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Monday, November 19, 2007

Glo-Bull...Strike Day 11

Both sides are suppose to talk Monday after Thanksgiving! Maybe the strike will be over next week!

No Tonight Show taping today!

We got Mint Hot Chocolate from Starbucks!Some people truly love WGA!Ron Baron who was hoping that the writers could direct him as far as where to go to to get his story on the NEWS.(According to Ron) His Best friend Nic Simental abused his daughter from age 13 to 17 without him knowing. Nic was arrested but is out on bail and the DA said that the Police needs Nic Simental to confess on tape before they can keep him behind bars...Ron said "Nic was like a brother to him...don't trust any man with your daughter!" I wish the best for you and your daughter.Red Bull stopped by to support the Writers and give them Wings!Ellen had a lot of people for her audience today. No one knows who the guests are, until the show starts. That way the guest doesn't get hate mail for crossing the picket least before the show. Ellen hasn't been coming through the front...she has a secret entrance!This is a teacher(Who went to Ellen) from Florida who understands strikes and wishes the writers the best!(She was so nice and asked for a picture with the strikers)These two said that Ellen always gives away washers and dryers so they dressed like one for the show today.Ellen has faithful and nice audience. They wish the strikers the best but still loves the her show.Ellen says she supports the writers...(she just not going to give up making her money)Okay...Tonight is the first night of her new reality show "Ellen's Big Reality Show" on TBS at 9PM. Ellen has her bases covered.(Correction it's Ellen's Really Big Show for one night only)

Not a big turn out today...tomorrow is a big rally in Hollywood! I guess Strikers are preparing for Thanksgiving Day!

Speaking of giving thanks...I would like to take this time to thank the people get who sit under the shade of a tent all day...

and get to drive the WGA air conditioned drop off to the Strikers wonderful junk food... And fresh warm water....mmmmmmmmmmm...just like a bath.
Please Producers give the writers the 4 cents they want so a Sistah can get an apple and some ice! This strike can't go long! We will all be obese with diabetes and bad you want that on your conscience? DO YOU!(say no)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GLOZELL"S GHETTO ISSUES AT CHURCH!

There is a nice couple who is always a row or two behind me. When the Pastor does the Lords Prayer and the Holy Communion...she repeats him in SPANISH! drives me and everyone else nuts!(We have communion every Sunday!) We also have a great Spanish speaking service!

How do you tell someone to SHUT UP when they are praying?... also the couple act like they just fell in love right before the service...all hugged up...kissing...wispering in each other's ear. Give it a rest!

I first met the husband when he wanted to be a musician for the choir I play the piano for... When he showed up for rehearsal and I bout died... he playes the TIP TOE THROUGH THE TULIPS TINY TIM UKULELE!Do you know a church choir who is accompanied by a Ucayali? It sound like a toy...plink plinky plink! Finally after about a month, he said he just couldn't commit to learning all of the music and all of the rehearsals !(Thank you Lord!) You don't want to discourage people who want to be apart of church...but...

I guess I have to get over it..


melinda said...

ahaha at the communion couple.

so you play piano? what type of music? is it contemporary worship music?

well, i aint heard nothing about jay being fired! so that's good! ha. I do hope this strike is over after thanksgiving! I'm tired of the repeats!!

no maurice today?

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

yeah what happened to maurice? all that free food and no maurice, that just doesn't make any sense.

Are you going to the big parade tomorrow??

Anonymous said...

>>Ellen says she supports the writers...(she just not going to give up making her money)<<

Ellen is going to keep making money whether she does her show or not. She's back up against a wall because AFTRA does not allow her to strike and they control her as a television host. The WGA controls her as a writer. Hence she continues to host on the premise that she's improvising the entire show. It's really not that complicated. It sucks for her writers, but she would be getting just as much shit if she walked out and didn't come back. She's not held to the same rules and doesn't have the same authority that Jay and the other hosts do, so she would be penalized greatly if she stopped production.

>>Okay...Tonight is the first night of her new reality show "Ellen's Big Reality Show" on TBS at 9PM. Ellen has her bases covered.<<

Where in the world do you get your information? It's called "Ellen's Really Big Show"...a play on Ed Sullivan's catch phrase. It's not a reality show, it's just a variety special. One time. Not a series. It was planned far in advance of the strike and her bits as host would have been long ago outlined, if not already written before the WGA walked out.

GloZell said...

Now I should just sit on the other side of the church...but you know how you think you have claims on a seat because you always sit there.

I was there for years before the Tip Toe couple joined.

I wasn't on the Alameda side today so I didn't see Maurice. I'm sure he found something to eat!

No show with out Jay so far!

I have a BFA in Musical Theater from UF. I can play most types of chuch music...with the music...I do play by ear.

Have a great Thanksgiving...I will blog tomorrow...We don't have to strike so I guess something will pop into my head to blog.


GloZell said...

Fightin' mad Mary!
I didn't see Maruice because I was on the Ellen side!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


GloZell said...

Thnks Anonymouse...

I catch things on the radio hear and their...the point was to get the info out if anyone wanted to watch...I'm not anti Ellen...I'm glad you know so much...I don't.

To bad it's just one time...I think the strike will be over soon and every one will just make up...

Now it is hard seeing Ellen's writes outside...they are kind enough to not march infront of her entrance...

I think it's great that you correct!

Ellen has alot of clout...maybe she just dosn't know it.

I just want all of the writers to go back to work...happy! I want Jay to have what little time he has left....

Ellen was on Deal a Meal...oh I mean Deal or No Deal...but I'm sure you knew that.

I believe that Ellen feels that she has to do the show... but I don't know about this contract or that...thanks...

If I hated Ellen I wouldn't help her guest find where to go or take pictures with them...

I'm not a writer...just a fan of TV... If I had writers and people to research and spell check that would be different... I do this all by myself as best I can...


Anonymous said...


Michael here - I feel you've got a sour grape reading your blog. It seems that the same anonymous person keeps feeling the need to put you down.

Okay, yes you make mistakes - but pretty much all of them are harmless (like your misspellings) and a good portion of them are done in good humor.

I think anonymous, whether it's a he or a she, should either remove the stick from their butt or if it's stuck there permanently - just stop reading... It's the smart thing to do.

I think you're great, keep up the good and funny work!

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

GloZell - I think your "anonymouse" person is on the east coast because they leave comments at 5:20 in the morning which would be 8:20 in New York. Either that or they are a really grumpy old man because old people don't really sleep much and are generally up at that hour of the morning.

GloZell said...

Thanks...I have no problem with people giving me their views even if it's different from mine...or letting me know about a mistake...but Anonymous has to be old enough to be a grandparent. (Knowlegable but bitter) So I try to mind my Elders.

SO thanks Michael for your support.
Anonymous must need love. Thanks again...have a great Thanksgiving!

GloZell said...

Fightin' mad Mary,

I never looked at the time...I do agree that Anonymouse is an older person. Wow...didn't think someone from NEW YORK. Great detective work!

Thanks!You know how to do everything!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nic Simental said...


I am very disturbed at the fact that you would post a comment from someone claiming that certain events took place. In your profile, you claim to look for truths, while maintaining integrity. What truths are there in not getting the full story? There are always two sides to every story and someones first and last name need not be named and defamed. You listed my name and you also listed events that are not accurate...just someones crazy and unproven version. I was never charged, tried or convicted of anything, yet your posting makes me out to be a monster. That is not fair, it is not the truth and there is not intregrity in posting what you did about me. You need to remove this statement and leave me be.

Josh said...


This is Josh Harraway (Tupac Impersonator).

I finally finished my pilot episode for the reality show "2pac Alive".

I wanna send you the DVD! What's your mailing address? hit me up at:

Josh said...


This is Josh Harraway (Tupac Impersonator).

I finally finished my pilot episode for the reality show "2pac Alive".

I wanna send you the DVD! What's your mailing address? hit me up at: