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Friday, September 14, 2007


It's Boyfriend and I 13 months together. I won't wear my badge to dinner.

He doesn't want to talk about anything to do with The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.(I hope we go to Bob's Big Boy because I put up a picture of Jay, it's at the register. Ha ha) I can't blog after the show so. Have a good weekend.

On the Tonight Show today is the sexy Michael Douglas. Who is married to Catherine Zeta Jones. Catherine hurried up and had children by him. She should have spoken to Jennifer Aniston. Now Brad Pitt is stuck in wedded Freakdom with Angelia Jolie.
Tavis Smiley is on the show. This is his picture pretended to be leaning on something.

The musical guest is Good Charlotte.

GLOZELL'S GHETTO GOSSIP----------------------------------------------------------------

Byron Allen got married. You remember Byron he is always with celebrities, bald black guy, laughs a lot.I thought he was gay. I never heard about him with any woman. Congratulations Byron.
I guess Kevin Eubanks can find a nice little white woman also.Ha ha ha I think this is Kevin's Eharmony picture.Ha ha ha...My side hurts I'm laughing so hard...hee hee hee ...I need help up off the floor. Kevin looks like the son of a preacher man.Larry King got the CNN block named after him. They were going to give it to Merv Griffin but he died. Larry's got about two good week left.
Brittany Spears might perform at the Emmy Award show. Brittany you need to do the Dr. Phil show. He is use to dealing with Red,White and Blue problems. Red-neck,White-trash,Blue-collar.


Melinda said...

ahaha, Kevin looks freaky in the pic pumpin iron. what have your encounters with him been like? He seems nice. I was dismayed to read that Smitty was so rude. He has such a big hearty grin. Looks can be deceiving. Tsk tsk.

I have seen a few pics of Kevin with women. He was with that actress Tammy for years (what happened I wonder?) and there's a pic of him with some chick on imdb. both women were sistahs, so again, looks can be deceiving:)

Love your blog! Any luck being a Tonight Show reporter or guest? Do you really find Jay Leno attractive? Or is it his personality? And what does the band do during interviews? Just sit there and listen all that time?

Keep on doing your thang-you crack me up, especially when you talk about Smitty! ahaha

GloZell said...

Well Melinda, I just wonder what was the market for Kevin's album cover. Women or Karate people?

How long ago were those pictures of Kevin with black women. I am pleasntly shocked!

Smitty,Smitty,Smitty. I don't know what to say about him. He came across as rude not once but three times! Since then I have gotten out my ah...issues with him.

I have seen Smity be nice to other people, we will just see. He is irraplaceable where else can you find a drummer who looks like Gary Colman.

I wonder what Smity's wife looks like?

I love Jay Leno's personality. However the first time I spoke to Jay face to face. I couldn't believe the blue color of his eyes. It's rare.

Right when he asked me my name I was still stuck on his eye and I anwered Orlando Florida.

So, I do think Jay is attractive but I'm not plotting to get with him. People say crazy things to me in line. Along those lines.

I guess it's like a gay guy liking Liza or Tina Turnner. They don't want to get romantic with them they just adore them.

I'm not a car person, so I don't want Jay to drive me around in some spaceship car of his. People in line say that Jay should invite me over to his house for dinner.

What am I suppose to talk about for an hour or so at Jay's house. For a party with lots of people, cool. But just Jay,his wife and the cat. No Thanks.

I was just going to watch the show because I saw early that I wasn't going to go round and round in the comedy clubs like everyone else.

As awoman I got in too many close calls. The last one was at the Comedy Club on sunset. Someone high up in the comedy world trapped me in the bathroom.

I said Lord Jesus, if you get me outof here with out this man touching me I will figure out someother way.

I met Diana Jenkins who worked for NBC and she put me on the guest list for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for 7 months.She said maybe I will get inspired by watching Jay.

This blog just evolved from that. I would write notes in my notebook and try to fit in with out talking too much. One day a page asked me what I was writing. I told them what I liked and disliked.

This happened everyday. So it was suggested that I post what I was writing so that the pages wouldn't have to come up to me.

I know nothing about computers and putting up a blog everyday had been a great chalange. But somehow it got done for a year without me having a computer.

In line I was talking to a man who had been a captian in the service, a judge, and a mayor of his town.

He asked a page when can he go to the bathroom and the Page was so rude to this guy. I just started writing about other people and their stories good or bad.

The strange thing is I don't talk that much about Jay. And I didn't know that people from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno read my blog.

I don't know if they still read. and I'm not sure who "they" are. I don't think Jay reads it.

During the commercials the band plays. They have about 10 songs in rotation. They always act like it's the first time theyr ever played it. That takes talent.

During the interviews the band tries to look interested. One time there was a 8 year old Opera singer and Kevin went to sleep during her performance. Oh how I wish I had that on tape. Ha ha

He woke up when everyone was applauding. Ha.

Thanks Melinda for blogging on. I'm trying to ween myself away from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno but I'm not doing a good job.

I still feel like I'm supposed to be there. Not neccisarily on the show but at the site. Sorry for the mis-spellings.(I'm sure I spelled that wrog)

I'ts bitter sweet about being on the show. It would be for my mom and all the people in line that tell me every day " I'cant believe that Jay hasn't had you on the show yet". Everyday I hear that.

If I was on the show. I know that that's the end of me being in line...I think. I don't want crazy people talking to me just to get on the show. It's already starting.I don't know how Jay does it.

My grandmother sings a church song that says "Run on and see what the end will be". I have decided to just see what the end will be.

I'm having a great time in line and watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and staff.


It dosnt' matter what Kevin likes. People assume that I like him in a romantic way because we are both black. I don't know about him but I'm am done with black men for myself.

Time will tell wich way people tap. Keep in touch, I hope I answered your questions.

Melinda said...

Thanks for the reply, GloZell! So do you want to do your stand up on the show? If nothing else, you should be a comedy writer for someone or some show! You have to market all that funny you have!! Since I haven't finished your entire blog yet, I have to ask, have you submitted any jokes into the Tonight Show?

As for Kev, yeah, the only times i've seen him out w/women were with black or bi-racial ladies. I'm not saying that's all he likes but he doesn't appear to exclude women of color. Don't you remember Jay teasing him about Tammy all the time? She'd be in the audience A LOT. Couldn't stand it. Jay seemed too fascinated by their relationship, it made for some squirm worthy moments LOL They were an item so long I thought they'd marry. This was around 2000 or 01, and since then, he seems to keep his personal life off the show.

In this one article the interviewer told him that he always thought he was gay and Kevin said "Why? Because I'm a vegetarian? Just bc a brotha gave up Philly cheese steak don't make a brotha gay!" LMAO He seems pretty laid back & funny.

He's gifted on guitar, Vicki is a gifted singer and Smitty is a fab drummer. that's why it pains me to see them do the SAME SONGS all the time. You are so right! How many times can we hear "Come on and take a free ride!" LOL

I see that DL Hughley will be on again this week. He'll talk about that flap from the Imus comment I bet. Jamie Foxx and Jessica Alba will be on too. Jamie's always fun but Jessica... Is it me, or does it seem like she's on every other week promoting something?

As you can see, I am an avid viewer myself. So, when I read your comments it's like you took the words right outta my head!
Keep bringin' the funny! I am enjoying myself over here! :)