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Thursday, September 06, 2007

GloZell's Hairy Pot...

In line today I joined a game of LIFE.
Annie, Amanda and Dawn LOVE Daniel Radcliffe and are big Harry Potter Fans. They also love the play Equus where Daniel was nude with a horse.(Some crazy white people play)Annie's mother Bernadette brought craft service! We had a great time eating them, thanks!

Sleeping Beauty was Erin P. Who is studying to be a dentist!
Lesly and Allen from Denver was reading my blog in line. (Thanks) They are on a kid-less vacation.

Arianne and Pat Judy loved the show! They came all the way from Selah,WA
After the show I ended up with Annie's cooler. She didn't want to carry it. Just so happens that Carol and Charles Green (No relation...well, her people are in the south also so we kin) Maggie and Luther Woods(who dance before the show on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno stage, needed a cooler because they found BBQ ribs on sale. 1.25 a pound. So I gave them the cooler. I'm glad it will be used well.On the show was Daniel Radcliffe who is best known as Harry Potter. He was telling Jay that phrases in England means different things in America. Like the phrase"Do his nuts" means he is wild having a crazy fun time. I wonder if he knows that Magic Stick means something different in America HAIRY Potter.And Hot Cross Buns!Mark Cuban was on...yeah I know who cares. On camera Mark was saying how wonderful his wife is. Off camera he kept saying to Daniel(the one who is necked in front of a horse) that every time he comes to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno he loves looking at the hot girls on the front row. Daniel was uncomfortable. Then Mark told Jay "You always have such hot girls on the front row".Kings of Leon song was just a bunch of screaming. Then I noticed their pants were so tight. I would be screaming to if I was a guy who was wearing tight Post Op jeans!Remember, one word can mean different things to different people, so lets all take time to communicate.
LoVe Ya,


GLOZELLS GHETTO GOSSIP-----------------------------------------------------------------

It's almost time for Lindsay Lohand to get out of rehab but I say no, no no!

Dear Lindsay Lohand,

I hope while you were in rehab, that you took a craft class. So maybe you have glued, stapled or knitted some draws! Underwear!You might not remember because you were drunk or drugged up, but you use to be classy before you turned to a life of trampery!
You need to fire you parents because the lime light has gotten to them both. And you can't go back to hanging around either one of them. You not the only child star who has had problems with their parents. Drew Barrymoore straiten herself up.Macaulay Culkin was truly home alone. and had to divorce his parents. And you need to also LindsayIt's the best thing for you to do right now. I have faith that you will pull it together. Then maybe you can help your family. Start with getting some Victoria Secretions or something. Don't let this be you Lindsay...again!

No one cares if your curtains match the carpet. So we don't need to see it. Thanks!


Dan Wereszynski said...

Hi GloZell,

I left a message here, but it disappeared. Oh well, I'll just retype it.

Got your message. Yeah! Now when I come back I can give you a verbal update, son you won't have to run all over Alameda Avenue looking for me.

Every time I see your blogs they get bigger, longer, and better. You should put out a book or do some freelance writing for a newspaper or magazine. You certainly have enough material and do it everyday. That'll be easy for you. You can do that on your way to success.

I'm stuck in England a whole week which is why I still can't call you back. I check my messages using a British phone card. This country is SSSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW.

Don't ever come here to a McDonald's ask them for a hamburger with no pickles. They'll freak out because you’re a Yankee. I'm not talking baseball. Plus, the soda here is all flat. If you ask for an ice cube they'll give two AT MOST! Flat coke must be a delicacy here!

When I come back to Burbank we'll hang out, now that I saved your digits.


GloZell said...

You are so funny Dan. Please forgive me if I don't fell sorry for you in ENGLAND! I've been there and I loved it! You are so right about the ice.

Thanks for the kind words. My next adventure is video blogs. I feel like I have seen mostof the guest at the Tonight Show so I started writing other stuff. I need to figure out a good time to leave the Tonight Show with Jay! I feel like I'm ready to go.

I'm at 243 shows today. I know it's more but that's the count since I have been counting. Keep in touch! Say hi to your parents.

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