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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

8th day to strike...Glo with all her might!

At NBC it was low in numbers. I didn't see a news reporter. But still a lot of people honked their horns(Thanks Honkies!)

I didn't hear chanting today...people are tired. The strikers think that the strike will last at least until January.

Some of us watched a guy spray water on the electric power lines to clean it...dangerous

Maurice stopped by!

And random old shirtless guy

I got a chance to talk to Hope... I use to work at the spa she attends (I was her message therapist) I last saw her at a Christmas Party and her husband played the guitar...he use to be in the band "Wings" with Sir Paul .

We got steak sandwiches and Key Lime Pie from Morton's Steak House...

My first Key Lime pie hit the floor... Oops

And wings from "Hooters"...

Maurice missed the food...(Don't look at me like that Maurice Davis)

We get a lot of food while striking so I have intented: TAE-GLO Striking Exercise System....

Take your sign and work your...




Flatten that stomach!

and don't forget the Booti-mus-maximus!



Why is some woman claiming to be Zahara's mother? (Zahara is the black baby girl that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopted)

The mother wants Zahara back?

Let me get this strait. Zahara was half dead starving at a orphanage swatting flys in Africa. Angelina and Brad took the child to the States and took care of her.

And now the mother wants the child back...that's just as stupid as Ellen crying over a dog she didn't want!
It's because Iggy was BLACK! ummm hmmm

Why would the mother want the child back. Just because Angelina use to wear Billy Bob Thortons blood around her neck ? And Angelina will kiss her brother in the mouth like he was her cousin.. and because she talks about world Peace but doesn't talk to her father....and the fact that she is shacking up with a handsome actor (Brad Pitt)who had an affair then left his All American Girl wife(Jennifer Annistion) to be with her.

The mother has a point.....No no no. Zahara is better off with the Vampire and the good looking whore!
(one of these things is not like the others) okay..(two of these things are not like the white one)

I will strike all of my African products until this matter is cleared! NO TACOS and NO LION KING FOR ME!

A-kuna-mata- ta and adios!


Shorts Girl! said...


I drove by NBC Today! Honked at the corner of Olive and Alameda, then I saw you! I looked for parking to stop and say Hi! (I was on my way to Pasadena) but I couldn't find any parking! I'm gonna try to get out there and give you guys some support! Tommorrow and Friday I can't, so I'll have to give it a shot next week! Guess what? Today they sent me tix to the Tonight Show for the 26th of Nov. Do you think they might be hopeful that the strike will be over by then? Why would they send the tix? Just in case?
I hope you've been great! I went to see my Glo at "Dancing With The Stars" last night! What fun it was!!!
I'll try and swing by next week! My Sister's daughters' came down with the flu really bad! I've gotta go give her a hand.

Love your exercise tips! lol!

Hope to see ya next week!


Anonymous said...

Jay Leno is fired if he dosn't return to work by Friday!!

Melinda said...

Oh my, would they really fire Jay? Yikes, that is harsh!!! NBC might play hardball, I guess. A lot of money is involved.

I heard yesterday that Letterman is paying his writers' salaries for the rest of the year if need be. So, the rumor about him being angry over the strike must NOT be true! That's good news.

This is getting interesting....we'll see what happens!! keep up the good work!

GloZell said...

Shorts Girl,
I was wondering what happen to you? Tickets to the Tonight Show on the 26th...Wow I don't think the strike will be over...but I guess the show will start.

What do you think I should do if the show starts with Jay and the strike is still going...or With a guest Host and the strike is still going?

If I go to the show...the strikers would hate me and I coudn't strike...But I want to see the show and how it goes with whatever host...

Did they say who was going to be on the show? That's big news!

You love you some Gloria E....take care!


GloZell said...

Oh snap!Anonymous!
Jay will be fired by FRIDAY... I wonder what is he going to do?

Man...I don't know what to do? Wow! If I was the producses I would put my foot down also...They are loosing a lot of money...

I wonder what Jay is going to do?

You know I'm going to ask anybody at the Tonight Show...

I know Jay dosn't want to leave like that...

Thanks for the info.

GloZell said...


The drama is better is crazier than the show... What comedian is going to turn down a chance to host the Tonight Show?

I can't believe this...this is a hot mess! The only thing maybe is if Jay goes back then it wouldn't look so bad if I go to the show...

But if it's a guest host... And the producers have to have backup people because people might change their minds...the host and the guests...

Wow...when I first started I just Loved Jay Leno...I realized that a whole lot of people help make that show... So I Love the Tonight Show...

I want to see the cameramen,producers,Jeff the wordrobe guy, The Band...Smitty eating...ect.

I know if they use a guest host everyone is going to watch and see how it goes...why not watch it live...Is that wrong?

I would love to blog about the changes. I can't blame those people for doing the show... People wont be made at Jay if he went back without the writers if he dosn't do a monologe...

They are made at Ellen because she didn't even take off a week.

What to do? I trust your thoughts we think alike...what should I do?

What if the people I would like to see at the show hate me for picketing....I don't think I have a chance either way.

Lord knows this strike is no joke...but I'm not clear on what i should do?

I got to go now Boyfriend is in Annie and people from our church is going to see it...I'm going tomorrow also and Sat. It's a hard knock life.

Jay Leno dosn't care what I do...well maybe something will be worked out.


Melinda said...

Well, Glo, here are my thoughts: I wouldn't worry too much right now because there's nothing concrete, just rumors. And you've shown more loyalty to either party than they've shown to you. Until someone extends you a real hand, I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it. Just follow your conscious.

I'd tell you what I'd do though. If Jay's hand is forced and he does the show, I'd have my butt right in the audience.

I'd document the difference of the show without the writers. How has the tone of the show changed? Is there tension in the air?

If it's a guest host? I'd be out with a sign. But that's just me.

Overall though, I'd say you've paid your dues and helped bring attention to a just cause. Just follow your heart! Whatever you do, make sure to document it to hone your comedic writing skills. BECAUSE YOU ARE FUNNY!

GloZell said...

Thanks Melinda,
Where's the band and make-up people...Where are the people who got Jay's Back...even if they show up just to take a picture or something.

Friday(today) I was The warm up guy...When you see people from the show...that helps alot. stand for something...the producers would respect you more I would think...

I turning blacker everyday and I don't see anyone else...Drop off a something!

You are right...if somehow they get someone to guest host the show... I will be outside...

Everyone else has something to gain...I have been loosing! I have this blind faith that something great is going to happen and I'm suppose to just keep going.

I missed time with my mother...I missed my sister's birthday...when I remebered and called DeOnzell she was mad at my mother for eating the peach cobbler my Madear made for her B-day. so she didn't care that I forgot!(thanks goodness for greedyness)

Thanks for your insight...I'm not going to let these white folks drive me batty...they don't pay my rent.



I just thought about could be white...well...I mean the white Tonight Show people...

Boyfriend has been good about it. I got a call today to go back to a spa...I just don't see myself teaching meassage therapy again...