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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wayne Brady is not my Homeboy!


Paria said...

You are just paying your dues.... fame and success is just around the corner for you baby girl!!!

And yes Jews begin Shabbot at sunset on Friday through sunset on Saturday.


GloZell said...

Hey Par Par!

Well we are paying it... it's fun... glad I am not by myself... don't know how people do it. I guess so many people don't...

I love to see those Jewish people I want to blog about them but I don't think they would talk to me... They are so dedicated... anyways... I could go on and on about the Chosen ones...

We Love you also Par Par...

Hey... How did Texas go?

Your mother still working?

How is your Dad's teeth?



Anonymous said...

You're a beautiful Storm...even if I don't know the character. Hollywood must be crazy weird/fun. How cool of FMM and Q to get you good
tickets! Jazz is great. We have lots here/Austin/ and in New Orleans there's a huge festival. Austin has lots during SXSW too.
You don't have to pay $40 for a converter box. Our gov't is providing coupons for $40 until the end of July. Just do a search on Google..."coupons for a converter box" and it comes up right away. The form is there for you to fill out and then CLICK and you've submitted your free order.
Went to the grocery store and Jim rode the mower. I washed the bed linens and whites. Jim is watching the UT Longhorns in the college world series. Just staying cool and relaxing tonight.
Stay safe and take care of eachother...very important.
Glad SK and Leslie finally met. She's a good friend too.

GloZell said...


Storm from the X-Men...

Thanks so much... Jim rode the mower? Not to the

SK would love where you live... He had a great GREAT time at the Playboy Jazz Festival.

Okay we will search for the box... you search (Laugh out loud)

Finally SK met Leslie... at our "Office"... it was a good meeting... Leslie and I are still set on saving the world.


Oh went to the J Spot... went up... all black... mostly comedians... no nerves... I am cool with any audience...

Wa Wa said that our friend Chuck Knows lots of comediean who go to the Playboy Mansion so I can get to go up someplace...

I will see them Saturday. Just giving you an update...

Thank you MD!!!!