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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Almond Glo…

Today, John and Sandra Nink, Glenn and Lorraine Fredriks and I took a picture for LA Daily News! They are Doing a story on me going to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno over 100 times.(I would like to thank the little people.)

John and Sandra Nink are from Long Island, New York. John is retired from Prudential Insurance. The same insurance company Jay Leno’s father use to work for. They are the very proud parents of three boys. The oldest is 50 and not married and no kids. (I know someone I could hook him up with.)

They have two terrific grandchildren. Marshal (10) who excels at school and sports. Marshal loves tennis, baseball, and soccer. Little Miss Taylor (8) is an outstanding dancer. She loves Jazz and acting classes. They have great parents that know how to keep them busy.

Glenn and Lorraine Fredriks of Ripon CA are very successful almond farmers. They own 350 acres. Lorraine told me I should eat 14 raw almonds a day. I surprised her when I took out my bag of almonds, that I just happen to have in my pocket. (I’m nutty) They have two sons, one helps run Fredriks Almond Farm and the other runs Fredriks Nursery (100 greenhouses) I was raised in a Green house… ha,ha. (GloZell Green)

In the Studio, Sandy and Dave had seats in front of me but two other people wanted those seats and the NBC page, Mighty Jeremiah was called over to kick the other people out of their seats. (Ooh, the drama)

Sandy is a D.V.M., who almost had a cow when she got a picture with Jay. Sandy I wish you well, at Pouncey Tract Veterinary Hospital.


Dennis Miller. In 1995, I saw him perform at a U.F. (Go Gators!) Pep Rally called "The Gator Growl". Dennis went into one of his political rants and was booed off the stage. They had to stop the show and physically walk him off the stage. He didn’t have that problem tonight.

Majorie Johnson, a cute little lady who made cookies and has been married for 60 years. Her husband came out, after the show, and he is two feet taller than she is. (I don’t have a husband and I didn’t get a cookie)

Musical Guest: Taylor Swift is a 17-year-old county singer. Taylor has a nice sweet innocent voice. Her song was just as cute as she was. She was wearing a cocktail dress with Cowboy boots. (She doesn’t have a stylist yet)

Remember, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometime you just are one...

Love Ya,



Anonymous said...

Glozell! hi! it was really nice to meet you! I am the gal with the long black hair that went to Ellen show and then got my photo with Jay on stage before show! :) we also got a photo with Kevin as well! im so excited for you being in the paper and beating the record of attending the show over 100 times! awesome! wish I could compete with ya! :)

take care!


sessy caramel said...

Hey that is awsome that you got interviewed by the newwspaper. THey must think you are the best thing sicenc sliced bread. I agree! Keep up the good work! To God be the glory!

GloZell said...

Cheryl it is so great hering from you. I never got a picture with Kevin, you guys are good. Toake good care of yourselves and keep that fun personality!

Sessy Caramel, I like sliced bread so I'm in good company. Thank you for saying my work is good. To God be the glory!


Anonymous said...

Hey Glozell! I put up the pics on my myspace of you and Clayton if you wanna save them. check em out!


oh the ones of Jay and Kevin are up there too!

Mark said...

Glozell, my name is mark and i am glenn and lorraine fredriks grandson. they said they had a great time talking with you on Feb 12 at The tonight show.

GloZell said...

Hey! Mark, thanks for having such great grandparents and bolging on. They were so much fun, it's cool that they have so many good things to say about you.

Take Care,