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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Workout with WendIE Wilson Boot Camp for girls


Anonymous said...

Way to go!!!! You deserve to look beautiful after all that work!!! I have a big butt also, but am not up to that exercise. You'd beat me at EVERYTHING!
Stayed in the cave Friday. I'm getting ready for our trip to Houston on Monday. Jim has his checkup/tests at MD Anderson. Made reservations and spoke to The Methodist Hospital to try to get a complete evaluation of Jim's nerve related pains/numbness at their Neurology Institute...#13 in USA.
It's very cold for us...22 at the house overnight and 18 at Georgetown Airport. Now the yards, etc. look brown for the winter. All flowers are frozen.
We're watching my NU Cornhuskers play Jim's UT Longhorns for the Big 12 championship tonight. Go Big Red!!

GloZell said...


Oh I am just getting to the point where I don't hate working out. I can see that this is what must be done and I can do it for myself.

COLD COLD COLD... it's cold here but not like that. Mary and I are going to WendIE Wilson's we done for the year party... a street party then a choir that Nancy and Debbie sing in... the ladies from the 60's group. FUN

Mary is still making Jellies... she is so cute with all she does.

okay... got to get ready... Leslie came over and helped me get rid of items I am willing to let go of... She is really good like that and we listend to Abraham.



Susanne Sus said...

Hello GloZell, Hello MD! I need also to do exercises. I lost 20 pounds and gained again 6 pounds. All that candy, mmhhh, yummy! :-)
Sorry that I don't write more often on this blog. But I am not always familiar with the people you parody. It is a shame that you can't perform in a famous theater. You are so talented and all the echos from your fans prove this.

MD, I would like to express that I admire all the strength you have for your husband and the family. It isn't easy always to keep a good mood. I hope you can enjoy the advent season and get now and then a little rest. :-)

Haven't heard from Leslie recently. I hope she is doing fine. Please, GloZell, say hello to her. Thanks.

I leave the ladies now and get ready for my regularly Sunday walk with my neighbor.

Love and happiness

Aunt Sus

GloZell said...

Aunt SUS...

Leslie is great. She really really helped me with getting rid of stuff. GREAT JOB!

MD... she has to be a tough person the handle what she handles all the time. Very nice of you to leave her a comment

you loss 20 pounds! wow... I an looking forward to the day when I can say that.

Take Care Aunt Sus