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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rachel S. Fine at Q and Mary's

(Paria you have a comment on yesterday's blog... just wanted you to get it)

Okay turn your computer...( SK is so mad that I can't turn this picture... WHY DO UP PUT UP PICTURES SIDEWAYS?) My friend Rachel S. Fine from NYC has her album coming out soon... her sound is soulful, bluesy, fresh... she is awsome... Mary Cooked roasted vegetables. My favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leslie S. GloZell G. and Rachel S. Fine

Aw... Charlie's Angels... Leslie, Mary, and Rachel S. Fine

Leslie and SK
Me and SK... This is the hat I might wear to my Birthday Tea Party... I always wanted a Tea Party and Mary will force the men to come ... ha ha ha

I got SK singing... ha ha ha... I got to get his little dance he does... so funny


Anonymous said...

Pretty good, SK!
UMMMMMM...a wonderful Vegan meal. Mary/Q really know how to cook/entertain! Makes me hungry.
Today was our anniversary, but with Jim not eating at restaurants we just went to El Charrito and met friends there. Then I medications and groceries. And Jim's watching UT in the college world series/I'm petting Casey who's still recovering and I'm on my computer.
Sorry to hear of Ed McMahon's death, but he hadn't been well. He/Johnny were a great together. I don't care for Conan or Letterman.
Looks like you had a carefree/fun time at FMM/Q's and good to see Leslie and your friend came also. Such good friends and I know SK loved it too. He always talks about how he loves a good meal!
Another triple digit day and same the rest of the day...the dog days of summer. I feel sorry for these men who do heavy work outside. Remind me to tell you about our 16 day/196 mile river rafting adventure on the Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon sometime!!!

GloZell said...


Mary can do everything so no surpise that her food makes you hungry...

It was Great seeing Leslie and Rachel S. Fine!


Yea.. I have a picture with Ed McMahon... I guess Jay Leno will speak at his service...

It's been strange without a TV... SK loves it... we took a drive late last night... so late the thugs were gone...

RIVER RAFTING... sound like scary fun... cold huh?

We went to the Laugh Factory today... stood in line to go up and the cut off was the guy in front of me... it was cool... they let us stay and watch the 1st timers...

wow... funny how people think they are funny... I really have to practice...

I will go up next week...

How is Conan doing... don't hear anything... I hear about David Letterman having a fight with Palin... always something...

Okay take care