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Monday, September 10, 2007

GloZell's Church

Sunday September 9th was Celebration Sunday and Council of Ministries Faire at First Christian Church of North Hollywood.The Elders was in charge of food. All of the after school programs and choirs are back from summer break. So we Celebrate!

All are welcome!


Becky said...

Hey GloZell!
I decided that it had been a long time since we read your blog, so i jumped on it whilst i'm at work...
I can't beleive that its been 3/4 months since we were in the queue with you! It was a lot of fun!
Good to see that you are well, things on this side of the pond are good! But autumn is rubbish!
Keep smiling,
Bex (heifer girlfriend of Emily from the UK)

GloZell said...

Where have you been woman! How's heifer? I will never ever forget you too putting on lip cream on each other and licking your finger.

Oh, did you think I forgot!Come Back! Have you got a job in your field. I had such a great time with you guys! Thanks for keeping in touch(NoT) It's been 3/4 months!

I hope all of your holliday went well. I'm on 246 shows as of 911. Cheerio,pip,pip and all that Jazz.

Your chum GloZell

Anonymous said...

I did not forget! I have been reading your blog, just not commenting! I shall do it more often!
I have just got to the LA page of our scrapbook, you will feature in the commentary of the Jay Leno day, it will rock!
I am glad that youre still good, keep going, do something because you love it, not coz you have to... i learnt that from you!
Pip, pip, toodles and cherio!

GloZell said...

Thanks Bex!