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Friday, June 12, 2009

Badass Blogger 09 - Andew Dice Clay

Yesterday Leslie met SK!!!! And she brought some awesome Money Attraction Cards... it was fun and uplifting
Andrew Dice Clay came into our office "Starbucks"... he smelled really good
Aren't we cute -----------
Madlab Post did a great article called 5 Badass Bloggers on the Web.

My blog was chosen as one of the five. Yea! Thank you, Madlab Post!
(I couldn't copy and paste it on my blog)

Click on the link below to read more!

Oh last night I went up at J Anthony Brown's Comedy Club "The J Spot"... it was interesting...
All black comics... all black crowed... (one Filipino girl) the were all happy that the Lakers won!
Some in the front row had a LOT to drink and really enjoyed themselves... by talking through everyone's set
I was one of 8 ... I finished my set... 4 good comics didn't finish because of the front row having their own comedy.
It was a great learning experience... Over all it was a good night
I was asked to come back on Ladies night and I will be booked to perform on J Anthony's night
I felt like the front row threw me but I finish and people liked me
I couldn't tape in there but they taped and have to have it edited for You Tube to put


Anonymous said...

As I've said before...your Mom's feeling about you/SK living together is a generational difference. Does she know SK is still married...or has that been finalized? Your Mom is afraid you'll be hurt like with the man you bought the house with and the man you married, but there are NEVER guarantees of happiness. It takes lots of time to develop trust and know if you want to marry someone. You and SK seem very compatable on the videos. I like him.
As for marrying someone younger than you keeping you can't both do that and be together. Jim is 12 years older. It was Jim looking after me for many years, but now I'd say, because of health, it's the other way around. It comes out even in the end usually. This is SK's time to look after you and he is doing a good job. You'll have your turn and you may be able to keep him from going to a rest home. Jim is my full-time job and if I need help we'll get some here at home and long-term car/medicare can help. We want to be together. I want him around as long as I can help make it happen.
We went to the bank, our Mexican restaurant, and shopping at Kohl's.
I have colored my hair and will rinse it out in 25 minutes.
We have another tornado threat now.
I would think the people in the first row were rude. The club just wants them buying drinks from them. You're strong, but you do have feelings. Sometimes fights start in a crowd like this. Be careful.

GloZell said...

Words of wisdom by MD!...

Thanks so much... I bet you are a great mommy!

I don't think I knew that Jim was 12 years older...

Mom knows everything... SK told me day one.

Glad you are taking good care of Jim... so sweet and hard sometimes I know.

You color your own hair... Do you know what you are doing young lady?

I bet you have your own table at that Mexican restaurant.

OMG... Mary is trying to change the tape of the J Spot performance so I can upload it on the blog...

Geez... if I didn't share everything else... I wouldn't put it up...

I was off... I just wanted to run off the stage... really I didn't want to go up... no one finished their set after me... they got louder and louder... yea they bought lot's of drinks so that's how it goes...

Another tornado... do you have a bunker or something?

How do you protect yourself from a tornado?


He has been working hard... getting us both up to work out... try TRY to eat right...
Make phone call, emails...

I go up 2morrow (Monday)
at Starbucks... I will work on my Crown Bar Set... and I will go back to the J Spot (open mic night) to get over come that stage... I was asked to come back this Thursday....

The blog has really helped... when people have seen me all kinds of ways... what's having an off night at a comedy club.

Thanks MD!

Take care OF YOURSELF ALSO!!!!!



Anonymous said...

We DO have our own'd you know?
SK gets more tired than you do...just like Jim/me.
I always do my hair color, but not the cut. I would not be able to correct mistakes for a long time.
Two golf course ponds are across the street and the pump house is always a storm shelter with steps going down. We go with or neighbors nextdoor when the sirens go off at our Fire Station here, but I won't go at night for fear of scorpions... Only during the day. Had one in our bathroom two days ago. They are hot from the triple digits and want in where it's cool.
You are VERY welcome.
P.S. When you get moved things will be closer. I am sure most clubs will have nice audiences.'re a natural, people love you, and you learned from the best...Jay AND your family.