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Monday, September 03, 2007

GloZell Tonight Show tips

Tips on Tonight Show with Jay Leno tickets and Parking by GloZell Green. I hope I answer your questions.

I made myself a badge so just say hi. I love meeting people!

You should be in the show line no later than 1:30 pm. (I'm in line at 11 AM) With your tickets and ID. It will be checked. If you don't have a ticket. Show up at Guest Relations at 7 am to get tickets for the day of the show. You can get Studio Tour tickets. (8.50 cash only and they don't have a ATM)The best tours are at 9,10,and 11 AM, after that you don't see much. When you get your Tonight Show tickets be in line by 1:30 PM!
In the show line you can eat hot dogs and fast food stuff here. located across the street from the show line. It's not the best tasting but it will get the job done.The bathrooms are clean and free
Choza Mama has the best food. Roasted chicken, beans, wraps etc. Across the street.
Alcapulco has an 8:50 buffet that is good and you can leave your car there. It's across the street from the line. And they serve drinks. Bathrooms are free and clean

Street parking is on Alameda, Olive and Bob Hope Drive. (Those are the closest)

Make sure you read the signs. I don't want you to get a ticket.

You can use the bathroom at the Mobil across the street from the line but it cost a quarter or you have to buy somthing. The bathroom smells like hot donkey!

Enjoy the show. Oh it's colder than a witches tit inside the studio so bring a jacket or somthing if you need it.

If you want a chance on the front row to shake Jay Leno's hand and have the back of your head on TV because the camera is on Jay people. Be under 25 years old. (For women big boobs helps...a lot) Welcome to California!


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