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Friday, November 09, 2007

Strike 5 Glo's Alive....

I love reporter Elizabeth Espinoza from channel Fox! I watch it Monday-Friday mornings! I was the first person to sign in! I help sign people in and pass out signs!I love this comedian! He was great on the show "Just Shoot Me"

Kevin from "ET" and Tom (wouldn't shut up ) Arnold! Tom was non stop talking. I took the picture and walked away and Tom was still talking...He is so funny and weird. Got 2 love him!
Frangela are the best woman's comedic team!Love Them!
My Big Fat Greek Wedding Star and My Big Fat Black behind!
The Police help to monitor the crowed!

I love Jason and Justine Bateman!
I use to watch her on GH and then on the show Vegas...(something bit my back during this picture...)
Just kicking it with Julia and GARY ! I mean Picking it.
I have no idea how to turn this picture around! Reno 911 in the house!

I love American Pie...One time in Band Camp...
This is the writer of Fast Times at Richmont High!
And "Almost Famous"
I am a big fan of Gary Marshall...Boyfriend and I go to most of his shows at his theater in Burbank!

Valerie from the show RHODA!
The Writer and one of the stars of 90210!
Cheers to you GloZell!

The front said I'm Mad and this is the back of my sign! (cute)

Sign read:My name is Elliot and I am 15 years old...residuals help pay for my heath care!
Hey that's Joe M.(Head Writer of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)
Everyone was saying how wrong Ellen is for doing her show! "Ellen is no friend of mine, she danced across the picket line.
All of these people can't be wrong! Come out and support the Writers Strike!
I had a great time... So many people support the strike.That's a great feeling. See you out Monday!


Madlab Post said...

Oh Glo,

How I wish that I lived in or was visiting California right around this time. I want to meet some cool celebs and their writers!

You have some fun pics here.

Melinda said...

Wow! Girl, you were kicking it with EVERYONE today!! Go, Glo! Go, Glo! ahahahaha!

You look refreshed in these pics. I am glad to see you out doing your thang and meeting folks! Looks like everyone treated you well!

Yeah a lot of blogs are doggin' Ellen. She and Seinfeld seem to not be the most popular right now lol

I know them dogs are barking--don't forget to soak 'em over the weekend! ahahaha

Dan Wereszynski said...

After reading this blog and the beginning of the last blog you should be explaining yourself to the writers. You've paid your dues, and walk the walk (comedic ally speaking), and reading your posts you can also talk the talk.

Not only do you post everyday (showing you are committed), talk with celebes and everyday people (showing you can yuck it up with just about anybody), people post comments everyday on your blog (showing you developed your own following); you're funny too (no matter what the situation).

I think it's time you start to push yourself. If you are striking everyday with them, they should do more than just take notice of that. And you're in the right spot to ask them. You've definitely earned the spot.

PS - Lets boycott Ellen and her sponsors.

GloZell said...

Madlab Post!

So many more was there but I was working the table and when I was done I took pictures.

The turn out was great! Thousands of people! I had a great time!

Thanks Madlab,


GloZell said...


Ellen is under the dog house. When she pulls up to the gate people wave their signs at her...I would think NBC would have a secret way in.

Ellen is still doing her show!

My feet,back,legs are killing me softly.

People were nicer to me at Fox than NBC!

I could strike at different locations. Just to change it up a bit.


GloZell said...


Thanks!I do have to push myself... I love supporting a good cause and stars the both together was perfect for me!

I don't know what Ellen is thinking...I wonder if someone has something on her?

How is she going to be respected by her peers when this strike is over?

Her poor guest have to walk through the picket line and hear teh honking and the chanting...

I guess since this is the first show that's a success for her since she came out, that she just don't want to loose it or something?

It's not to late for her to stop...Time will tell. I hope this strike ends soon.It's cold in the mornings then the sun gets ya later on.

I better have buns of steel after this is over!