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Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Boyfriend looks like a cute


SK and I walked over to Mr. Wisdom's
You didn't give me a 1 2 3!

Mr. Wisdom gave me some all natural green maxipad to try... so funny he said " I won't be using them"
Thank you Mr. Wisdom
Okay MD... this time I was laughing at him... I couldn't help it... he looked so cute...HA


Anonymous said...

He DOES look cute! And he knew your laughter was done in a loving way. AND you are hungry and laughter is great medicine.
Day 28...We never did make love all those unusual ways like is done today. A generational thing.
Mr. Wisdom...YEAH!...more good medicine for the heart. He reminds you of your Dad and is close by and it's fun just to go some place close. You need something relaxing like Mr. Wisdom.
You new hair makes you look very young and is flattering. You're a comedian and the cut fits.
Did SK know there was a lady at the window?
You make people laugh just being Glozell and this video was sooo cute/funny. SK is always working to make things better for you two. Might be time to have Leslie visit and help get rid of/make things more livable. You have sooo little space. Talk about togetherness! It's a very good thing you're compatable.
Jim's heart was ruled out as the reason for the pains. His heart is fine. Think it may be acid reflux, indigestion, or attributed to all his procedures required post cancer treatments. PTL!
Jim just goes with me to the Mexican Restaurant where I practice my Spanish and visit and chow. He takes a book (western). Like SK he also likes Science Fiction and truly is my SPOCK.
I will look forward to visiting your/SK's house with Jean in January and also seeing you perform. Remember that just sharing your life is sooo funny for audiences who also have had funny happenings. You've experienced sooooo much.
I know you'll be great tonight and each night will be a little a teacher teaches students. You're a natural and have musical talents as well. People love you.
We're watching "The Maltese Falcon" and I'm having edamame and cold Lipton green tea with citrus. We're just resting/staying in today and that makes Casey very happy.

GloZell said...

Thanks MD...

Lady at the window? YES JIIM's HEART IS FINE! THANK JESUS!

So just chilling... that's great!

SK is getting ready... I'm nervous that I'm not nervous (sorry about spelling) it's ladies night... so I don't know if that means Gay or not...

I think it might... so that would be great... they like me so ... I hope they are nice... my comedy is different... so I am trying something different than the last time so...

What's cool it's just me telling the truth... so it's easy to remember

Thanks MD...

For everything!

oh we are going to leave... SK can't take in one more day... so even if we go to a hotel till we find a place...

That's going to be an adventure for sure.... wow we have gone around the world and back on this blog huh MD?




Anonymous said...

The lady at Burger King.
Enjoyed the picnic. Sounded like SK was talking about rat guy. When he eats do you have food later?
An interesting night with a tornado at Lake Georgetown. Oldest who heads G'twn PD Communications Dept. called they were getting ready to turn on the sirens and to go to our closet. All homes here are for story without basements/no steps/etc. We grabbed pillows and blankets and went to our closet with Casey for half an hour. No hail or high winds here...just good rain.
Jim's good. Took it easy, went to see neighbors, and picked some of his tomatoes. We've decided to hire a crew to trim trees/bushes, clean beds, edge, etc. He can water pots and mow (riding). He needs help.
You are going to move? End of month? Heard you say rent went up...and the apartments needs much maintenance. Guess that will be a good time to declutter. Keep me posted and glad you're moving.
You're very welcome.