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Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Man who is happy to get married!

It's Sunday I had a great time at church. So here is your bit of church


Anonymous said...

That was HILARIOUS! Seems like it was on TV. First I thought he was getting sick.
So Leslie helps with the stuff again! And Abraham too. I could use Abraham now...and Leslie needs to move out here cause we STILL after 9+ years in this smaller home have too much stuff. I keep working on it, though, little by little.
I'm sure Wendie IE's party was lots of fun and you enjoyed yours/Mary's work out ladies. Next you'll be doing a marathon!
In the cave today getting ready for medical visits in Houston. Casey goes to our neighbor's. Watered indoor patio and made numerous calls. Don't know when we'll get home cause we'd like Jim to get a complete evaluation at The Methodist Hospital Neurology Institute as well as MD Anderson. He only got 4 hrs. sleep last night because of the nerve pain.

GloZell said...


That was so funny... WOW I have never seen a man happy to get married. Haven't even heard of that. LOL

Abraham is on You Tube so watch . it is very very useful. Wendie IE was fun. Yes next year marathon

Complete evaluation that great! Find out everything in order to heal everything.



tszaj said...

I am now curious what he sounded like on the wedding night. ;-)