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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Sunday!

Today is my church Christmas Pageant... so happy. Everyone has worked so hard. I have helped out with the music. So I know all the little ones know their parts.

Okay I am on my way to church so here is some church for you!


Anonymous said...

Funny stuff!!! Hope your Church music program went well. I know how much work is involved!
Our weekend went fast. We're running lots of errands before we leave for Lincoln Tuesday AM.for a month away from home. Much left to do and a considerable time away from home. My sister, Patsy, and her husband, Ken, are already in Lincoln. They come from Garland in the DFW area.
What are your/SK's plans?
I will write from Lincoln...

GloZell said...


The Church program was wonderful... it gets me everytime. Great story...

Always running errands LOL