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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Yesterday, I went to the bank and I told the teller she made a mistake. I had way more money than I was supposed to.

My mother, Gloria R. Green (Who lives in Florida) who should be putting her money toward retirement, deposited enough money to pay my rent, and car insurance. She told me she didn’t want me to get depressed, and do all kinds of crazy things people do in California. (Like shave my head) How do I thank her?

In line today I met a guy named SIRE, who loves Diana Ross.

I also met Ali, and Lechelle (they were Fergalicious) and their husbands Kent and Tommy from Redlands. They got a little tipsy before the show. Ali and Lechelle took a picture with Jay Leno and me. Love You.

Paul and Janet Potter are celebrating 50 years of marriage. Janet strongly wants the theme song to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno changed. She can’t stand it. Janet’s older sister, Marie Zyren was nice and shared her food with Wolfman.

Two Nuns enjoyed the show today. Sister Beatrice LaFramboise, and Sister Ana Dolores Oyellama, for more info. The Sisters would love to met Richard Simmons. (I don’t get it either)

More than one person has informed me that I left out the finest cameraman in the history of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" from my hot guy list. His name is Kurt. Kurt is thick and bald and delicious looking. What women like about him is the fact he looks like he’s got a little thug in him. Sorry ladies he is off limits like most of the guys from the show. He is happily married.


Diana Ross canceled. SIRE was mad. My Sources said that D.R. didn’t appreciate the drunk jokes that Jay has done about her. Diana (Miss Ross) might perform on the show one day, but does not want to sit and talk to Jay on the couch. (Can you say DIVA?)

Tim Allen was working on some new stand up material. (Good, cause it needed some work) Tim gave enough money to the YMCA of Hollywood for it to stay open. I often see Tim and his daughter at my church. I try to give him a big piece of Communion bread. (First Christian Church of NOHO.)

Hollywood Animals. Cute (Next)

Fergie was the musical guest. She looked pregnant, but Fergie looked that way the last time she was on the show. I think she has a beer belly and drops the weight for music videos. Ali and Lechelle love Fergie and due to a wardrobe malfunction Fergie performed twice. They were so happy.

Remember, Even a blade of grass says thank you to the sun…

LoVe Ya,


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Anonymous said...

I'm back in Georgetown, TX. and my sister and niece are home in Lincoln, Nebraska. Thanks for being sooo much fun in line 2/28/07. And thank you again for singing the Jennifer Hudson song from Dream Girls to us all while we waited inside the NBC Building. You might not remember us, but we were right behind Ali, Lechelle, Kent, and Tommy in line. That day/night was the highlight of our trip even though we left at 4:30 A.M. from San Diego to make the show and get tickets. We REALLY loved seeing Jay!! The Tonight Show was great!!! Our seats (second row right behind you)were wonderful and we were right in front of Fergie. Keep up the good work and good luck and best wishes. I read your blog every night. Never give up with your dreams.
Marilyn DeWalt