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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Breakdown... by Tom Petty


Time to put myself first...

Enjoy your weekend


Anonymous said...

Why did you write..."time to put myself first." Don't understand why you wrote that, but maybe it has to do with the videos and I can't watch them until I get home.
Glad to know Aunt Sus is still on the blog. Happy birthday, Aunt Sus!!! Sounds like it was a good one. I have two good friends who paint and have them in the kitchen and the indoor patio. Such special gifts. SK will be next! And I like your name for SK's painting! I am doing the UTUBE besides the blog, but will check into Facebook.
Jean and I spent the evening at Barnes & Noble reading, visiting and having a Starbuck's beverage. Jim, Eldon, and Mom were all watching football here.
Beautiful Fall weather and colors. Fall/Spring are my favorites.
Hope the pirates didn't get Mary/Q. I LOVE being on the water.

GloZell said...


There are some people who I help out... over and over and .... has never come to see me... EVER... so...

I have to put myself first... like some other people I Know... not a bad thing... just hey... I got things that I do to...

Mary and Q made it back... we went to a RAW resturant...

Today back with Wendie Wilson... MARY want's us to be size 10 and under for the OSCARS...



Things I do... hee hee hee



Susanne Sus said...

Thank you, MD, for your wishes! I had a wonderful birthday! The day after I visited a friend in Thun (Bernese Oberland) and we had lunch in an Indian restaurant and later we sat by the lake of Thun and enjoyed the warm fall day. If you join Facebook you can connect with many other artists or I will connect you. By the way what Zodiac sign are you? You like Fall weather, you must also be a Libra. :-)

Hello GloZell! You did great on the piano! Tell me, what can't you do? You are so gifted! - I do miss Leslie on this blog. Don't you have meetings where you bake or dance or do something funny? :-D)I think she is very much occupied.

Well then, ladies, have a good day and enjoy it.

Aunt Sus