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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Glo's Strike Four...No More!

I didn't want to get out of bed to go strike today! But I went... I was thinking all night and on the way to the strike about all the people I have met at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno who got a chance to ask Jay a question on the show or be apart of a skit, after coming to the show ONCE!... I have gone 280 times! Someone must have said don't pick GloZell for anything! I have been going to the show since July 2996! No one comes to the show more than it the way I look or... my blog? Are the writers the one's that make that decision? ...And here it is...I'm striking...for what?...THE WRITERS! I must be insane... When the strike is over the writers go back inside and I...sit and wait for the show...The Tonight Show with Jay Leno the best late night show ever because of Jay and his awesome writers... I have to support...and you should too!
Dan Glaister from "The Guardian" (A British Paper) was interviewing strikers.

Gary Hardwick Film/TV and member of D.G.A. relied on Red Bull to get him through the day. He has written with Jay Leno(My Boo) He said that Jay is a great guy, when joke writers would turn in their jokes to him, Jay would give them pointers to make the joke better.We got word that we can't use the signs that say "Honk". It's against the law to honk unnecessarily. And we can't use the horn. Also the two hr. parking was enforced today. The police didn't bother the cars all week. The Executives are not going to make this easy.Srikers are going to have to move their cars every two hours.
Casey Keller(son of Sheldon Keller who was big time in TV) used his bike to spread the word!
Audience members asked the security guard where the show was...they are scared to ask us...the guard told them the wrong way...they were almost at the Ellen's entrance already.
The "Honk"signs went up and the horn was used! What are the executives going to them?
Maurice stopped by!(Surprise..he said the strike food is very good)Shamim (Singer/song writer) who is an future Pop Princes took time off from the recording studio to strike with us!
Her dad Terry brought more Subway sandwiches and cookies!
As a thank you for blogging about Shamim...she gave me her CD with the hit song "Your Killing Me" which is about getting royalties that are due to the artist.
I would like to that Terry, Shamim and her little dog too!(
Joe Medeiros explained that things are moving in the right direction. Writers have agreed to not finish what ever scrips they were working on. Also the three things that would help the strike be successful and end faster.

Creative Artist Association brought hot chocolate and brownies... French 75 brought Veggie and Ham and Cheese sandwiches with chips!We ate all day! It's a shame to walk four hours a day and gain weight!
I ran into Greg Harris who I met when he was trying to get 12 people to wear the t-shirt like the one he is wearing on TheTonight Show with Jay Leno in order to win USC/UCLA Game tickets from a ESPN now he is trying at the Ellen show...good luck...lesbians are picky about their clothes. All day the security guard would fuss at us if we crossed the grid...
Well I guess Jay isn't coming everyday. His wife Mavis is always in Africa trying to save someone. Mavis should be out here with us trying to save her man's job! She could to 10 minutes or so...
Ellen's wife should have her behind out here also!She can pass out "Nips"(ha ha) That would mean a lot to Ellen's writers.

Most of the writers still think that Ellen was punked into going back to work. The networks aren't going to sue everyone! The shows should stay united...

WHERE'S MY CAMERA! WHERE IS MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!! Jay drove by with Joe Medeiros in Jay's steam engine...Jay would put a motor on a tree and drive that if he could.
Jay is defiantly a supporter of his the writers...I am confident that the strike is the way to go! Jay is no PUNK! Punk you Ellen!

"Voice" the owner of "African American Shadow Boxing Health and Fitness Center" ( you might want a shorter name) is supporting the Writers Guild of America with 5 free aerobic classes.
818-505-1441....very interesting. I was just thinking that writers need more African American Shadow Boxing!
The food kept coming! Thanks everyone!

Joe Medeiros(Head writer of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno) has been interviewed so many times! He keeps the morale up! Way to go!
Talicia (writer from the show "Saving Grace") Keeps the chanting going! You go girl! All Strikers are suppose to meet at Fox (Motor and Pico) at 10 AM tomorrow.

Did you hear that Conan has a Priest from Boston that is dangerously stalking him?.... I thought Priest were into cute young boys...the Priest must not be Catholic.

Dog Bounty Hunter is in trouble for saying the "N" word to his son about the son's black girlfriend. The conversation took place on the phone. The son took the tape to National Enquirer... You can't punish people for racist things they say on the phone, in what Dog thought was a private conversation. We all would be in trouble...Asians can't people steal...white people can't dance...Jay got a big head...ect.You know you have said one or more.

I was wondering who was going to out sympathy the other on "Dancing with the Stars"The two oldest women were fighting to stay on the show. Jane Seymoure and Marie Osmond...The winner is Marie Osmond! Congratulations...

First Jane Seymoure was going to be eliminated but her mother died...then Marie but she fainted.
Jane got food poisoning...Marie's father died and Jane was eliminated....not to be out done Heather Mills who hadn't had good press since she was on the show last season...has lost her ever loving one legged mind!

Heather is screaming, crying and looking bad ... it got worse when Barbra Walters said Heather Mills was very difficult and rude to her producers by refusing to drink water that wasn't room temperature. Come on Eileen.(get it I lean...ha ha, one leg...that was funny people)


Melinda said...

Don't be discouraged, Glozell! Everything happens in the fullness of time. You are doing the right thing! If I were in LA, I'd help out too! Writers are not to be under-valued! If a show has bad writing, forgetaboutit!

It's really gonna be a trip when the actors strike! Can you imagine Calista Flockart out there with a sign? Or Jennifer Aniston? LMAO! Ahaha Puleese. They'll have their personal assistant hold the sign & chant for them! ahahaha

You guys sure are eating well out there! That's nice to see people pitch in to help out like that.

Keep your spirits up, girl-your time will come!

Short's Girl! said...

Hey There GloZell!

As Mel said, don't be discouraged! I commend you for doing what you're doing! I'm sure they all appreciate your help! You don't have to be there and you are!!! That's some support you're giving them!!!!

I'm going to try and swing by one day next week and give you guys a hand! Keep posting where you'll be, and what shift you'll be doing and I'll see you there!

That's so thoughtful of people to swing by and take you guys food! That's awesome!!!

I was telling my mom today how Writer's don't get paid enough, and actors get paid way too much! Imagine the thousands of dollars an actor gets for doing ONE episode... For that kind of $$$ they should write their own scripts!!! All they have to do is show up and act! Writers have to be creative, and come up with monlogues, scripts, and great lots of great stuff! Actors can't improvise, writers are needed!!!!

I hope they come to an agreement soon!

Ted442 said...

Hey Glozell - Thanks for getting out of bed and letting the rest of us working slobs know what is going on. You have a great blog, keep up the good work!

GloZell said...

Thanks...I was sure feeling like "What the heck am I doing?" I just feel if I stop what has the last year been for?

No word about my mother...she called the school board and they said they will send a letter telling her if she has a job or not.

The princpal isn't back yet and the school is running much better according to the teachers who are left.

Actors striking...that's funny, they are spoiled. I don't think they could do it for long... I have been in the bed at 6pm like I'm 100 years old.

I will get use to it I guess! You are not allowed to stand still, or sit. So four hours in walking in a circle.

Thanks for the encouragement! It was just one of those mornings!


GloZell said...

Short's Girl,
That would be great...maybe you can convince Maurice "the Film Maker" to hold a sign...

I like the morning shift from 9 to 1 but you don't have to do the whole thing if you don't want to.

You can show up at 11 or something.
It would sure be great to be with someone I would be fun!

I hope this strike ends soon!



GloZell said...


Thanks for saying my blog is great! I still have a lot to learn about computers...

I'm taking one day at a time...

Thanks for blogging on Ted422