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Friday, February 02, 2007

GloZell and her Groundhog Day Treats…

Today, I brought Donuts!

Wolfman made it in again, he was picking his face and eating it. Gross!

I met Linda and Mike C. who are educators. Mike is a comic, who teaches on the college level. Mike uses Jay Leno’s "Jay Walking" to make his class fun. They got a picture with Jay and thanked me.

I sat next to Mandy who is auditioning for the Biggest Looser, she has a great personality and I hope she losses. (Ha, ha)

A homeless guy made it inside the show and was picked to dance before the show. The warm up comedian was picking at him but the homeless guy didn’t realize it because his elevator didn’t go all the way up.


They stopped the tapping of the show!

Cuba Gooding Jr. was so late, they called a comedian named Bruce to entertain us until Cuba got there. I was hoping they would ask if anyone in the audience knew any jokes!

Miss USA, Tara Conner (who was fresh out of rehab) was beautiful and sat up straight the whole show. Tara had on a beautiful bronze dress on and fixed her hair very ten seconds. Tara was talking to Jay during one of the breaks and Jay started to yarn.

Cuba was very energetic and fun. He slipped and said the "s" word, which they edited out.

Cuba danced with Tara during on of the breaks. I thought she danced with underage girls?

The musical guest was the rapper "The Game". He was boring!

Jay had to do a couple of takes, because Jay kept saying "The Gay" instead of "The Game". Mr. Game and his Westside posse, who was lined up in the back of the studio didn’t think that was funny. Jay wasn’t doing it on purpose.

After the show, Dolly and Kevin who I met months ago at "The Tonight show with Jay Leno, ran up to me and said hi. It was Kevin’s 50th birthday and Jay wished him a very happy birthday. Kevin still looks young!

Dolly is a pray warrior and prayed for me again. they are great!

Remember, what goes around comes around…

Love ya,



Anonymous said...

Hey Glozell,

we really tried to make it Friday, but I got held up in Traffic on the I-5. I'm still waiting on your picture?!?:)
I had our picture with Jay made into a poster and 2 8x10 and 20 4x6's.
I would like to include you in the case also.
Thanks again,
Rick Hepler

Anonymous said...

We sat in front of you at Friday's show. Thanks for you insight on the way things work on the show. Next time we'll bring gloves like you did, it is freezing cold in there, but lots of fun.

CJ said...

Hey Glozell!

Carl here - I stood in line with you Saturday for the BL casting call - and I showed you my two kiddos, who you later met along with my wife Joy.

Just thought I'd say hello after visiting your blog - very entertaining write-ups! You are crazy even though you've never drank coffee!

Hey, I haven't heard anything from NBC but wanted to see if you did? If you do, will you email me at

Take care and best of luck to you!

In Christ,

Carl (CJ) Adams aka the Swedish meatball connoisseur

GloZell said...

I'm trying to figure out how to send a picture. My e-mail is GloZell @ You guys work fast. I love the fact that I will be under glass! I enjoyed ya'll and I hope to see you again some day!

Thank's anonymous for bloging on, save your hands next time.

Carl I haven't heard a word, but it's still early.