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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Real Gay Adoption

So B.A.G. will meet every Sunday. We shall love and overcome


Forms of Flattery Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

I just love these redoes. The first one they were laughing so much they could hardly say the words. I laughed too!!
Happy bd, Alyssa. Hope it's a great one. Your friends did a great job too.
The third one was wonderful! Everyone is having fun with these videos.
Keep them coming EVERYONE!!!
Our doctor called with bloodwork results for Jim. His kidney function is worse and she wants him to have my water. May need to go back to his previous food if increased H2O doesn't help.
He's having trouble sleeping with the apnea mask. Back pain plus mask is not a good combination, but he just started a pack of steroid pills yesterday for his pain/arthritus. If this doesn't help he sees an orthopedist for steroid injections in his back.
Watered indoor pots on indoor patio. Another exciting day in the cave as a cold front comes through that is to bring more rain.
Lake Georgetown is now full and other lakes are rising too.
So you're painting your magical box. Let us see it and you may want to seal it so it doesn't come off. You said Leslie is in a movie in NY??? Sounds like fun!!
So life is pretty good for you, SK, Mary, Q, Par Par, and Leslie? Oh, and Steve and Bob...have you gone out with them for your weekly adventures? And how are WaWa and his voice over friend, Chuck. I hear WaWa every night, but is job with Jay is always behind-the-scene.

GloZell said...


There are so many remakes... it's very nice. I loved that Happy Birthday one... creative.

Jim Jim Jim... put some Abraham in front of him! A little at a time...

How do you keep up with all the pills and masks and appointments... you are Wonder Woman

Oh... it's getting cold... we had strange 2 days of winds then it's been fine... walked the dog today as you know... with that bubble lady make up on... GEEZ

Yes SK said I have to get some coat stuff first before I paint so the paint stays on...

Yes Leslie did a movie I think while in Orlando... not sure... well the director died ... I think I am telling this story right... and his family continued with the movie for him. It is playing in NY and how cool to see yourself on a big screen... so happy for her and her mommy is flying out for the day yea!

Everyone is fine... just spoke to Bob. I will be giving blood with Mary on Saturday... EEEEK...

I will do my best not to freak... it's a good thing to do. But I wish I had the money to give insted... hee hee hee...

Wa Wa is enjoying his job. He says everyone is great.

Chuck is still um... performing with Tim Conway... LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY... I would LOVE to meet Tim Conway... LOVE TO MEET HIM...

Thanks MD