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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Should Comics say the "N" Word?


Anonymous said...

I STILL haven't viewed all your videos and hope to soon. Been getting caught up here...wash, shopping, calls, mail, etc.
Jim got a good report at cancer!
Jim saw a neurologist at The Methodist Neurological Institute in Houston and he ordered 4 MRI's, an echo, EKG, and EMG. He's trying to get to the bottom of what's wrong and we go back to him Tuesday to hear what he thinks it is. We're not looking forward to another long trip, but, hopefully, things will be somewhat solved. It's Christmas season so people are already taking vacations.
How are things going???

Anonymous said...

nigger- if you are white and nerdy and think you are cool

niggah- if you are cool and can say it without being slapped across the face

kelly, 23, brooklyn new york, 100% irish

GloZell said...

Thanks Kelly!


Sarah B-Seattle Wa french/portugese 29 yrs old said...

The word Nigger erks me. I am disgusted by the word I wish the word never existed. I guess if someone of any race that has a racist slur tagged to it wants to call each other or themselves that to each their own. I would never call any one a nigger. The word nigga(h) is one that I rarely use and it is usually when I am being goofy and its is only to my significant other. On the other hand my significant other is half white half black and he and his close friends regardless of race use the word nigger with each other out of "humor" which I don't get and still cringe when I hear it. My grandma is white and native american has beat ass for the use of the word in front of her. Just as perspectives vary and traditions and moral standards evolve over time meanings behind words change over generations as well. When our son and daughters are in jr. high I would hope that racial slurs have found their way out of our vocabulary. That is my truth.

And by the way GLOZELL I think I love you! You are the sh*t and sure know how to make me laugh.

Kelan said...

First of all I just love you. You are such an inspiration to me! I love your comedic ease and positive energy, and I love how nothing to you is taboo.

As for the N word... I don't feel as though the use of this despicable racial slur should be tolerated by any means, no matter what race, gender, or background one might be associated with. Hate is hate, no matter how it is used, and this word only breeds more negativity than ever necessary.

Keep on doin your thing, you have another faithful follower!
Kelan, 17, Raised in suburb of Rochester, NY, Irish and Lebanese heritage