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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

GloZell at the Crown Bar

I will be performing at the Crown Bar next Wednesday... got to go work out... then I hope to put up the address it's at 9 pm Free with 2 drink Min.

Okay got to go



Anonymous said...

You and SK gave the couple good advice. When it's medical, refer to a physician.
I told Jean I would get us 3 nights near LA for January to see you both. She's my youngest sister...10 years younger. She's flying here for a week next month to relax as she does LOTS daily for my Mom and needs a break. It's been 4 years since she's seen Connor!
Your career is getting off to a good start. You've learned LOTS from Jay. Your monologue about your family was soooo funny. I am sure you have MANY others to tell.
It's been a rough week. Jim had some intermittent mild pains in the chest in bed early Monday so we went to our internist. She sent us next door to our hospital for an EKG after he had a small episode in her office. That PM we had a PM appointment with a surgeon who cauterized the stomach opening for his feeding tube and had another few pains. She called us at home that night with the EKG results and Jim told her about the pains and she sent us to emergency. They did another EKG, blood work, and a chest X-ray. 4 hours later he was moved to a hospital room, I drove home and showered, walked Casey got clean clothes for us, sent something to you/SK, and got back there at 1:30. The stress test with pre/post pictures was done Tuesday. Jim's tests were good and about 6PM last night Jim was released.
We've rested, gone to our Mexican restaurant, and gone for meds./groceries today. It was 99.
I will watch your videos tonight and tomorrow. I sent the Aviation Club May minutes and the June meeting reminder to the members tonight. We are going to stay in and stay cool tomorrow.
I know how hard it is to stay with a Vegan diet...especially without a kitchen. You both work sooo hard. Keep loving each other and taking care of each other and it will help tremendously. It's character living during the depression. It will make you strong. I know it's going to be uphill a little each day. I am sooo glad SK is there. Stay safe and healthy.

Anonymous said...


P.S. We went to the famous Crown Bar in downtown Belfast, Northern Ireland. Wonder if this one is connected.

GloZell said...


Thanks so much...

3 Days ... that's great... SK and I would have manifested a house by then... I know you don't want to come to our box in the hood... lol

Jim isn't feeling well but always has room for MEXICAN FOOD!lol

We are making the most of it...

SK said today that he is leaving to go into the den to watch Sci-Fi

We will do a video tour of our Casa

Rough week... you know Jim is good with going to the doctor unlike most men... my father wouldn't have lost his legs if he had gone to the hospital earlier...

Thanks so much MD


oh and THANK YOU MD!