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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Artist Mr. Charles Bibbs... by GloZell

Meet Charles Bibbs and Introducing... Maurice Howard Brilliant Artist... different styles

Charles Bibbs took so much time with us... showing us other artist he likes

We hung on Charles Bibbs every word so when he went outside to put up a sign... we went with him (He couldn't get rid of us if he tried... LOL)

Charles Bibbs is known for his exaggerated hands in his artwork

Charles Bibbs even took the time to look at SK's art work... SOOOO NICE

SK got a chance to meet his mentor today... it was a dream come true...

Maurice Howard is this incredible detailed out there non-typical artist... Maurice is pretty funny also... Love him

Do you own a Bibbs?... You should
I give Charles Bibbs an A+


Anonymous said...

It's me...the faithful blogger.
Today's Jean's BD so called and she/Mom were eating lunch at El Torro. She's going out for dinner an Indian restaurant.
We went to the hospital for Jim's X-rays of his shoulder. Got Jim's medicine and ate at El Charrito.
Must have been a dream-come-true for SK. It's nice to see such a nice person become so famous doing what he loves. And he wants it to be affordable too.
Pretty Fall weather, but our trees just turn brown and then the leaves fall. Not much color like in Lincoln.

Anonymous said...

I know Aunt Sus will be all over this one!


Susanne Sus said...

Thanks for these videos, GloZell! I loved to watch them and I would have loved to be with you!

I have discovered African-American art with help of SK and you and I am fascinated! This richness of color and imagination, wonderful!

Charles Bibbs could have given you a print of one of his pictures as a present, couldn't he? It wouldn't have hurt him. :-)

Thanks again and have a wonderful time together.

Aunt Sus

GloZell said...


You love El Torro... I have to go sometime.

Yes SK was like a kid... that was nice...

Stay warm


GloZell said...

Leslie Lue!

Oh yes... I have come a long way ... and Today I make Aunt SUS Proud!



GloZell said...

Aunt SUS...

He gave us fans of a print that he designed for the movie ... hmmm I forgot Life of Bees or something like that... can't remember the name and he signed it... YEA

His prints are hundreds of dollars but... he does have this December thing comming up where some of the work is only 10 dollars

He wants people to give art for the gifts.

Glad you like his work...