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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Jessica Gottlieb/Nick Patsaouras LA City Controller

At Fightn'n Mad Mary's she made soy cream cheese , dry tomatoes, on wheat crackers... YUM!

Mary's friend Jessica Gottlieb put together a get together at Laurel Tavern for Nick Patsaouras

Nick Patsaouras is running for LA City Controller ... YEA!
Everyone found Nick P. easy to talk to... Jessica is great at conversation
They didn't have Diet Sodas... They had Coke Light... it's Dutch ( Is that close to you Susanne Sus?)Fight'n Mad Mary and BE THE BOY... up loading dates and pictures on Twitter and Facebook... cool I love Be The Boy... He told the best story about how his father ( a complete and wonderful freak) WON a midget (yes a little person) for Christmas at a card game... Be The Boy told the funniest freak stories... OMG ( www. Be The

Nick was nice and very Knowledgeable....

Boot Fetish anyone?

Went to the bathroom and there was nothing to hang my purse or jacket on... Why do men design women's bathrooms... AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Then Mary,Q and I went to Hugo's for lunch... we had Vegan quesadillas... (sorry about spelling).... Thanks M & Q Q had some kind of tea in a contraption I haven't ever seen...

New Black Berry's YEA!
My phone is no fun.... Another great time with Fightn' Mad Mary and Q.... Mary and I are going to Tool Academy Reunion Tuesday... I Love that show !!!!OMG... that is the funniest craziest relationship reality show... can't wait


Jessica Gottlieb said...

GloZell thank you for coming out! is who you're looking for and.... OMG I'm burning that dress, I look pregnant!

Nick's info is at this is a really important election.

GloZell said...

Jessica Gottlib...

You looked so cute... very cute... I so enjoyed metting you, Nick , everyone...

Thanks so much for the information... you are right this is a very important election...

Thanks so much


Anonymous said...

No, GloZell, Netherland is not a neighbor country but it isn't so far away. I myself very seldom trink Coca light. My favorite is mineral water and green tea. By the way, I have also such a teamaker (Q was drinking tea). You can also put coffee powder in it and you get a good coffee.

Susanne Sus

GloZell said...

Susanne Sus!!!

So you have seen that Coke Light ... it was interesting tasting... minereal water and green tea... that sounds healthy...

I thought that teamaker was cool.. Mary and Q know about and have so many gadgets... cool

Hope you are doing well SS

Take Care good hearing from ya!