall? What is he doing now? You are great! Can't wait to meet you Dan! Please let me know when you are comming. I would be honored if I could get a picture with you and put it on my blog!

I wish I could go with you when you got your tattoo. I'm scared of tattoos and you are scared of flying.

I just can't wait to meet somone who truly understands that Jay is Superman! I love Jay and when you watch the show it's going to be so much fun! I will probably cry.

When the music starts and Jay is in his suit it's like the greatest thing on earth. You will not be disapointed Dan.

Because you love Jay, I love You!

With all that you have done. You are the only person in the world who makes me feel normal. Thanks! I can't wait to meet you Dan, I just can't wait!

Leno Rules! and so does Dan!

Anonymous said...

Seeing Jay do standup is awesome! He always goes on for at least an hour and a half. Though I know a good chunk of his act by heart, it's still great just to be able to watch him work a crowd. He's even picked on me a couple times which was awesome.

I don't really know Edd Hall personally but we did have a good email correspondence going in the early '00s. When I mentioned the Edd Hall clock, I was talking about the dinky little plastic alarm clock with Edd's headshot as the clock's face that Ellen Degeneres had put up on Ebay... I ended up buying it for $530! And it was totally worth it because it finally allowed me to meet Jay at one of his Foxwoods casino gigs.

Anyhoo, I'm going to be out there from Nov. 10 to Nov. 16... which covers my 29th birthday on the 11th. I don't have any clue what Jay's got going for me but I've never been so excited about anything, ever. Thanks for making me feel a little more 'normal' about this :oD


GloZell said...

Dan, Jay picked on you! OH MY GOODNESS! I love it. You bought a clock with Edd Halls headshot. I have got to meet you. Are you going to the show more than once?

Dan you are crazy! I love it. I wonder if there are more people like us?

Wow I would love to know how you first realized that Jay is "The Man".

Jay is the best in the world! I could talk or listen to someone talk about him forever.

To see Jay do stand up is so wonderful. I will live through you! You must tell me your feelings as you sat watching Jay Leno Live!

You are so young, not even 29 yet, but yet you are enlightened. I bow before you. I will learn from you!

Take Care

Anonymous said...

I've always been a fan of his; it didn't become extreme though until after I graduated high school. Basically, I did so poorly in high school and barely graduated with my class, and I didn't think anyone would want to hire me because of my hopeless ineptitude. Then I read Jay's autobiography and learned he had many of the same problems in school; and he still was able to make something of himself. I wouldn't call myself 'successful' but I'm still much better off than I would have been had I not read the book.

It was in 1998 that I decided I was going to put all my time and energy into trying to meet him. I entered every contest I could, sent 3 tapes to MTV's FANatic and sent letters out to anyone I thought would listen. I even almost ended up on Richard Simmons' short-lived "Dreammaker" show but it got cancelled before they could plan anything out.

Since 2002 I have had 3 encounters with him (4 if you count the phone call) and every time I get so nervous I can barely talk- and the words that do end up coming out just make me sound like an idiot. Hopefully I'll get to the point where I can have a regular conversation.

I still have no idea what my itinerary will be when I get out there... all I know is that I'm going to be able to see the show; and that a friend of Jay's has told me he's going to try to work something in for my birthday. I also have an uncle out there that I haven't seen in over 10 years and a whole bunch of friends from the Second City improv group that want to hang out.

You know, you shouldn't have a problem seeing Jay do standup- almost every Sunday he performs at the Comedy and Magic club in Hermosa Beach- and it's only like $25 with a 2 drink minimum.


GloZell said...


I'm surpised that to see Jay on Sunday is 25 dollars. I don't want Jay to think that I'm too crazy.

I don't bother him or try to talk to him, because I'm at his work place everyday.

I would like to see his stand up but it will most likely be after he leaves the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in hopefully in another 5 years to make an even 20 years!

I know that Jay knows that i come to the show everyday but I do't think he knows my name or that I have a blog.

Maybe someone has told him but I don't think that he has ever read it or knows what kinds of things I say.

I don't talk about Jay much on the blog, it's has envolved to talking about his fans, crew and anything that goes on outside before the show.

I went to your myspace. I thought maybe you might be this weird looking crazy guy. But you look normal and nice!

I just can't get over the fact that Jay called you on the phone and he is flying you out FOR YOU BIRTHDAY!

How cool is that!

I'm sure Jay is going to point you out to the audience, and I get to see you live!

Maybe you can play with the band!
My mind is racing. I can't wait to Nov. I thought I would leave in July but you have given me a reason to push to NOV.

Take Care

Anonymous said...

He's not exactly flying me out... I'm paying for it. It'll be tough saving up the money but I'd even sell my blood to get this to work. At this time I have no clue what's going to happen though.

And I doubt he'd think you're weird... have you read his book? He's dealt with some real crazies in his career. His very first fan letter came from a woman who eventually sent him naked pictures of herself... and then there was the bible-waving psycho who busted into his house while he was trying to write the next night's show... there were others as well, he goes through them in the chapter titled "The $18,000 Suit".

Don't wait up for me though... if there's someplace you gotta be in July then by all means, go there! Don't let me stop you!


GloZell said...

Dan, I forgot about the crazy people in the book, but that was a long time ago.

I hope your visit is more than you ever thought! I hope you don't have to cell your blood to get a plane ticket.

Talk to you soon.