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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Glo Hero

Boyfriend is tripping. We were going to go to Trader Joe's Last night and I had just walked into his place from putting up my blog.

Boyfriend== Well as soon as you take off your badge we can go.

(I made a badge for myself out of a Tonight Show with Jay Leno Sticker a Page gave me. I don't have people I have to advertise myself the best I can. By myself)

GloZell == I'm buy groceries and you can't walk with me because of my badge.

Boyfriend== I don't want to walk with someone who looks like they just came from a convention.

GloZell == Well I walk with and old bald out of shape white guy. So whats the problem? Do you think that people are going to look at us and think "Oh No that White guy is walking with a younger black lady and she is wearing a ghetto Tonight Show with Jay Leno badge! How could he?

Boyfriend== Well You should go now.

GloZell == No. I was going to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno before you and I will go after you if I have to. You can't just tell me to leave when you feel like it after we had plans. Get it together.

Then Boyfriend talked, I pretended to listen. He has so many excuses for why he is not doing what he wants to do in life. That's the problem not me. He blames mother,father, ex, past jobs everything. I can come up with excuses as to why I don't exercise. The bottom line is if there is something you want to it. There are excuses and there are results. I don't exercise...I'm fat. Case closed no one else to blame.

Boyfriend is trying to catch a cricket with his vacuum cleaner. He cracks me up. He will feel better about himself and life once he gets focused. That's what we all have to do. LoVe Ya Boyfriend. I know that you ALWAYS have to hear about the Tonight Show so I should cut you some slack. Thanks for apologizing.I know that is hard for a LEO to do.

8AM. Morning ticket line I met some guys from Sweden.(Anders,Staffan,Rodger,Peter and playing cards Niklas. )

And from Israel,Ran Rotem and Or Golah
71 year young great grand mother Lucie from Maine who is traveling by herself on vacation.

Nicole who has somthing personal she wanted to tell Jay. She wouldn't tell me but she wants me to set up a meeting so she can tell him something top secret.

I would like to give a shot out to Sarah Layman from Ascent Media who took a picture of me for her class assignment. Thanks Sarah.

Lucie with her teeth in.

At the show today was some service men. They were guest of Producer Bob Long.

Debbie is one of the producers. I can't take pictures inside the studio so I will have to describe her. Debbie is like a cross between a young Sally Fields with the spunk of Mary Tyler Moore. Mrs. Debbie writes the cue cards and guides Jay during the show. She is pretty important. Deb sits on stage right of Jay. Look for her when you come to the show.

On the show today is Denis Leary. He was funny and very opinionated.Robert Klein. Still has it. He cracked us up. and musical guest Spoon. I only found pictures of spoons. They were okay. They needed some more silverware.

Remember, 9-11

LoVe Ya,


GloZell's Ghetto Gripe------------------------------------------------------------------------

I am so sick of people in line telling me how normal, regular and down to earth Jay Leno is. There is nothing normal about him. What is normal about him? His Hair? No.If Jay Leno wasn't famous and he was just walking pass you on the sidewalk. You would think to yourself" Hey that man has got a big head". Everyone notices Jay. God knew what he was doing.If Jay was a regular guy and lived next to you, and you noticed that he had a different car every day of the week. You would call the cops!If you worked with a guy who only wore the same outfit everyday for 15 years.(Denim shirt and Jeans) You wouldn't want to sit next to him.It is not normal in Hollyweird to be married to the same person for 27 years.Who is a Feminist.(The beautiful Mavis Leno)

As we think of all of our hero's today. I'm glad that my hero is different than everyone else. Has his own standard, stands out in a crowd, and is one of a kind.GloZell loves Jay Leno! I wouldn't go to every show for over a year if Jay was just an average, regular, down to earth guy. I could go anywhere and see that.


Madlab Post said...

oh Glo,

Can you believe that I never knew who his wife was? over 20 years, that is great! lengthy marriages are not the norm in Hollywood, You are surely right about that.

Also, what's wrong with your Tonight Show badge? It doesn't seem like it would cause such a stir on the way out to Trader Joes. It's neat. In fact, if I were in Cali., and was attending a film festival, you better believe that I will have posters, stickers and all sorts of promotional swag on my T-Shirts, even when I go out to dinner. Lol.

When you get the chance, go over to the Madlab Post and leave a comment with your thoughts on the whole Kimberly Elise drama. It's my latest post.

GloZell said...

Thanks madlab post. The whole badge thing. I have three things. My church, Boyfriend and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

I don't know if he is jelouse of the fact that no matter what I'm doing what I'm going to do?

I never thought of myself as a writer. I did stand up with out writing anything and had a new set ever time. Something new was always going on.

Boyfriend is a writer and somehow he has stopped but that was before we met.

People think I am crazy, the only friends I have I met in line.

My sister hates me. I think it's because I'm in California. Nobody ever thought that I would stay by myself. This is the fist time I have been by myself ever.

My mother is worried all the time about me. Now she wants to call Jay Leno. I don't have his number and if I did I wouldn't give it to her.

Yes Jay has been happily married to Mavis Leno. People say crazy things like "Maybe something will happen to her and he will marry you.

I don't know how Jay does it. I love the whole show now. Everything. I would never want anything to happen to Mavis or anyone who works on the show.

Some people are just nuts. Also people say' Maybe Jay will give you one of his cars. I don't want one of his cars. I do want to work in the TV Field.

I always thought I wanted to be in front of the camera.

After seeing all of the women who work behind the camera. (I didn't know that women were producers besides Oprah)

I didn't know I was a writer. All of this has happened because of the Tonight Show.

I will get a chance to look at your site. Thanks for understanding the badge thing. I thought if any one was going to tell me to take it off, it was going to be the show.

God has a way of showing you what kind of people you have in your life and what they can handle.

This blog is important to me. It's all I've got. Thanks madlab post.

oh, Jay has a cat also.

Boyfriend has been very nice to me today. But I try not to talk about the Tonight Show. I wonder what the women who work for the show has gone through.

Maybe people understand your work when you get paid. All of a sudden there is some understanding.

Take Care,

Ghetto Badge GloZell

GloZell said...

Well, are you still there madlab post. I feel like I'm in a relationship with The Tonight Show. But it's one way.

How long do you give in a one way relationship. I can't go foward,backwards and I can't stand still.

Okay, I'm done now...yep I'm done.

Maybe not.I'm bloging at my church and they just finished a Cocaine annonymouse meeting. Now I have to walk to my car and get hit on.Some guys are knocking on the window.

Now I'm done. Thanks.