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Thursday, November 01, 2007


Wayne,STINKY , the Ohio couple and if you look real close me on the far right was in the paper Los Vegas paper today. I took pictures of the reporter yesterday.
6:30 Wayne is in line already... 7 :15 Destiny Knoles (and she has a child) and Diane who are huge LeAnn Rimes fans joined us.I was so happy to see them. they were fun! Wayne started his " I know you can tell that I'm white and Oriental speech(see yesterday's blog) We were talking and got on the subject of Seal and Heidi Klum! I said that I thought he was very unattractive and didn't know who Heidi could marry him. The next day he was on Oprah and after the interview, I could see how Heidi fell for him.

Diane said" I think Seal is gross and my father use to love her until she married him.

Destiny said" I think that he is attractive and there is nothing wrong with the way he looks.

-----------In the show line

I ended up next to Wayne who started about his 400 women(blah blah blah) then he said that he is a Godly man so he just masturbates twice a week...It's alright to jiggle them sometime.
(WHAT! WHY IS HE TELLING ME THIS!) and if I ever need to find him he will be at the Inglewood Church at the Forum twice a month. (I can't take him two days in a row)
Wayne told some ladies that if they got up they have to buy him some Vanilla Coffee from Mobile. He said it over and over. I told them I would watch their spots for free.

two Mercedes hit each other right in front of the Tune Up Shop across the street. Bishops Catering for disaster relief...they are almost finished with their California Fires contract. form more info (800) 443-3473...They provide food for the workers of hurricanes, earthquakes,floods etc. They loved the show today!I met Sexy Robert who loves Jay kind of man! Pat and Linda Looney Tunes from Yuba California. Maurice counted the line for hours and went to the show. Phu Pham is a gigantic Backstreet Boy Fan! Phu has pictures singing on stage with them!
Phu is wealthy because of his successful photography buisness. Phu has been in line for TOMORROW'S show since 12 midnight yesterday! Phu is the real deal he has a tattoo of the Backstreet Boys on his leg!
-------- Jay's monologue was good. Kevin was really funny today!Things found on eBay was very funny today also. Denzel Washington...Why Lord Why! Denzel was a Sloppy Joe mess. He had on this Pajama shirt with buttons, untucked...he was fat and had man boobs. This is not the Denzel that was on the clip we saw. Russell Crow was big also on Monday. They both must have eaten like pigs as soon as "American Gangster" filming was over. Denzel still has a nice face and great personality. Maybe he had to put on weight for a movie or something.

Denzel talked about how he met some Italian Mafia people, then Jay told a story about how he was offed money from the Mafia but never took it...Wow people in line was just talking about that subject yesterday! Jay said" Thanks for coming by Denzel, I know you have to run...(yeah run,bike something) I want the old Denzel back!---
Dave Salmonie (who is hot!) brought animals!His animal handlers were cute women with big boobs and tight shirts.
Jay called him Dave Salami by accident. It was a fun show.The Tiger loved the throw pillows and wouldn't let go of them. So cute.
LeAnn Rimes was skinny! She has such a powerful voice. I loved the song and I am so proud of her for not ever going the slutty drug way.Great Job!

People were still talking about how skinny Barry Manilow was yesterday.

Jay didn't announce the Backstreet Boys for tomorrow. Either they are not coming...or their is enough advertising for them....or the whole show might be canceled because of a writer's strike .After the show I ran into Smitty coming out of the Green Room where they have food!He cracks me up every time, this has been going on for over a year. ---------

Everyone was talking about the strike and crossing their fingers that it's not going to happen. So many jobs will be gone. I hope that they come to a agreement quickly.

Jessica and Lori are also camping out to see the Backstreet Boys! It's going to be a wild day tomorrow...I hope I get in.
----------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------

Owen Wilson is dating Jessica Simpson!

Dear Owen, You just got out of the crazy house for almost killing yourself because Kate Hudson dumped your behind! What do you think Jessica (who dumped her beautiful husband Nick and was just dumped by John Mayer) is going to do! I think you need some time off from any relationship or dating. It's too soon! You were Kate's rebound guy...just to make her laugh. Wait, you don't have to prove anything to anyone! If you attempted suicide because of Kate left you, now you are dating Jessica might as well plan your funeral.


Melinda said...

I liked the EBay bit. A fascinating looking into our crazy consumer culture! ahahaha!!

Yeah, Denzel was looking kinda sloppy huh? He is good for that, though. One movie he looks hot, then he porks up. He aint as bad as Janet "skinny only when my CD drops" Jackson, but yeah. he actually reminded me of my uncle now. ewwww!

I still love me some Denzel though. And I am shocked Eva Mendes aint in "Amerian Gangster"! She was kinda on a roll with the Denzel movies for a while..

denzel and jay have an ease of two people around the same age or era or something. I like their rapport.

always love the animal bits. those cats were adorable!! these segments work 'cause Jay seems to really be interested in the animals. he actually asks better questions about the animals than w/the celebs! ahahaha

So is Wayne a regular now? He's hilarious!! That comment about "giggle them" made me spit out my tea!! ahahahaha!!

Melinda said...

forgot to mention that yeah, jay doesn't know if there will be a show tomorrow. he alluded to it during the show and at the end when he said "see you tomorrow...I hope!"
we shall see.

Nicole said...

You know, someone mentioned Denzel's man boobs to me a fewmonths ago and I thought that maybe it is something that occurs when men age. However, until it was mentioned to me, I never paid attention to it much. Denzel still looks good and Russell Crowe.....I can't believe that I missed both of those episodes. I was tired last night and Monday wasn't my best day (was that when Russell was on?) so I wasn't watching ANY TV shows.

I cannot seem locate the Ebay comment so will have to check on that again, maybe I'm too tired right now.

It is interesting, the things that people are willing to tell you about themselves in line such as that guy who "jiggles" twice a week or whatever. That is way too much information.

That wealthy you know him well? hmmmm thats definitely someone to keep in touch with. Maybe you can solicit some donations from him for this feature that I want to produce in the beginning of '08. That would be nice.

I have to go now.....must find out what my options are with this hair dresser, as I plan on getting a shorter hairstyle. Have a great day Glo!

GloZell said...

I'm glad that you agree I was kind of nervous about talking about the great Denzel... you know being negative and all..

I just had to say it...when he came out I was like...did he know he was going to be on national TV.

You can tell that Jay and Denzel get along they were cracking each other up...

Wayne needs so much help...he goes on and on...I couldn't take Wayne two days in a row and Maurice...

Wayne is compleatly crazy... Out of the blue sky and in the same breath masterbation and church...

He need prayer...I use to be the only black person that came to the show...and look what starting coming... Well the show is over for awhile...


GloZell said...

I hope you like your hair cut...People say the strangest things to me...I only wish someone was taping it...Wayne is... well he just needs help!