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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Happy Black History Month!

I brought cookies for the NBC pages today. I almost brought brownies but then I thought about it. Black history month and brownies.

Its Jade’s birthday. Jade is 23 and one of the toughest NBC pages, you go girl!

Wolfman made it in the studio again! If they stopped crazy people from coming to the show that might affect me.

In the studio, I sat next to Sam and Laureen Brill who own Phoenix Designs. Laureen showed me her beautiful Mystic Fire Jewelry ring that they sell! They got a picture with Jay and thanked me!

Laureen is a lot of fun and has a great laugh! Keep her happy Sam.

The on stage security guard Andy AKA "The Hair" was flirting with some hot Hawaiian girls on the front row. You have to be young and hot to make the front row. I’ve gone to over 100 shows and never made the front row. (Bitter party of one). Andy can’t help flirting because he is Irish.


Brian Herzlinger at "American Idol" auditions. He was funny, and a lady at my church met him at the grocery store Ralph’s last week. It’s a small world.

Julie S. with Sea world and Bush Garden animals. Loved the Kangaroos! I don’t know what animal was from Sea World. Julie tried to put a Tiger in some water. Maybe she got confused.

Abigail Breslin from "Little Miss Sunshine", was so cute. She showed Jay her Curious George doll. During the breaks, Jay was playing with the doll trying to entertain her. She was not impressed.

The Musical guest was the talented Christina Aguilera. She was very entertaining! All of her dancers had thick thighs and legs. I think they were hand picked to make her look even smaller. Christina was tiny but her voice was big. She was great! My favorite song by her is "Beautiful".

After the show Bob (the warm up comedian) was flirting with the same hot Hawaiian girls. Get your own Lays Bobby!

Remember, don’t let nothing, or no one stop you from doing what you know you are supposed to be doing!…

Love Ya,



laureen said...

Dear Glozell
It was great meeting you and told others about you the next day at tow and half men. I said you were the person to meet at Jay Leon show. You were very nice to sam and me and I will never forget you. I told people in NC when I got back on monday about you and how you help me get my picture and I owe it all to you. Thank You andI will looking forward to read about all the cool people you meet. Maybe one day you will be Jay's guest on his show and I can tell everyone that I know you. That would be cool. Take care Laureen

GloZell said...

Hey It's great hearing from you. This is the best pay I could ask for! I'm so glad you didn't for get me and took the time to blog on. I'm praying that I get to be a guest one day.

Thank you for your kind words it helps me to keep going. I'm blazing my own trail and it's nice to hear good things about what I invented for myself. Thank you Laureen and take good care of Sam.